Photoshop Drop Shadow & Reflection Shadow Service

Would you trust anyone or anything that does not have a shadow? Of course, you wouldn’t. If you ever come across something like that, you would probably run far away from it, faster than Usain Bolt. Because your instinct will tell you something is not right or natural about that thing or person.

We can see a similar thing about products or any model images. And that is why the shadow effect is essential to make the photo subject genuine, authentic, and reliable. Among all types of shadows that Photoshop can create, the drop shadow is one of the most appealing and charming.

If you need a Photoshop drop shadow service, you can rely on Clipping Art India. Our team has years of experience creating and manipulating shadows to make any image realistic and eye-catching. You will find more about our service and how it can benefit you in the following parts of this article.

What Is A Shadow Effect Service?

The shadow effect is a Photoshop editing technique. When a photo subject is missing its original shadow, or the shadow somehow faded because of poor capture or editing, the shadow effect works as a rescuer.

A photo subject loses its original and natural vibe if there is no shadow. So a professional editing service helps by creating or retaining them with their editing skill.

Clipping Art India is one such editing service agency. We have provided various photo editing services for over a year and deliver more than 500 photos daily for our clients. Our team is full of experienced designers and photo editors. And if someone lacks any particular skill, we make sure to train them to be skilled enough to work in our team.

Photoshop Shadow Creating For eCommerce Product Images

Because of popular demand and effectiveness, e-commerce business owners choose to photograph their products on white background. Sometimes, they even need to remove the subject from its original background and make it transparent. And most of the time, the original shadow gets lost during this process.

But a photo that appears to be floating into nothing does not seem right to anyone. Not only does it look fake, but the entire things appear suspicious. So putting such photos on e-commerce sites will only chase away potential customers.

That is why creating shadow is essential, and the only way to make it happen is to get a drop shadow service. Besides, having a professional team by your side is necessary to ensure the shadow effect appears natural, not exaggerated, and has detail accuracy. CAI solves all your shadow problems quickly, effectively, and without costing you a fortune.

Clipping Path And Photo Masking Combine To Create A Shadow For Ecommerce

Our service is to ensure your complete satisfaction. And that is why we combine multiple editing works to offer the best and the most realistic shadow effect. Our photo editors use clipping paths and photo masking tools to keep the shadow and the photo subject natural.

So if you need to create drop shadows for your product photo or e-commerce business, do not hesitate. Clipping Art India takes in bulk orders and offers attractive discounts to help you save money. So feel free to take a free trial and find out if we are the right team to help add weight to your business.

Get Our Photo Editors’ Individual Attention

We do not use automatic tools to edit photos or create the shadow effect. Everything is carried out from start to end by our professional team.

We have a team of trained photo editors, graphic designers, and experts to handle each project with care and attention. Our experts supervise the editing team and check each photo before final delivery.

We do not compromise when it comes to quality work and maintaining professionalism. So you can trust us for your first and many other upcoming projects for high-quality images. We are confident that you will like our work and will not be disappointed.

Drop Shadow

Types of Photoshop Drop Shadow Services

Natural Shadow Effects

Natural Shadow Effects

Product photography is not always the easiest task, even for experienced photographers. But the problem with such photos is that sometimes the subject loses its shadow because of photography lights and other surrounding matters.

It can also happen because of the photo background or when an editor polishes the photo way too much and end up erasing part of the shadow.

So our job here is to ensure the natural shadow does not get lost or altered because of all these issues. That is why we call it the natural shadow effect, as it is about keeping the shadow natural and original.

Reflection Drop Shadow

The reflection shadow service or the reflection drop shadow service is suitable for image objects that do not have anchor points and are partially or totally floating.

This shadow effect is high in demand these days, mainly in the e-commerce marketplace. The reason behind this is the vibrant and stylish appearance they create in the image.

Even if the photo does not come with a shadow, we use different Photoshop tools to create the shadow accurately. So, it looks like the subject has a reflection beneath it. Floating shadow is widely done in jewelry photos as these photos are shot with the jewelry item hanging in the air.

