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Clipping Arts India offers one of the best Clipping Path services to clients. We recruit only experienced editors and keep up to date with the latest editing technology to ensure the best quality. Clipping Arts India is committed to providing superior quality to every client. Besides, our large team allows us to deliver your images in the shortest time possible.

Unwanted objects in the background can ruin any great photo. Therefore, getting rid of those objects becomes essential. A clipping path service allows you this benefit. The process includes isolating an object in images. And then, you can edit that object or eliminate the background.

Clipping Path Using Photoshop

Therefore, we can be your best assistance for such works. Besides, if you have a bulk amount of product photos, you’ll also get a special discount. Our expert team is ready 24/7 to give you the best photo editing service experiences.

OUR Photo editing SERVICES

Clipping Arts India offers a variety of editing services. If you need any services related to image editing, you can contact us. Our professional team is always ready to serve you the best. Some of our photo editing services are:

Clipping Path

Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path is basically to eliminate unwanted objects from images. After capturing a photo, you may notice any items in it that are distracting. In consequence, when your viewer will see the image, they will get distracted. Therefore, the original purpose of the photo won’t be successful.

The good thing is, these objects can remove easily from images. First, our clipping path services mark the object with a photoshop pen tool.

After that, we eliminate that thing. It also helps to drive your audience’s attention to a particular subject.

Background Removing

Background Removal Service

Background removal is one of the most demanded editing services of ours. Most of our clients for this are from the eCommerce industry. If you’re familiar with product photography, you know that white background is the best option for them.

Popular eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Aliexpress require their store owners to use such a background.

Clipping Arts India has a professional team who is working in background removal services for a long time.

Photo Masking

Photoshop Masking Service

Photo masking is the process of separating a specific subject in a photo from the background. It is close to what we do in background removal. 

However, here our focus is ideally to get out a focused subject. We often do this to put more focus on the key subject. It doesn’t matter if your object has a difficult borderline. Inexperienced hands may fail to do that, but we have expert editors in our team. 

They can skillfully cut out images to get the main object out. Check the smooth edges after photo masking; you’ll be surprised to see how well they are.

Photo Retouching

Photoshop Retouching Service

Clipping Arts India also offers different photo retouching services. RAW images often include a lot of imperfections. They can have blemishes, wrinkles, etc. If you face similar problems, try our photo retouching services to give the images a better look.

If you want to get the best outcome from your pictures, you must improve their quality. And that can be done through advanced image retouching. Clipping Arts India will provide you with the latest and most advanced editing services.

Color Correction

Color Correction Service

According to research, about 93% of consumers are influenced by colors to purchase products online. 

Due to different lighting conditions and image processing, getting in the perfect color is tricky. To solve this problem, Clipping Arts India offers color correction services. Please send us your pictures and inform us about the color you want. We’ll deliver as per requirements.¬†Besides, our color correction will also make your images more appealing to viewers. Therefore, we highly focus on maintaining a natural look.

Drop Shadow

Photoshop Drop Shadow Services

Drop shadow is the editing method where a shadow is created underneath the image subject. The shadow’s angle or location is created based on the light source that illuminates the subject. And drop shadow is vital for e-commerce products and online businesses to create authenticity in the images.

And you are required to have excellent skills to create drop shadows in such images.

Clipping Arts India offers a variety of drop shadow editing services for all purposes.

Neck Joint Services

Photoshop Neck Joint Services

Ghost mannequin editing refers to creating an illustrated or visual effect on an image to make it look like an invisible person is in the photo. It is the process to create product photos that look like someone is wearing them without showing the person.

This visual effect is highly effective in showing the audience how a product will appear when they wear it. So rather than going to walk-in stores, customers get a better idea about a product through this service.

Jewelry Retouching

Photoshop Jewelry Retouching Services

The jewelry photo editing and retouching service can involve anything from clipping arts and color correction to background removal. Since these photos are the trickiest to capture because of their reflective materials, it becomes essential to edit and polish them to restore their original shine and color. 

But it is also important not to overdo the edit, so the jewelry pieces appear authentic and natural. And Clipping Arts India can help you edit these photos and maintain their accuracy.

Real Estate Editing

Real estate Photo Retouching Services

Are you in the real estate business but having difficulty selling houses or impressing clients? Maybe the images lack the charm and homely vibe that is making people turn away from them because raw and poorly-edited images are always the culprit.

When someone is looking for a house, they look out for something classy and, most importantly, safe.

