Real Estate Photo Editing and Retouching Services

Professional photography and high-quality editing have been game-changers for the real estate business. And professionally edited realistic photos have taken this business to a whole new level.

Since this sector is growing so rapidly, especially in this robotic era, people rely more on well-presented photos before seeing the properties physically. And that is why it becomes vital for real estate photographers and agencies to ensure high-end edited yet eye-catching photographs for the clients.

Clipping Arts India has been working closely with such photographers and agencies since the beginning, helping many businesses establish and grow. From greenery editing and background manipulation to furniture retouching and real-life prototyping, we offer everything in our one-stop solution service.

Why Is Real Estate Retouching Service Important?

Most people use top-notch mobile cameras or DSLRs for photography as they have many upgraded functions. But no matter how excellent the raw images are, they might still not seem enough to many. Moreover, raw images contain unnecessary objects and not-so-accurate colors and miss the glow you need to catch buyers’ attention.

But a professional photo editing service can make your skilled photography even more eye-catching. Besides, to secure your real estate business, there is no better option than making these photos stand out.

Real estate photographs are vital for successful advertisement. It is the most professional way to attract and approach clients. You offer buyers what they will get, and it helps build trust and create transparency between the two parties.

That is why you will need well-edited photos that highlight every essential part and detail without many exaggerations. A professional team will ensure the colors appear classy and the overall image quality improves.

Moreover, hiring real estate photo editing and retouching services is beneficial for your business and career. If you own a real estate agency, ensuring the best quality and eye-catching photo will attract more buyers and increase sales. And if you are a professional real estate photographer, providing clients with well-edited photographs will boost your career and earn clients’ satisfaction.

Real estate photo editing is not just about making them easy to sell or attracting buyers. Editing helps enhance the photographs and make them more beautiful. And who does not like seeing beautiful property images? And if you are a studio owner or advertising company owner, broker, property promoter, etc., this service will be beneficial.

We Make Your Job Easier with Real Estate Photo Retouching Services

People always take snapshots around the house, especially those who are pretty active on social media. But that is not the same thing as taking real estate photography. Moreover, amateur photography does not always catch the right angle or color.

A professional eye will know what works best if you are putting up a property for sale or advertisement. So photo editors edit and retouch the images exactly how they will catch others’ eyes. And that is what Clipping Arts India is all about.

If you want to put property or interior photos online for sale or need to edit them for clients, you can trust our professional service. Our team has years of practical experience working with real estate agencies for retouching and editing such images.

We do not just adjust brightness and contrast to make raw images bright and elegant. Making such photos professionally presentable requires the removal of unnecessary items, color correction, adding objects or effects, eliminating any kind of visible imperfections, cropping and resizing, etc.

Our job is to ensure your audience understands what you offer and see a more presentable version of the photographs. Since editing and retouching add more details to the images, it makes your job a lot easier.

Real Estate Retouching Services Company
Real Estate Image Editing Service

Types Of Real Estate Retouching Services

Depending on what clients need, we work on various types of real estate images and transform them in various ways. Some require basic real estate photo editing and retouching services, such as brightness adjustment, color correction, removing distractions, cropping, resisting, etc. But most of our clients want high-end editing, such as sky manipulation, changing image perspective, adding more greenery, background enhancement, etc.

We ensure all our clients get exactly what they come here for. So we categorized our editing service into various types, making it easier for you to find the right service.

Clipping Arts India offers the following Real Estate Photo Editing And Retouching Services:

Real Estate Greenery Attachment Editing


Greenery Attachment

Taking photos during winter or any other time when everything appears less green will not make the photos appealing. But for a new home, most people look for a touch of green. So adding some greeneries or highlighting the ones that already exist enhances the overall appearance.

But greenery attachment is not only for the big trees around the house. It can be anything from a potted plant to a lawn area. That is why we apply various effects and use Photoshop tools to make everything greener and livelier. Sometimes, this task involves adding trees or plants that did not exist in the original photo.

Real Estate Live People Attachments Editing Service


Live People Attachments

With no people or living things around, prosperity looks lifeless (no pun intended). Besides, it makes the overall personality of the image gloomy and dull. But when there are visible lives attached to the image, the photos become more realistic. It is also a beneficial way to make the advertisement more attention-grabbing.

Since CAI has an excellent experienced team, attaching people is a piece of cake and a fun project for our designers. If you have ideas on how you want them in the photo, we can add them just as you visualized them. If not, you can leave it to us to find the best way to attach live people to the images.

Photoshop Sky Removal and Attachments Services


Sky Remove & Attachments

Is the sky in the photo too gloomy, or appears flat white, or too bright compared to the shaded foreground? If the sky does not blend well with the rest of the photo or seems incompatible, it is best to remove or change it. That’s right. We can change a whole sky without any superpower by using Photoshop tools.

