Image Editing Services at Clipping Arts India

Every single photo carries a unique message and tells a different story. A great photographer frames the moment, while an expert editor makes the image to have a better representation. Hence, capturing good photos isn’t the end. You’ll also need professional image editors to convey your message better.

When it comes to photo editing, Clipping Arts India is one of the best in the market. We have a professional team of editors who have been working in this sector for a long time. Therefore, they know how to tell stories through images.

We’re available 24/7 at your services with budget-friendly packages. However, as a new client, you may not know about the quality of our services. So, only for you, we offer a Free Trial option. Take the trial, and once you’re satisfied, you can order more.

If you have an online store, you must be dealing with a lot of product images daily. Clipping Arts India has a large team that can deliver a bulk amount of photos within a very short period of time. Besides, we offer special discounts for bulk orders. So, if you’re looking for background removal services, you can try Clipping Arts India.

Photo Editing Services for Photographers

Every photographer needs someone to edit their images. Now, there’s a misconception that professional photographers edit photos on their own. The reality is, they focus more on their photography skills. For editing, they outsource editors.

Clipping Arts India offers a wide range of professional image editing services. If you’re a photographer, you can hire us as your photo editing partner. We offer the following image editing services to every photographer:

Clipping Path Service Image

Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path is a photoshop based service. Here, we use the pen tool of Adobe Photoshop and create a path around a specific part or object in the photo. Then we eliminate the background or separate the object inside the path for further usage.

The purpose of doing this is to remove the unnecessary parts of the image. We apply this editing technique where the subject is easily distinguishable. Besides, the edges of the image will be straight or less complex. After separating the specific part, we can place it on a different background or have a transparent background.

Clipping Path is one of the most used image editing services. We serve this to many clients regularly. Therefore, our editors have grown a high skill in clipping paths. So, if you require any clipping path services, CAI is ready to provide you with top-class services.

Background Removal Service Image ex

Background Removal

We have a huge demand for our background removal services. Clients use this service mostly for product photography for online stores. As the competition in the eCommerce sector is getting intense, you can not survive without this.

A background removal service allows you to eliminate or manipulate the background from any image. In the case of product photography, we mark the product properly, then eliminate the background. After that, we usually place the product on a white surface.

We go for the white background because that’s what most eCommerce stores prefer. It looks more professional and is able to attract consumers. However, if you want, we can provide you with a different color background too. So, if you need a background removal service, Please try Clipping Arts India.

Color Correction Services Ex

Color Correction

Color is the beauty of every photograph. But sometimes, due to improper lighting or image processing, you may end up with unattractive colors. So, for a better representation of that photo, Clipping Arts India offers color correction services.

It enables you to get whatever color you want in your images. We carefully changed the RGB to get a natural look. Besides, you may want to have a unique vibe in the image through color correction. 

Whatever your requirement is, send us, we will edit that for you. After finishing the edit, it will look more appealing to viewers.

In Clipping Arts India, we always stay updated with the latest editing techniques. Hence, we can have a color for your images that will make them look attractive.

Image Retouching Services Ex

Image Retouching

Image retouching is a basic editing service, and almost every image requires it. Photo retouching includes basic touch-ups like adjusting the brightness or contrast, eliminating blemishes, erasing any specific objects, cropping and resizing, etc.

In simple words, it does everything to improve the presentation and the quality of your photo.

The main purpose of image retouching is to give the photo a better outlook. It can turn any dull-looking image into an attractive one. 

CAI offers image retouching services at a very reasonable price. Regardless of the cost, we always maintain the best quality for your images. Our skilled editors are working relentlessly to give the most appealing look to your photos.

Photo Masking Services Ex

Photo Masking Services

Photo masking is the advanced version of clipping path and background removal. In these services, we work with images where the main subject doesn’t have any complex edges and is easily distinguishable from the background.

When it comes to complex objects, it becomes difficult to separate them. Hence, we use photo masking techniques. We carefully create the borderline for the object and catch every single detail. Then we isolate that part for future use.

Our skilled editors are capable of maintaining a smooth border for it. After we deliver your order, you can zoom in as much as you want to see how perfect the edges are.

We also apply this technique when the object is transparent. Even if transparent objects have simple edges, a clipping path service won’t work. Hence, for such items, try our photo masking services. CAI can provide you with the best editing experiences.

drop shadow Services

Drop Shadow Services

Drop shadow is the essence of many successful businesses. While all types of shadow services are essential for online and e-commerce businesses, the drop shadow service is higher in demand.

A photo might lose its original shadow when you get its background removed. And it can also happen during other post-production procedures. That is why Clipping Arts India offers the best drop shadow service. 

Our team is experienced in creating realistic drop shadows from the reflective version of the image subject. And depending on the light source, our editors place the reflection below the subject to give it a realistic vibe. 

And in CAI, we not only add the drop shadow but also enhance the image with our professional skills. We also use retouching and image enhancement tools to make the shadow authentic.

Photo Enhancement Services ex

Photo Enhancement Services

Often raw images come out dull. But does that mean you have to use them in that way? Obviously not, as Clipping Arts India can help you to enrich the quality of your every photo. 

