Ghost Mannequin With Neck Joint Editing Service

The attractive mannequin we see when passing by clothing stores or shopping is meant to attract people. That is one of the many strategies the sellers follow because it is effective enough to grab the customers’ attention and also helps them get a better idea of how the fashion item will appear when they put them on. Some stores even use real people to model for their products instead of using dummies or mannequins.

But in the world of the internet and online shopping, using a real mannequin to display clothes and fashion items is anything but attractive. So instead of displaying the mannequins, we remove the models, dummies, and mannequins via Photoshop editing tools and call them the ghost mannequin.

Ghost mannequin is trendy among e-commerce site owners, online retailers, product photographers, etc. That is why our CAI team ensures the best ghost mannequin with neck joint editing service for anyone who needs it.

Here, we provide the neck joint service to provide more realistic images to display the clothing and other items. So if you are searching for a high-end photo editing service for your business or brand, do check out what our team offers.

Ghost Mannequin Brings Changes To The Business

If you can place your selling product in your customers’ minds, you become successful in catching their attention. Moreover, it also turns any audience into a customer. And the best way to ensure that is to help them see the perfectly edited ghost mannequin or the neck joint photos.

These images create realistic images with the product on display. And not only does it display these products, but they also help you cut the budget of hiring models. Besides, it saves valuable time as you do not need to go through any extra hassle.

But to make everything effective, the images need to be clean cut, well edited and should provide in-depth detailing and texture. If you have everything in these images, your business will not just bloom, but there will be a rain of money.


Simple Ghost Mannequin

We keep everything simple here with minimum editing tasks. Simple ghost mannequin work involves the primary editing to remove the mannequin and make necessary corrections. Here we use Layer Masking as it helps us remove various unwanted objects and areas from the image.

Our editors select the part of the product first and then use Layer Masking to add it to another part of the product. After that, all the unwanted areas, wrinkles, and stains vanish, leaving a flawless result.

Other than improving the appearance, this editing also improves the image quality. The editors also create new layers for Layer Masking and remove the visible parts of the mannequin. With that, you also get the option to change the image background. This type of ghost mannequin service might or might not involve neck joint editing.

3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

Sometimes one-sided or two-sided images are not enough for the audience. They want something more authentic and with depth and details. That is why the 3D ghost mannequin service is essential if you want to offer your customer what they want.

For making a 3D image or an image with a 360° view, we ask clients to provide us with product photos from 6 different angles to cover all the areas. This category is what we call the Customer Luring Service because it offers more authenticity and builds trust.

This service also helps with images that contain hair or fur and help improve their quality. But sometimes, creating a 3D image is not enough if the image lacks a suitable background. So we remove the background and turn it into something attractive or something that will help highlight the subject.

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin Service

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

The neck joint ghost mannequin service also involves removing the dummy and retouching so that nothing looks obvious. When we remove the dummy, it leaves a hollow in the neck area because the product’s neck area was behind the dummy when the picture was taken.

So we use neck joint editing, clipping path, and masking to fill the missing neck part. But we cannot do that if our clients do not provide us with a photo of the neck area. We cut the neck area out of that sample image and put it on the newly edited image.

And this task also involves retouching and refining various areas and the edges, removing wrinkles and stains, etc. Collared dresses, t-shirts, blazers, sweaters, etc., require a second image of the neck as they need the neck joint service.

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin

The bottom joint ghost mannequin is similar to the neck and sleeve joint editing. Instead of the neck and sleeve area, here we edit the bottom area of the product.

When you put on a shirt or dress over a mannequin, it might block the lower part of the clothing from view.

So just like the other parts, our editors use various Photoshop editing tools to fill that hollow while keeping the image natural and realistic. This is what we refer to as the bottom joint ghost mannequin editing.

This editing is also required for long dresses, especially if the dress has a longer back part and a short front. If needed, we ask the clients for more images of the bottom or lower area of the clothing item to fill those hollows.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

When taking photos of clothing items, the neck is not the only part that remains behind the mannequin. The same can be said for the sleeve areas, as they also get blocked by the mannequin’s hands.

So when removing the mannequin from the image, it also leaves hollows on the sleeve parts. If the photo angle makes the sleeve’s inner area visible, you must ensure they do not look poorly edited.

That is why sleeve joint ghost mannequin editing comes in handy. We remove the dummy hands using the same clipping path and masking techniques.

Then the editors apply the masking effect. Later, we add an image portion from another image to fill that hollow. Sleeve joint editing is suitable for short and long-sleeved clothing items, shoes, and socks.

FULL Products Ghost Mannequin

We offer neck, sleeve, and bottom joint services in separate categories for our clients. But if you need, you can also purchase our Full Product Ghost Mannequin service. Just as its name suggests, this type of editing includes everything you need, from removing the mannequin and filling hollows for any part.

Other than those, this category includes various other work, such as retouching the product and removing flaws, wrinkles, stains, color correction, etc. We also remove and change the background to highlight the product and make the image more eye-catching.