In most cases, clients prefer adding a beautiful sky as they are more effective in making the image eye-catching. If there are glasses, glass doors, windows, or anything that reflects the sky, our team works on that, making sure they do not miss any small details.

Real Estate Real Life Prototyping


Real Life Prototyping

Not all real estate work involves readily-built properties. Some of them start as a building or real estate project and develop over time. But if you plan to sell those properties or need clients for that, you will have to present everything to them with a realistic visual. And the only way to do it is a real-life prototype.

Here we take your plans and ideas in the form of 2D images or drawings and present them realistically with a 3D floor plan or exterior design. Here we add real objects and attach them to the image. It is the best way to make them more realistic and give future clients a better idea.

Real Estate Furniture enhancements Services


Furniture enhancements

Got old, worn, and dirty furniture items in the photos? Then there is something to modify if it stands out as an attractive or distractive item.

Anyone looking at property or interior images will not like looking at furniture that kills the vibe. So these pieces of furniture need to go through some blemish, spot, and discoloration removal and repainting processes.

Here at Clipping Arts India, we provide furniture enhancement photos as part of a real estate photo retouching service. We also eliminate stains and scratches to ensure the furniture appears classy, clean, and presentable.

Real Estate Furniture Attachments Image Editing Service


Furniture Attachments

Empty or less furnished rooms do not look complete when it comes to finding a palace to live in. Clients do not necessarily look for furnished places all the time, but it is professional to give them an idea about the time of interior they will get.

That is why attaching some real furniture and making everything appear more organized through editing can be an excellent way to present the images.

Working with real estate clients over the years has given our design team ideas and knowledge on what looks best. Based on the type of room or location, we can attach various furniture like couches, chairs, TV, paintings, shelves, beds, wardrobes, etc.

Real Estate Color change Photo Editing Service


Color change with multiple selections

Old, rusty, and dirty items never attract people into buying something, not even a house with fake couches. That is why color change with multiple selections is highly recommended for images that have faded, furniture, object, wall painting color, etc.

Color change options allow you to make everything appear fresh and newer. Here, our designers repaint everything while keeping their original design, pattern, and color intact.

This type of editing requires multiple clipping paths to ensure everything appears natural. And in the end, you get eye-catching and professionally retouched photos.

Real Estate Wallpaper optimization Editing Services


Wallpaper optimization

A beautiful wallpaper can become a stunning, modern, and tasteful addition to real estate images. But the wallpaper will not enhance the interior’s beauty if it is incompatible with the setup, wall color, decoration, etc.

If there is already an existing wallpaper, it can often have objects around the corner or furniture set up in a way that makes the wallpaper look like it’s in the wrong place. That is why we offer wallpaper optimization services to set this decorative item right.

Our job here involves various things like color correction, fixing alignment, removing spots or unnecessary surroundings, etc.And if the clients require it, we attach wallpapers that match the color, tone, shade, and angle with everything else in the room.

Object Remove & Add Multiple Object

Raw photos can be pretty messy and unattractive. If the pictures are taken by amateurs, it is unlikely that everything will be well-arranged. We have received plenty of such photos where the furniture and decorative items have damaged or missing areas, wires, and various objects lying all over, etc. Instead of looking natural, they only ruin the appearance of the entire photo.

Clipping Arts India offers object removal and adding services for that. Not only do we remove unnecessary objects from the photos to eliminate distractions, but we also add multiple objects to improve the image. We can add things like furniture, plants, decorative items, and more if necessary.

Real Estate Objects Removal Editing Service
Real Estate add multiple Editing Service

Our Real Estate Photo Editing Service Helps Increase Your Business

The real estate business can give anyone a successful and top-notch career path if they know how to walk on it correctly. And of all the essences you need to make the path easier, a real estate photo retouching service is one of them. However, you need to be sure to choose a professional photo editing service to provide you with the best work.

Here in Clipping Arts India, we practice what it preaches. We help our clients get the accurate quality image for publishing on their social media platforms or websites. Our team ensures resizing the images according to clients’ needs so that customers do not face any trouble when clicking on the images.

Since perfect resizing offers obstacle-free access, our professionally edited images attract more customers and clients. As a result, it helps increase your business and sales. And if you are a studio owner, advertisement agency owner, or photographer, providing your clients with high-end real estate photos will boost your business and grow your career.

100% Professional Real Estate Photo Retouching Service

A better presentation of your work can change everything about it. Since the first approach is a business’s main yet crucial factor, Clipping Arts India focuses on that for its services and clients. Here, we make zero compromises when it comes to maintaining quality and ensuring the service helps our clients increase their business.

