At Clipping Arts India, payment is a very simple process, and CAI is dedicated to providing peace of mind to all of its clients by making every necessary process from the very beginning of sending a file to the very end of making payment for the photo editing service the easiest and most convenient method available without any kind of hassle. As a result, we provide the finest payment alternatives for our clients’ image processing services.

How to make Payment

The customer simply has to fill out a basic form with information such as the company name, full address, contact name, contact number, and so on. An E-Mail-Invoice with all required information for making payments would be provided to the client once a large number of works were completed (particularly for clients who supply files on a regular basis) (normally every after 30 days especially for regular bulk order customers).

The client may then pay via Paypal with a Credit Card or a Bank Account by simply clicking a few buttons on the Payment Page.

To make a payment to Clipping Ars India. please go to my order link, then click on the PayPal link on each order which hasn’t paid. Or just go to the PayPal link below to make a payment. Thank You.

Fill in the box with any amount and click the PAY NOW button (Amount also changeable in the next step).

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