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The Clipping Path service is one of the most important and demanding services to promote and market your products on your e-commerce site. This specific service presents the perfect image of your products and also helps to generate more traffic to your e-commerce website.

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Clipping Path Service

A clipping path is a technique to remove the background from images or add a white background. With the clipping path, you can create a shape or close the vector path and clip part of an image with the Pen tool.

This is a great way to remove the background from an image. You can also use the clipping path to crop part of an image or modify only a small area of ​​the image. These images are very useful for commercial Photoshop.

As e-commerce sites grow by the day, they need more clipping path services. A single click can change the look of your image and can drive more traffic to your e-commerce site.

We provide this service with the best quality and at the best time. We will deliver the work in a very short time; it can be up to 24 hours. The trial period includes 2 free-cut photos, as mentioned above. We will bring them to the line.

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Types of Clipping Path Services We Offer

The clipping path contains another category that corresponds to different spaces on your eCommerce site. Let’s talk about some of the most important and desired types of clipping paths:

Shoes Basic Clipping Path Service

Basic Clipping Path

The basic clipping path is an image manipulation procedure. The main purpose of the clipping path is to remove the bare background from an image or to extract an image from an imperfect background.

However, the clipping path service categories depend on the simplicity or complexity of the images. Often referred to as a simple or simple clipping path, the easy clipping path is one of the clipping path category that contains no gaps and has fewer curves.

It’s a simple clipping path due to the flexibility of effort, time, and most importantly money, and a large number of image files can be processed in a short time. The basic clipping path is mostly applied to products that appear straight, rectangular, square, round, and oval. It is a basic category in which the products do not contain gaps. Among the products that fall into this category, it is worth mentioning the book, mug, monitor, cell phone, ball, egg, etc.

Bag Medium Clipping Path Services

Medium Clipping Path

A medium clipping path is more difficult than the standard simple clipping path and almost easier than a complex clipping path. It requires more concentration. Designers spend more time and effort creating a medium clipping path. Product images that require a medium clipping path have various holes and designs in the images.

They also have several intricate curves around the edges. When creating a path with Photoshop’s Pen tool, a medium clipping path requires more anchor points. These images have some built-in transparency (holes).

In addition, the products also appear with a greater number of anchor points, which means that there are more folds and kinks. Products such as bracelets, shoes, jewelry, motorcycle parts, watches, etc. are below a medium clipping path.

Complex Clipping Path Services

Complex Clipping Path

The intricate clipping path as the name appears is used for products with complex shapes and designs. In general, products with many holes (greater than 10) and many closed paths fall into the category of complex clipping paths. Products of this method include chain, net, fur doll, candlestick, tree, construction, etc.

A complex clipping path cuts or removes the background from a complex image with the Adobe Photoshop pencil tool. We offer the most affordable complex cutting services in the world. Recognize the best quality at a reasonable price with a fast turnaround time. This is a specific clipping path approach, despite normal clipping path techniques, which suggest a wide variety of composite sizes and shapes.

A complex clipping path is applied to complex shape images, designs, or group photos, these products have many built-in holes/transparencies and many closed paths. It is applied in various products, such as necklaces, groups of people, furniture, group bracelets, leather doll, jewelry, hammocks, group photos, bicycles, etc.

Bicycle Multi Complex Clipping Services

Multiple Clipping Path

In Photoshop, multiple clipping paths refer to the process of applying one or more clipping layers to a single image. But this is the way to use the clipping path that can help to verify a photo with all its parts. Anyway, it is the most common extension to use the clipping path.

Multiple clipping paths are for image types that require the creation of multiple or multiple paths. With this method, patterns and borders can also be emphasized so that customers can create multiple images of the same product. For example, you can select an image of your choice and then separate all parts of the outfit from that image using this technique. Once the clipping path has been multiplied and applied, everything within the path will be included in the final cut.

Multiple clipping paths are one of the most important services in the photo editing industry, dealing with a wide variety of online businesses. Because online business platforms rely heavily on images. Therefore, it would be a more attractive way to encourage customers to buy your products.

Super Complex Clipping Path

The super complex clipping path is the last part of the clipping path technique. To create a super complex clipping path, you need to create more than 100 paths. It is very important to build this path successfully because it is not that easy to do.

This is the last category of clipping path service and is used for images with very complex products. Many images appear to have numerous anchor points and paths. This is exactly where a super complex clipping path is applied.

Bicycles, motorcycles, cars, groups of people, food gathering, jewelry sets, etc. Some of the examples of super complex clipping paths can be considered. This method is very labor-intensive and time-consuming to implement due to the excessive complexity of the products.

Super Complex Clipping Path is a very useful editor for complex images. This makes a noticeable change in the photos. The path was created to remove the background from the images.

And this creation is done when an image already has more than 100 clipping paths.

Photos that require super intricate clipping paths are fences, multiple dolls, group photos with loose hair, decorative group or individual necklace, group photo hair path, group bracelets, a furry doll, the door of the building, trees, etc. Greater complexity with transparency or built-in holes, borders and require many anchor points.

Image Clipping Path Service
Photo Clipping Path Service

Why Use The Clipping Path Service for eCommerce Sites?

eCommerce uses the platform as a way to advertise products of different brands and services to customers. Images are the most powerful means by which various e-commerce sites promote their products to customers. This is based on the main fact that customers prefer the product images displayed on the product page.

A high-quality and well-optimized image of a product will help customers learn more about the product and its various properties. Therefore, images are very important for the business to make the product attractive so that customers can buy it. This is where having the best clipping path service comes in handy as it ensures that images are optimized in a suitable way for proper display on the web.

A clipping path refers to a closed vector path that is used to select and cut parts of an image. Parts outside of that path are excluded, allowing precise cropping of selected areas of an image. Product images go through a cropping process that removes unwanted parts of the image and makes them presentable on e-commerce platforms.

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