Real estate photograph editing requires detailed work to ensure everything looks realistic, vibrant, and homely. That is why our experts and designer work on these photos more carefully, never missing a shadow or a reflection. On top of that, our expert team ensures the edited photos have met the client’s requirements before we deliver them.

Our workplace ensures a 24/7 online service to respond quickly as we work globally. Our work quality remains top-notch as our team members are dedicated to their work. We also ensure a 24-hour turnaround for any amount of editing work unless there is an issue or editing complexity.

We Commit To Our Clients 100% Quality Guarantee Assurance

Poor-quality images or editing are not compelling for the real estate business. If you are a professional real estate agent, agency owner, broker, or real estate photographer, you will need high-quality editing to ensure the images look eye-catching. Such photos are effective in making people interested in purchasing properties.

Knowing how important that is for our clients, we ensure the photos we edit to go through multiple inspection stages. Our expert team always helps our designer teams in case of editing complexity and providing ideas. Once the editing task is completed, each photo is inspected by the experts and managerial team before we deliver them.

We have 100% customer satisfaction with our quality work. But if you do not like the outcome, we are ready to provide multiple revisions until you are satisfied with the photos. And if you still don’t like them, you assure you of getting a full refund.

We Bring Out The Exact Color & Tone

A real estate image should have all the original colors, tones, shades, etc., so the buyers do not feel cheated when they visit the real property. Not only can it make you lose buyers, but it can also lose your reputation. So when editing or retouching real estate photos, it is essential to maintain and resurrect the original tone and color.

The Clipping Arts India team is always instructed to maintain accuracy in this regard. We use the latest Photoshop version to ensure we have all upgraded tools to bring out the best of the images. We ensure everything remains accurate unless the clients want to alter the original color and tone.

Affordable Real Estate Photo Editing Service That Matters

Editing photos has various stages, and it all depends on the type of image. And the cost of hiring a professional service is naturally more than any unprofessional or low-quality editing. The more complex the photos are, the more challenging it is to edit them.

And if you have other special requirements, the cost can be more based on which service you require. But no matter what you need, it is always best to look for an affordable and budget-friendly editing service.

Since Clipping Arts India receives client orders from all over the world, we have fixed the cost of our real estate photo editing and retouching services by keeping that in mind. You will find the best price for any service and other benefits for your orders.

 All our services are affordable, and we offer various discounts for bulk orders. It saves you money and helps us create a stronger bond with our clients. On top of that, you can get a free trial option, where you can send us two photos for editing.

Why Choose Our Real Estate Retouching Services

A professional real estate photo retouching service is essential for attracting buyers and increasing sales. However, it is challenging to rely on random services because of low-cost offers because this service requires precise work, skill, and experienced hands.

So to make a professional approach in front of your clients, you can rely on Clipping Arts India. Our sReal Estate Photo Editing And Retouching Services offer the following.

  • A professional, hardworking and dedicated team with years of experience
  • High-quality editing and retouching service with 100% satisfaction assurance
  • And the expert team to help you pick the right service and offer a consultation
  • 24/5 uninterrupted online service to accept orders or answer any query from clients across the word
  • 24 hours turnaround time for any amount of photos

Attractive discount on bulk orders and a one-time free trial option

Try Our Real Estate Retouching Services

In real estate photos, the finer the details, the more effective it is to attract buyers. So reach out to us for the best Real Estate Photo Editing And Retouching Services because Clipping Arts India has a one-step solution for you. We have a hardworking, innovative, and professional team for turning your ideas into the most realistic visuals.

Feel free to go through our pricing listed on the website, or you can contact us to learn about the cost based on your order. You can also try our free trial service to check if our real estate editing team’s work meets your expectations.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

The Real Estate Photo Editing Service is a professional photo editing service that fixes photos in various ways. Generally, such a service uses editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom to edit the images. Basic Real Estate photo editing involves fixing or correcting property photos by removing unnecessary items and areas, cropping, resizing, adding or removing furniture, attaching people or wallpaper, etc.

The Real Estate Photo Retouching Service is the same as the editing service. However, retouching can involve some different editing work than general photo editing. Besides adding or removing things, this service consists of correcting or changing property or interior color, adding more greenery, repainting faded items, furniture retouching, etc.

The cost to retouch a real estate photo varies based on various factors. It depends on the photo type, editing requirements, editing complexity, how many photos you want to get retouched, etc. Since real estate photos come with certain editing challenges, the cost can range from $2.00 to $12 or more per image.

Polishing real estate photos in Photoshop can be done using many tools. But it depends on what type of retouching you need to do. In most cases, Healing Brush Tool, Clone Stamp, Dodge Tool, Burn Tool, Pen Tool, etc., work best for retouching or polishing any photo.