Jewelry Photo Editing and Retouching Services

People now shop for everything online, including jewelry. And that includes anything from metal and brass to gold and diamond.

Now, the problem with selling jewelry online is that buyers will not find the piece attractive or worth buying if the photo does not do justice to the jewelry’s beauty and design. The same goes for professional photographers who take photos of jewelry products and want to offer the best photographs to their clients.

But as jewelry are usually small pieces, editing their photos on your own will not be realistic or natural enough if you do not have the right skill. On top of that, you need to have enough time in hand to work on them with patience. That is why hiring professional jewelry photo editing and retouching services are essential.

And this is where our Clipping Arts India team steps in. You get high-end, top-quality, and 100% professional service from us at an affordable rate. This article will reveal more about our service and how we work.

Why Is The Jewelry Photo Retouching Service Required?

Your target audience is the ones that love jewelry. So, your aim should be to make them fall in love at the very first sight upon seeing the photos or catalogs. And that is why a jewelry photo retouching service is required. But there are some more important reasons why you should get this service.

Jewelry photo editing service helps bring out shine, details, and depth in the images. It also helps eliminate unnecessary parts or objects from the images, making them more eye-catching and classier.

Jewelry photo retouching and editing are essential for online marketing. Since there are many online sellers and the market is competitive, having high-quality and retouched photos are beneficial if you want to stand out and make heads turn.

Such photos increase their value and help you attract more customers. And as your audience and customers grow, it boosts your sales. And if you are a professional photographer, this service can help take workloads off your shoulder and help you provide better results to your clients. You can call it a career boost, as this is what it does for most people.

Besides, when the photos go through the editing steps, it also goes through resizing processes. So when you upload the image online or on your website, it fits the space accurately and does not take forever to load.

We Make Your Job Easier with Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Photographing jewelry is challenging and tricky. Since they cannot stay upright or have a base to make them stand easily, you always need something to prop them against to get a good shot. But sometimes, these photos are not enough because they may not always be the right way to display the jewelry design and shape.

People often prefer using mannequins or models to shoot jewelry photos. Still, those photos are often distracting, and you need to retouch the model in the photo to ensure it looks perfect.

Here is where Clipping Arts India will help you whether or not this is a simple jewelry photo or has models. Our designer team removes all the distractions, changes and removes backgrounds, and retouches the subject. We also provide color correction, shadow effects, and high-end editing services for jewelry photos.

Jewelry Photo Editing Service
Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Types Of Jewelry Retouching Services

Most people think editing jewelry images is only about removing the background and doing some basic retouching. But the truth is that jewelry photos require much more work and skill to change or make corrections. It requires color correction or change, background alteration, clipping path, image sharpening, removing or adding objects, resizing and cropping, etc.

All this work made it essential to divide our jewelry photo editing and retouching services into various types. It helps our clients choose more specifically based on what they require.

Clipping Arts India offers the following Jewelry Retouching services:

Jewelry Background Cleaning and Removal


Background Cleaning and Removal

It is not always possible for a seller or photographer to find a flawless spot for photography or get a compatible background. So, when this happens, it becomes essential to clean the unnecessary objects and items from the original background. Besides, these irrelevant things distract the audience from the main subject.

We focus on removing any distracting part of the image and creating a more eye-catching background. We also apply clipping path service here to create a transparent background. And if the client has a preferred color or background, we replace the original with that. Background cleaning and removal is the most cost-friendly service here.

Jewelry Shadow Creation Services


Jewelry Shadow Creation

The raw image seldom catches the accurate reflection of the jewelry. And such a photo is not very reliable to the customers or audience as they appear unrealistic and phony. This issue can happen when the subject goes through background removal or other retouching processes. It can either fade or remove the shadow entirely.

That is why we provide the jewelry shadow creation service where our designers create various shadows. We can create drop shadows or natural shadow effects to bring back the photo’s realistic vibe. We also offer to create reflecting or mirror shadows using an upside-down layer with low opacity.

High End Jewelry Retouching Services


High-End Jewelry Retouching

Our experienced editing team does the high-end jewelry retouching service, as this type of editing requires more precision, skill, and observation of highly experienced eyes. We assign this task to our most experienced designers and editors as such editings are time-consuming and require more patience.

Jewelry that is more expensive, glossy, and has a unique color tone and design falls into this category the most. From spot removal, background change, color, and tone correction to a shadow effect, most editing tasks fall into this category, making it more expensive. But once you see the result, you will know why it is worth the cost.

Jewelry Dust & Poor Reflection Removal Service


Dust & Poor Reflection Removal

The jewelry piece and its box or stand can gather dust or have spots on them. And most jewelry catch reflections as they have stones and are made of metal. While eliminating the reflection entirely makes the image a little unrealistic, we can still fix the problem without removing the reflection entirely. We just make it look better and more attractive.

And then we also remove any dust that makes the image look unattractive. The Healing Tool comes in handy in this regard. This process also helps eliminate any remaining blemishes and imperfections.

Jewelry Color Correction & Editing Services


Jewelry Color Correction & Editing

What if the camera did not catch the right ornament or gemstone colors? What if you took pictures of a gold ornament but wanted silver in the photos? You will find that service in this color correction and editing category. It helps you with changing, modifying, and enhancing the piece of jewelry you want to offer to the audience.

Color correction and editing include various tasks to ensure the final result shows the original color with a vibrant touch. Besides, if you offer multiple colors for similar jewelry, this service will help you achieve that. And most importantly, color correction can help change the metal of the jewelry without making it look unnatural.