Retain Original Shadow

So what happens when the original shadow does not appear in the photo’s raw or edited final look? Or what if it gets dimmed due to various reasons? In that case, the photo editor has to retain the original shadow and give the image its realistic vibe back.

We call this retaining the original shadow because the editor goes through different editing stages to make it happen.

The retain shadow effect requires some essential retouching and correcting work to ensure the shadow does not appear unnatural to the viewers.

Mirror Effect Shadow

As you might have already guessed, the mirror effect shows more than just a vogue shadow. It is more like a reflective shadow that shadows the object as if a mirror or glasslike object has been placed underneath the object in the photo.

The mirror effect is highly effective in making people believe that the objects are placed in a solid place. Not only does it raise viewers’ interest, but it also makes the photo look more realistic.

Our photo editing team does this work by duplicating the image and then turning it upside-down before placing it below the main object. It is essential to adjust the opacity of the duplicate image so that it does not appear too solid.

Create Drop Shadow

When we place an object on something, it creates a shadow right below the object. Sometimes, it makes the object look like it is floating in the air.

Even if the original photo does not come with a shadow, creating a drop shadow around the object gives it a realistic vibe. The drop shadow is not always created below the object.

We often create it behind the object depending on the light source. The drop shadow is more like a faint glow against the light, which is the best way to keep the shadow effect natural.

Creation Cast Shadow

The cast shadow is the type of shadow that seems to be fading as it goes further from its original source. As a result, the shadow of the object’s edges appears sharp in the shadow.

And that is why the cast shadow is a little challenging to do, as you must maintain the casting accuracy, yet it is suitable to give the image a real shadow look.

The cast shadow effect is in demand for an e-commerce business as the product appears well-presented. That is why we always let our highly-skilled editors for this type of edit as they require more accuracy and careful work.

Shadow Removal From The Background

It is not always essential to have shadows in a photo. Shadows can often prevent the subject from getting highlighted or divert the audience’s attention. Moreover, a wrongly captured shadow can ruin the overall appearance of the photo and its subject. So what can you do if the shadow is the main problem?

Our suggestion would be to remove it. Clipping Art India’s team is not only trained to add or correct shadows, but they can also remove them entirely where necessary. If you do not know which photo should have the shadow effect and which one shouldn’t, you can reach out to our expert team for opinions and ideas.

Here in CAI, we offer low-cost shadow removal services along with shadow-creating services. Besides, you get a professional retouch and finish that ensures all your photos appear flawless.

Shadow Removal Services

Advantages Of Photoshop Drop Shadow Service

You might not feel like the shadow effect service is necessary if you notice that the product image has a partial or full natural shadow. Is this service still needed for you? The answer is yes and no based on how it appears on the image.

If the shadow is partial and is not appearing naturally, it will not convince your audience that the image is genuine. Moreover, correctly created shadows are essential if your business is related to sales and you want to build trust between you and the customers. Here is more on why the drop shadow service is essential.

The thing about the photo editing service is that we do not only focus on the editing task. Our job also includes focusing on image quality. So when you hire a shadow effect service, the editors help improve the photo quality, ensuring faster loading and a high-resolution view.

Whether you are a product photographer or own a photography studio, keeping the photographs professional and natural becomes mandatory for your career and business. And when you provide your clients with a well-edited photo that shows realistic shadow, it becomes an advantage. Any photo with an object without a shadow does not look natural to anyone. But it is a mandatory point for business owners to make the images look as normal, natural, and realistic as possible to gain the audience’s trust. Professionally added and corrected shadow can help achieve that and create reliability between the seller and the buyer.

Why Is The Photoshop Drop Shadow Service Important?

Using other services like background removal or clipping path services often removes or ruins the shadow, making the audience doubt the photo’s authenticity. That is why the reflection drop shadow service is essential. It transforms images dramatically and is one of the best ways to convince customers that these images are real.

If the advantages and benefits mentioned earlier were not enough to convince you of the importance of this service, here is more.