That is why Clipping Arts India offers one of the best real estate image editing and retouching services on the market.

CLIPPING ARTS INDIA – Clipping Path Company

Clipping Arts India is an online-based clipping path service provider. Our company is committed to providing the best photo editing experiences to those who need them. Though our company name includes “India,” we welcome clients from all over the globe. We always try to provide the best quality of services. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority. We train our team members with the latest editing trends so that you can stay ahead of your competition. 

To gain your trust, we’re offering a Free Trial option. Get up to two images edited for free. And when you’re satisfied, you can continue with our budget-friendly services. 

Reduce Your Post Production Cost with Clipping Path 

People invest a lot in photoshoots. Whether it’s product photography or model photography, it’s essential to spend a good amount to produce attractive images. You can hire an experienced photographer with a high-quality studio. However, the work isn’t done there. After capturing some good-quality images, you need to edit them to make them more appealing. 

Many companies recruit in-house editors, and it’s completely unnecessary. Furthermore, in-house editors will cost you a good amount of money by providing you traditional edits. But you can reduce your post-production cost if you want. Clipping Arts India provides one of the best photo editing services at a very low rate. 

Our clipping path services start only at $0.49. We assure you, we never compromise with the quality. You’ll get the best services at this rate.

Moreover, if you have a bulk amount of images, we’ll also offer you a special discount. As we have a large team, we are capable of delivering orders with minimal time. So, to minimize the post-production cost, hire Clipping Arts India for your image editing works.

Boost eCommerce Sale with Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path services are part and parcel of the eCommerce industry. There was a time when you could make a good sale by only capturing good images with a camera. But today, the market has become highly competitive. Therefore, generating sales with average images has become harder than ever. Nonetheless, clipping path services can assist you in staying ahead of your competition.

With our photo editing, you can make your products more appealing to consumers. We will help you to eliminate distracting objects from your photos. As a result, consumers will be more focused on the product, and the chance of purchase will increase.

As customers don’t get to check the product in actuality, they try to get as much idea from the images. Therefore, it’s crucial to make product photos as detailed as possible. Moreover, the images must be of good quality with an excellent representation. These factors will help you to generate more sales for your online store. 

Therefore, if you’re struggling in your business, try our Clipping Path services to boost eCommerce sales.

Outsource Clipping Path Service and Grow Your Business

Images play a vital role in the growth of a business. However, it’s not necessary that the business has to be photography-related. Usually, eCommerce businesses require clipping path services most. 

Besides, any other company wanting to promote their products or services can use clipping path services. Whenever you use images for your business, you expect the best outcome from it. And to achieve that result, you must use a good quality image. If you succeed in attracting clients, you’ll grow your business in no time.

The best way to make your images appealing is to outsource clipping path service providers. Such providers will assist you in editing your images and get the best out of them. However, we recommend you outsource clipping paths because that’s the cheapest option. Besides, such providers work with multiple clients every day. 

Therefore, they’ll have a good experience of image editing. In addition, you can outsource clipping path services from Clipping Arts India right now.


For any clipping path services, Clipping Arts India can be your best partner. There are multiple reasons to choose us over other companies, including:

  • We have a team of highly skilled photo editors to give you the best clipping path service.
  • We offer budget-friendly services for everyone.
  • If you don’t like our services, we have a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Available 24 hours a day.

If you’re still confused, you can try our Free Trial. We’ll edit two photos for you completely free of cost. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our services.


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  • Logo Design
  • Creative Graphics Design


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Q. What is a clipping path?

A. A Clipping Path is a process of separating a particular object from its background. The most common way to do that is by using the pen tool in Photoshop. First, a smooth borderline is created around the object. Anything out of the path will be eliminated.

Q. What is the purpose of the clipping path?

A. The purpose of the clipping path is to get rid of noisy backgrounds. Besides, we also do it to separate a specific subject that we want to use. With a clipping path, it becomes easier to drive the attention of viewers to particular objects.

Q. Why is clipping necessary?

A. Every image has a unique purpose. An imperfect background can ruin that. But you can solve the problem with a clipping path. Therefore, it’s essential to use a clipping path to achieve what you want from your images.

How to choose clipping path services with Clipping Arts India?

Clipping Arts India offers multiple clipping path services. If you’re not an image expert, you might find it challenging to select which service you need. In case you face that problem, please send us your images and ask for our recommendation. Our experts will assist you in choosing the best clipping path service.