But the problem with removing backgrounds is that they are not always simple. Depending on the subject and the image type, editors have to perform Clipping Path to select the subject and separate it from the existing background. But can make other corrections to the photo background if necessary.

Custom Joint/Ghost Mannequin With Editing

For some clients and customers, the regular mannequin service is not enough. They would ask to add jewelry, accessories, scarfs, etc., in the image. However, this work is outside of our regular ghost mannequin service category.

But don’t worry anymore as we have added customized options for clients who have these requirements. You just have to purchase this service separately along with the full product ghost mannequin service.

Advantages Of The Ghost Mannequin With Neck Joint Service

A ghost mannequin service can help you in the following ways. During online shopping or browsing, no one likes to stare at the giant dummies draping the items on them. Besides, they often ruin the photo’s classy appearance. That is why the ghost mannequin service is essential.

Removing the mannequin removes distractions and helps customers focus on the product. This is a more professional way to approach potential buyers.

Let your audience believe you and what you have to offer with the ghost mannequin service. Creating unique images with products makes the audience trust you. Moreover, getting unique and better-edited ghost mannequin images lets your audience know your authenticity and build trust.

When you approach the audience professionally and build trust, they automatically become your customers. And that is important for any business or manufacturing company as it increases product sale.

What Do We Do?

It is not easy to turn an image with a mannequin into an image with no mannequin or ghost mannequin. The task is challenging and requires concentration and precision. This is one of the many reasons photographers and retailers look for services that offer such work and skill.

And our Clipping Art India team offers you precisely what you need to make these photos perfect and professional. Give us any ordinary image, tell us your requirements, and we will transform it into something attention-grabbing and appealing to your audience.

Before we take the work to a serious step, our editors will demonstrate your ideas and show you how they might appear in the photos. If you are pleased with what you see, we will move forward. We also modify the product color, shape, size, fabric color, and design and make other essential corrections.

CAI team has many professional editors who excel in various photo editing jobs, including ghost mannequins and neck joint service. We have been working closely with various online stores and e-commerce business owners and helping them flourish their business through our ghost mannequin service. And with this service, you can give your competitors a run for the money anytime.

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services Provided By Us Include:

  • Remove the mannequin
  • Combine various parts using different shots
  • Provide neck, sleeve, and bottom joints
  • Create helo clothes
  • Create 3D and 360-degree product view
  • Enhance color, white balance, sharpness, and details
  • Remove or change the background
  • Create transparent background
  • Fix texture, remove wrinkles, stains, and other flaws
  • Provide dynamite, realistic and eye-catching result

What Is A Ghost Mannequin?

The ghost mannequin does not involve ghosts. It is more like an invisible mannequin with products like clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, and other accessories on it. But that does not happen out of thin air, and you need to have photos of real mannequins wearing the items and take photos first.

And when the real mannequin is removed from the image using Photoshop application tools, the product appears to be worn by something invisible. And that is what we call the ghost mannequin as no dummy or real human is involved.

You become a successful product manufacturer and seller when you can give your audience and customer a proper visual. Customers like to see and know how something would appear if they wear it. And the best way to provide them with that kind of visual is by creating dimensions involving ghost mannequins.

The image of the part behind the dummy, especially the neck area with the tag. Our team put these parts together using the clipping path tools to make it look more realistic. But that is not where the editing task ends because the ghost mannequin also involves a few other works to give the image a professional finish and ensure it looks flawless.

Why Use A Ghost Mannequin Service?

The ghost mannequin service is one of the top priorities for top-selling and world’s best apparel manufacturing companies. But why is this service so popular? Because the ghost mannequin service is not only about creating an invisible mannequin image.

It serves various other purposes. First, it offers a broader vision to your consumers and gives them an idea of how the product would appear when used. Besides, using dummies is an old version of marketing products.

So when you use ghost mannequins, it adds a new depth to your business. Moreover, using multiple dummies to display products is expensive. And using a real model is even more expensive.

On top of that, finding models who fit your work or comfortable photoshoot schedule is really challenging.

Who Needs The Ghost Mannequin With Neck Joint Service?

E-commerce sites are now the trendiest business area. Millions of people visit these sites every day to browse products and purchase them. So the site owners tend to choose the ghost mannequin service to present what they offer in a more attractive method.

Online shopping does not give people the opportunity to touch the products and see them physically. So ghost mannequin photos help them see the products of their interest more clearly without missing any detail. And if it contains a 360-degree view, the audience finds it more authentic.

Apparel manufacturers also require ghost mannequin and neck joint services. It is one of their best ways to show their manufacturing garments or products to their direct buyers or other customers. Besides, manufacturers need this service to create product catalogs for various purposes.

If you are a product photographer, you would want to make them as professional as possible. And if your clients require something like a ghost mannequin but you are unable to do so, you can always count on us for skilled and professional editing service. Not only does this help make your photography work mesmerizing, but it also flourishes your career as a photographer.