  • The shadow service makes the images aesthetic
  • It helps convince the customers that the images and the products are authentic
  • The service makes the subject more realistic after it goes through the background removal service
  • Effective in attracting potential audiences and buyers
  • Suitable for increasing marketing value and boosting business

Who Needs Photoshop Shadow Creation Service?

One of the widely used areas for edited photographs is the e-commerce business sites. This is where thousands and millions of people spend their time browsing for things to purchase. Brand owners and online retailers create catalogs and publish images online. Such companies also require the shadow effect service to attract buyers and gain more audiences.

Since magazine agencies cover multiple topics, they must attract readers. That is why many magazine agencies hire photo editing companies to edit their publishing-worthy images, which often require the shadow effect.

But is that all? Of course not. Here is a brief rundown on who gets benefits from the shadow service.

  • Any person or organization who requires images with a Photoshop drop shadow or reflection shadow service
  • E-commerce site owners who want to present the images attractively
  • Anyone who had the background removal but now wants to retrieve a realistic shadow
  • Product photographer who works on making product images look natural
  • Anyone related to online businesses and sales
  • Advertising and magazine companies that highlight various product images

What Are The Benefits Of The Photoshop Drop Shadow Service?

Photoshop drop shadow service includes other essential work like cropping, resizing and removing unnecessary objects. When a photo no longer has such unnecessary objects, it becomes distraction-free. Such images are more suitable for e-commerce and online retailing shops.

Photo editors always ensure none of the images remains poorly edited. That is why they provide necessary color correction and other retouchings to enhance the image and make it look more appealing. So, if you have a target audience, you can be sure that these images will be eye-catching.

When shadow effect editing is done right, the result will be soothing to the audience’s eyes. And as you grow your audience and customers, it also boosts sales and helps flourish your business. And if you hire such a service as a photographer, it will be a plus side to grow your career.

If you own a business that involves photography, it is not easy to maintain everything while correcting photographic flaws. If there is an issue with the subject’s shadow, fixing it becomes a time-consuming task for you. But a Photoshop drop shadow service can help take the burden off your shoulder and save you valuable time.

Why Choose Our Drop Shadow Creation Service?

Most of the time, e-commerce and other business catalog photos require a background removal service to make them more attractive and eye-catching to the audience. And since the images go through cutting and clipping path tools, it becomes impossible to keep the shadow intact, making it essential to get a shadow service.

But why CAI’s drop shadow service is what you need? Well, our drop shadow service will provide you with the followings.

  • You can get the background removal service prior to the shadow effect service right here in CAI.
  • Our team has years of practical experience working with national and international clients.
  • CAI team is capable of providing the best quality image without butchering the photo subject.
  • Our drop shadow service helps you get a realistic image with no sign of careless work.
  • Reach out to us any time you need through our 24/7 online customer service.
  • Most importantly, the CAI team knows what makes an image stand out in the brutal market competition, and we do our best to help you gain the top place.

Who we are

Clipping Art India is a professional photo editing service agency. We have a team highly specialized in graphic design, photo and video editing, clipping path, background removal, 2D or 3D image creation, etc. Our team has practical knowledge and passion for their work and is always eager to meet new and challenging tasks.

From the very beginning, we have been ensuring to create a fun and employee-friendly environment. This way, the CAI team hardly gets bored even if they have to work long hours, especially when the bulk orders keep coming.

It helps us achieve our daily goals and targets without getting suffocated under the piles of work. Moreover, the bright side of our workplace is that it also helps us ensure high-quality results and gain clients’ trust and satisfaction. And if you need more reasons to know why the CAI is the right photo editing agency for you, take a look at the following part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We do our best to ensure a quick delivery within the next 24 hours. However, if there is an editing complexity or the order is too big, it might take a bit longer. In that case, we always notify our clients regarding the issue.

If you think your photos do not have the right or realistic shadow, you might need the drop shadow service to make it correct. You also need the service if you want to make the image appear natural and free of distractions.

Yes, we always offer special discounts for bulk orders. Send us the images you want us to edit with your requirements, and we will send you the quote.

We accept various valid formats of photos. You can send us any image of format JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc.