Best Background Removal Services

A dull background can ruin any great photograph. Besides, if you are using product photos for your eCommerce store, you may not need a background at all. For different purposes, the background will be different. But, when you click photos, it will obviously come with a background. So, what’s the solution? The answer is “Background Removal Services.”

Clipping Arts India offers the best background removal services for different purposes at a reasonable rate. We have an expert team who have a deep knowledge of the versatility of photo backgrounds. Hence, we know when to use which background for your images.

So, if you’re looking for someone to remove the background from your images, contact Clipping Arts India, you also can request a free quote anytime you want.

Background Removal Services: Things you should know

Background removal means cutting out images from a picture to make it more attractive to viewers. There can be various reasons behind that. 

For example, if you have something disturbing in the background, it may distract the viewer from the original subject. 

Hence, the main purpose of the image will not be fulfilled. Background removal services will allow you to eliminate such unwanted objects from the background.

We, Clipping Arts India, are one of the best background removal service providers in the industry. Our expert editing team has years of experience in this sector. 

Therefore, they have got a pretty good idea of how to deliver the best quality images. Though we offer our services at a very reasonable rate, we always provide the best. 

That’s because your satisfaction is our topmost priority. We are successfully working with multiple clients. Contact us to get a free trial of our background removal services.

Background Removal Service
Image Background Removal Service

Types of Background Removal Services

Our Background removal isn’t limited to only cutting out the background from a picture. It includes replacement, blurring, removing objects, and many more. The main difference is in the purpose. Depending on where and why you’ll use the photo, the background will be different.

Clipping Arts India offers a wide range of background removal services. We have studied different uses of images and talked with experts. 

And then, we have made our background removal service list. No matter if you’re a business owner, professional photographer, or a rising model. We have something for everyone.

Clipping Arts India offers the following background removal services:

Basic Image Background Removal

Basic Image Background Removal

This is the simplest task for a professional image editor. It includes removing the background where the subject of the photo has sharp edges. For example, books, smartphones, laptops, and other products. In such images, detecting the edges is relatively easy. Still, an amateur editor may not be able to correctly. If you zoom in, you’ll see the edges are not smooth. 

But our professional team takes care of every small thing. After removing the background, you’ll see how smooth the edges are. So, for such services, you can try Clipping Arts India without any second thought.

Complex Image Background Removal

Complex Image Background Removal

But what about complex subjects? Such subjects can include dresses with thin laces, flowers whose edges are not straight, and many more. In such cases, removing the background perfectly becomes difficult. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. However, it will need expert editing hands. We’re glad to say that Clipping Arts India has that kind of people.

Our team members have done such work before and are still maintaining the best quality.

Transparent Objects Image Bg Removal

Do you know what’s more complicated than removing background for complex subjects? It’s transparent objects. The basic clipping path can not remove such backgrounds from images. 

You need to be very careful so that the subject remains sharp even after removing the background. So, we use advanced photoshop tools to do this kind of removal. 

It’s crucial to maintain the transparency of the subject. Or else it will lose its authenticity. Thanks to our top-class team, who have been doing this with excellent proficiency.

Background Replacement

Clipping Arts India also offers background replacement services. If you want a particular background for your images, then you can reach us anytime. This editing is mostly used in making posters. 

Most people take photos with green backgrounds in the studio. And then replace it with something that focuses on the character of the person. 

We also can add some flares if you want to make it more attractive. There are many more uses of background replacement. Whatever it is, we’re ready to serve you.

Photoshop Background Blurring Services

Background Blurring

Updated cameras are well capable of capturing photos with background blur. But the amount may not always be perfect. Besides, after clicking, you can increase the blur amount easily. 

But decreasing it won’t be easy. Hence, you can try our background blurring services. We take care of every detail of the photo. It’s crucial to detect the edges well. Or else it will look super artificial and less attractive. Our professional team has the expertise to do such work with ease. The result will be natural and exactly as you want.

Removing Unwanted Objects

Every photo has a major subject with a specific purpose. But distracting objects often can drive the attention of the viewers. As a result, the purpose of the images may not be fulfilled. Besides, such disturbing objects can lower the quality of photos. 

Hence, it would be best to remove that object from the background. But doing so isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. Only a professional can do this kind of work perfectly. Good for you; we have such editors in Clipping Arts India.