The ghost mannequin service is essential for magazine agencies, especially fashion magazine works. These magazines highlight various clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories without using mannequins and models. The same goes for advertising agencies that use ghost mannequin images for creating ads.

How Can You Do The Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Since the ghost mannequin service helps cut out additional costs, knowing how you can do it is essential to see if the method is handly. So, how can you do the ghost mannequin effect in an image?

To create the ghost mannequin effect, you need at least two images of the product on the mannequin. Let’s say you want to create a ghost mannequin image for a t-shirt. So you need to put it on the dummy and take two pictures.

One must be taken from the front so the t-shirt can be seen properly. And then, take out the t-shirt and hold it out or lay it down flat so that the neck, sleeve, or bottom area becomes visible. Then take another shot of that inner area.

Opening your Adobe Photoshop tool, you need to remove the dummy first. Then you can use the Pen Tool of the Photoshop application to create a clipping path image and remove the inner area from the laid-out photo. Joining both photos with no mannequin in the image creates an illusion and makes it look like the product is floating mid-air.

The ghost mannequin technique is not for clothing items only. You can apply the same method of removing the mannequin and joining the missing parts with multiple photos for other products like shoes, watches, bracelets, hats, bags, necklaces, undergarments, etc.

Value Of Our Efforts

Our effort to provide you with what you need teaches us that we can accept more challenges and still overcome them. Your satisfaction is our reward, inspiring us to do better in the future. And here is more of what we offer through our services.

  • You get all types of photo editing services in one place, which saves you valuable time.
  • All our employees are trained to edit images and create designs and have years of experience in Photoshop Image Masking.
  • Our entire team has been working with multiple companies and brands from across the world for a long time.
  • Our service is available for people of any time zone with 24/7 customer service.
  • We offer unlimited revisions until our clients are satisfied with the results.
  • We offer a full refund for anyone who finds our work below their expectations.
  • You can get affordable photo masking services from Clipping Art India.

Why Is CAI Best For Ghost Mannequins?

Clipping Art India has been offering the best ghost mannequin and neck joint service for over a year. And here is what makes our team unique and your most trusted photo editing agency. Even though our CAI team is relatively new, we have a team full of skilled graphic designers and photo editors. Our workaholic team delivers over 500 photos daily, and we have 100% positive feedback from our clients.

Besides our large skilled team of editors, we also have experts to supervise the other employees. Moreover, if you lack an idea and are unsure how to enhance an image, our experts will guide you through the entire journey. Do not like what you got or want to make changes? Do not hesitate to get back to us with your opinion and ideas. We offer unlimited revision for our clients to ensure their satisfaction. If you are still not satisfied, you can always ask for a refund.

We do not like to keep our clients waiting too long. Our team stays active 24/7 and 365 days to ensure quick response. And no matter how big the delivery is, we try our best to make it quick and get back to you in 24 hours.

How much do ghost mannequin services cost?

The ghost mannequin service involves several simples to complex editing processes and categories. While some require the basic removal and joining, others require more work like the sleeve, bottom, or neck joints.

The more work they require, the more challenging it becomes to perform the mannequin removal service. That is why the cost for this service depends on several things like the editing complexity, type of services you require, amount of work, etc.

Here in CAI, we ask clients to send us the images and all the essential details. It helps us understand the amount of work our team needs to do and we fix the price based on all that. We always get back to our clients with the quote as soon as possible. The best part of hiring CAI for such editing services is that you get a discount on bulk orders.

Ghost Mannequin Services FAQs

The ghost mannequin service involves several simples to complex editing processes and categories. That is why the cost of this service depends on those factors and the type of editing agency you choose. Here at CAI, we ask clients to show us the images and tell us their requirements, and we send them a quote based on that.

Yes, you can send us two photos of your choice with proper instructions and requirements. We will edit these images and deliver them to you in 24 hours without any charges.

Here is how you can edit a ghost mannequin.

  • Set up the image Layer and select the background using the Magic Wand tool
  • Then select the mannequin using the Magic Wand tool
  • Create the Layer Masking
  • Select around the interior areas
  • Warp and refine the interior
  • Then darken them
  • You can change the background if necessary

There are several reasons why people would like to purchase a ghost mannequin service. However, this service works best for e-commerce sites, online retailer shops, brand promotions, etc.

Yes, you can send us two photos of your choice with proper instructions and requirements. We will edit these images and deliver them to you in 24 hours without any charges.

Do You Require The Ghost Mannequin Services Now?

Finding a high-quality photo editing service that ensures to provide a satisfactory result is challenging. And we have seen several of our “now” clients taking services from here and there to find the best result on different edits.

But why wonder around if you can get all professional services under one roof? Clipping Art India offers professional photo editing services, including ghost mannequins with neck joint editing.

Our service is authentic and budget-friendly, and you get some extra advantages for extra workloads. So feel free to send us any image you want us to edit with your ideas and instructions.

With a hard-working team and their passion for accepting challenges, we can help you stay ahead in the market competition. And if you have any questions, you can reach out to us anytime through our 24/7 customer service.