Don’t confuse it with image retouching. In image retouching, we do basic touches up to make the photo look eye-catching. On the other hand, in photo enhancement, our focus is to improve the overall quality and the presentation of the image.

The service includes cleaning, removing grains and noises from the photo, and adjusting the color, brightness, and contrast of the photo. Besides, if there are any other imperfections, we eliminate them too. In short, photo enhancement improves or removes everything from your photo that causes dullness.

CAI provides superior-quality photo enhancement services to give ordinary images an outstanding look. Try our image enhancement services to know the quality of our work.

Ghost Mannequin Services

Ghost Mannequin Services

Ghost mannequins with neck joint services are in high priority these days for fashion product business marketing and creating product catalogs. Whether it is just a bracelet, a wristwatch, or a suit or gown, the ghost mannequin service is the best for a greater visual.

Regular product photos are acceptable and effective for successful marketing and increasing sales. But sometimes, that may not seem enough because customers cannot tell how they will appear when worn.

That’s why Clipping Arts India offers various ghost mannequin services, including neck joint, sleeve joint, bottom joint, 360-degree views, etc. Our service also includes retouching product flaws.

Our skilled team uses all upgraded tools to ensure realistic ghost mannequin effects. So feel free to check out our service for high-quality editing.

Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry Retouching Services

Clipping Arts India offers various jewelry editing and retouching services for enhancing images.

These services include clipping path, background removal, color correction, scratches, dirt, smudges, adding or removing shadow effects, etc. 

We also offer a 3D or 360-degree view of the product. And the purpose of all these is to ensure nothing stands between you and the marketplace competition and it helps you grow your audience.

Besides, you cannot always do flat-lay jewelry products, nor does propping them against something always work.

That is why editing and retouching the images help bring variety to the product images.

Real Estate Editing Services

Real Estate Editing Services

The real estate business always evolves around successful marketing. That is why most such business owners, agents, brokers, etc., hire real estate photo editing and retouching services. 

This service involves making images a bit more stylish than they are to attract more clients by creating a sense of authenticity and a homely vibe. Since most real estate businesses are now online-based, buyers check out the estates through agencies’ websites before seeing them directly. That only happens if they like what they see online. And that is when Clipping Arts India comes to the rescue mission.

Our service includes enhancing the landscape, adding more greenery, removing flaws and unnecessary objects, altering the sky or background, retouching the subjects, etc. So don’t hesitate to check more about our service and find affordable packages.

Satisfy Clients and Attract Customers with High-Quality Photo Editing

Whether you have an online business or want to attract your audience, a high-quality photo editing service is a must. As the world is getting more digitized, the competition in the online sector is increasing. Hence, you only can survive with good quality images.

If you’re in the eCommerce business, you’ll need appealing product photos to impress your customers. You can not generate sales if the quality of the image is poor. Because it will make the consumer think the product is also poor.

Moreover, if you’re a photographer, you’ll need someone to edit the images for you. Though you can edit by yourself, if you invest that time into your photography skill, you’ll be a better photographer.

Besides, the fashion industry and model agencies also need photo editing services. The main goal in these sectors is to produce eye-catching images to attract the audience. Clipping Arts India is well capable of turning any ordinary photo into an appealing one.

As a professional photographer, you know how important it is to satisfy your clients. Besides, you would also want to attract new customers. 

As image editing service companies, the same rule applies to us. Hence, we are committed to satisfying you with the best quality editing services. Thus, you can try our services without any hesitation.

Why Work with Clipping Arts INDIA?

You’ll find a lot of photo editing service providers in the market. But we recommend you to work with Clipping Arts India. 

We have a lot of special features for photography experts that make us a superior choice. Some of the reasons for photography experts to work with Clipping Arts India are:

Highly Skilled Editors

We have a professional team of photo editors who are highly skilled in their job. Besides, we regularly train our editors to provide clients with the best quality of image editing services.

On-Time Delivery

Our team is large, which enables us to deliver orders on time. We can deliver a very high amount of orders within 24 hours. So, if you need to edit your images faster without losing the quality, Try us as your best choice.

24/7 Customer Support

We have dedicated customer support for you, who are available 24 hours a day. Whenever you need us, please give us a knock, our team will reply to you instantly to solve your problem.

Budget-friendly Price

We have a very competitive pricing structure. Budget-friendly doesn’t mean low quality. Clipping Arts India expects you to work with clients in the long term. Hence, we provide the best quality of services at a reasonable rate.

Discount on Bulk Order

Besides, we also have special discounts for bulk orders. Contact our customer support team and inform them of the number of images you need to be edited. Then they will offer a discount that you will like for sure.

Customer Satisfaction

Our topmost priority is your satisfaction. We edit every image as per your requirements. Moreover, you have options to revise all the works until you’re satisfied.

Outsource Photo Editing Services  that is Perfect

Outsourcing photo editing services from Clipping Arts India can be your best choice. As a professional photography expert, you would never want your images to be edited by amateur editors. Hence, outsource image editing services that are perfect for your work.

Clipping Arts India has expertise in all different sectors of image editing. Our skilled editors are working relentlessly for you. 

As a photo editing service company, we can handle a large number of orders daily. Besides, as we have been working with many clients, our editors have developed their editing to a greater extent.

Therefore, for perfect photo editing services, try Clipping Arts India.