White Background Removal Services

White Background

If you’re familiar with the eCommerce business, you must know how important white backgrounds are. Look at the product photography of Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, and other top stores. 

You’ll find one thing in common. All of them use a white background. That’s to drive the attention of the customers to the product. 

Anything in the background can be distracting. Therefore, we’re offering white background services only for your business. Try it, and you’ll see a rise in the conversion rate in no time.

Photoshop Color Correction Services

Colored Background

Background correction includes adjusting brightness and contrast. Even after using artificial lighting, your background may require some corrections. 

It makes your photo look better. If you want the background to be completely black and white, that’s possible too. 

We also can make it darker or lighter as per your requirements. Therefore, email us your photo with your requirements, and we’ll handle the rest.

Removing Shadows from the Background

You cannot avoid shadows while clicking pictures. But they always may not go with the concept of the image. Sometimes, you may want to have them, but in most cases, removing it will make the photo look better.

If you want professional finishing, you should hire companies like Clipping Arts India who have past experiences in such works.

Image Background Removal Service
Photo Background Removal Service

Who Should Take Our Background Removal Services

So, that was all the details about our background removal services. You can choose one or multiple options for your photo. Our pricing structure is very competitive, but the standard of work will be quite high. 

So, try our free trial for background removal services. We assure you, you’ll have the best experience working with us.

But whom do we define by “You?” Who should take our background removal services? Well, we offer our services to anyone who requires them. 

To be specific, we encourage the following persons most to use our background removal services:

eCommerce Business Owners

A majority percentage of our background removal service clients are eCommerce business owners. The reason is simple. If you want your product to sell, you need to cut out the background. 

According to research, more than 38% of consumers want to see a product photo with white background. 

That’s why giant eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay use this method. So, if you own a store on these sites, or have your own eCommerce business, try our background removal services. After that, you can expect to generate high sales.

Professional Photographers

If you’re a professional photographer, we guess you don’t have much time to spend editing photos. Instead, you’ll be busy taking amazing shots. So, someone needs to take care of the editing. 

And who can be better than Clipping Arts India? Our large team of experts can handle any amount of work you require. Not to mention, you’ll get the best quality of services.

Modeling Agencies

It’s important that the model and the background have similarities. Without that, the photo won’t look genuine. 

So, if you want your models to look beautiful in pictures, background removal services are a must for you. Whatever your purpose is, we will provide you the best.

Fashion Industry Personnel

If you’re working in the fashion industry, then we guess, you already know how important background removal services are for you. Removing background from fashion apparel can be difficult. 

Hence, amateur photo editors will not be able to do that well. It requires the use of advanced tools and expertise. Therefore, if you need such services, try Clipping Arts India.

Why You Need Background Removal Services

If you’re not sure whether or not you need background removal services, let us help you. The persons mentioned above needs background removal services because:

  • It helps to drive the attention of the viewer to your products.
  • It improves the overall presentation of photos.
  • A better quality background will result in better conversion for your online store.
  • Removing distracting objects will help you to hold the concentration of your visitors better.
  • World-class eCommerce stores require product photos with white backgrounds.

These were a few of the reasons to use background removal services. Clipping Arts India can be your best assistance for removing backgrounds from images.

Why Choose Our Background Removal Services

93% of the consumers are influenced by background color before making a purchase. Hence, it’s crucial for everyone to use background removal services. 

But why Clipping Arts India?

Well, there are many more background removal service providers in the market. But we believe we can provide you the best quality of services because:

  • We have previous experience in providing background removal services. Therefore, we can maintain professionalism.
  • With years of experience, our expert team is well capable of providing you with the best quality images.
  • We are available 24/7. So, anytime you need us, we’ll be there for you.
  • Due to the experience we gained, we know better than others which photo will look best in which background.

If you’re still not convinced, you can try our free trial to check our services. We offer this because we have confidence in our work and we know you’ll be satisfied.

Try our Background Removal Services

Clipping Arts India has been providing background removal services successfully to many clients. We have a team of experienced top-class editors. 

And we also offer budget-friendly pricing for everyone. Whether you’re an eCommerce business owner or other professionals, if you need background removal services, we’re here.

Therefore, contact us right now for the best background removal services. We can handle a bulk amount of work too with our large team. If you’re still confused, try our free trial right now to check the quality of our work.