Jewelry Photo Enhancement Services


Jewelry Photo Enhancement

Why should the customers purchase the pieces of jewelry from you? What makes them worth hundreds or thousands of dollars? The photos you showcase must have the answers to all their questions. If people are to spend more money on them, the appearance of the jewelry should make it look like it’s worth every penny.

In this category, we ensure our best designers work on these photos to ensure a natural yet the best color, tone and shine. This service category includes various things like polishing the gemstones, color correction, background or unnecessary object removal, metal shining, adjusting color and contrast, adding more detail, etc.

Jewelry Repainting shine on metal Editing Services


Repainting shine on metal

Most raw images cannot capture the original shine of the metal. Moreover, they can appear dull, have reflections, and have shadows. That is why it is essential to polish these pieces and bring back their lost or missing shine. Besides, showing shiny and attractive metal is essential if you are willing to create a unique identity for your brand.

And shining the metal also involves tasks like highlighting some parts more than others. It is also important to smoothen areas that appear harsh for the best appearance. Shining metal helps improve overall image quality and makes them suitable for any use.

Jewelry Recolouring of Gold and Silver Retouching Services


Recolouring of Gold and Silver

This service category benefits those who offer jewelry pieces of similar designs but of different metals. Rather than taking separate pictures of gold and silver jewelry and editing them all, you can simply take photos of one type, and we will do the rest.

We use an editing process similar to color correction for gold and silver recoloring. Here, our designers change the metal color and ensure the color, tone, shine, etc., all remain realistic. Repainting the jewelry often requires changing the background or even the tiniest bit of the reflection so that they look natural.

Diamond Polishing & Unwanted Object Remove

Diamonds are the best attraction to many buyers. So your job is to make sure you provide them with realistic yet attractive photos. But unprofessional photography or the lack of proper lights can make diamonds appear dull and cheaper than regular low-price ornaments. That is why it is essential to ensure the diamonds are well-polished before you use the photos.

Our Clipping Arts India team uses Photoshop tools to sharpen objects, remove dark spots and imperfections, and bring shine to jewelry pieces. Moreover, we also remove all sorts of unwanted objects that ruin the overall appearance of the subject or act as a distraction.

It is highly recommended for increasing sales and growing business. You can get our free trial option to polish your jewelry photo and see the result yourself.

Jewelry Diamond Polishing and Retouching Services
Jewelry Diamond Polishing Unwanted Object Remove Editing Services

Our Jewelry Photo Editing Service Helps Increase Your Business

No matter what they are made of, jewelry is not exactly among the cheapest products. That is why customers are always careful and picky when purchasing them, especially if they see a photo online rather than seeing the item directly. That is why they are keener on seeing original photos of the piece of jewelry from various angles.

The photo you provide online must show enough detailing work of the piece. If the photo looks unattractive or does not show the design properly, it is unlikely the customer will click on the photo.

That is why our CAI jewelry editing and retouching team ensures they do not miss a single detail of the piece. From light, color, and shadow to the background, we work on everything to make the image more eye-catching to its audience. We ensure even the smallest gemstone appears sharp enough for the customer to see, and it builds trust between you and your audience.

100% Professional Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

As a service provider, it is our job to ensure those who come to check our service do not return empty-handed. And that makes us more responsible and offers the best professional photo editing service. We listen to our client’s requirements and note all essential details so that we will not miss anything.

We also prioritize our clients’ personal choices and other editing requirements. If you require color change or any other manipulation process, we do that too and offer many revisions. Whether a ring, earrings, necklace, or bracelet photo, you give us the detail, and we bring your visual “alive’ through these photos.

We Offer 100% Quality Guarantee Assurance To Our Clients

We do not compromise when it comes to image quality. Unless you provided us with a very low-quality photo, there is no way you will get a poor-quality image. But as long as we get a good-quality image, we will ensure you get a high-quality image in return. And that is one of the first things we offer as part of the quality assurance.

We have the best and most updated tools and software to ensure the best quality edits. A piece of jewelry has many designs and detailed work on it. Clipping Arts India’s editing team ensures none of them go out of focus, and we closely inspect every editing step.

If this is not enough, you are welcome to test our skills through the free trial option. We can move forward only if the results meet your expectations.

We Bring Out the Exact Color & Tone Of The Jewelry

Every photo requires a perfect setup and lighting. If you lack that, the result will not come out anything like the original. Since most jewelry has gemstones of various colors, it is essential to make sure the real color and tone are visible in the photo. And then, sometimes, you need to change that color while using the same jewelry piece.

In that case, we ensure everything remains natural without bothering the original subject. We use all the essential tools to get the color and tone right. We can also change from silver to gold or gold to silver if required.

The perk of this service is that you do not need to take photos of all the items with similar designs but in different colors. We can fix that for you so that it looks like they are all different pieces. It helps save time and boosts workplace productivity and efficiency.

Reasonable Jewelry Photo Editing Service That Really Matters

Though the quality of work is an essential part of a service, we also keep in mind the budget range of our clients. And who does not prefer an affordable service that also offers other benefits?

Since we work with global clients, we offer our professional service at an affordable rate. And before you discuss the service cost, you can send us two photos for a free trial.

In this way, you know whether we are worth your investment. Moreover, CAI ensures that clients do not think of the cost twice before making bulk orders. The bigger the order, the better the discount. It is a way to save money for you because small orders tend to cost more.

How We Create Stunning Jewelry Images For Your Target Customers

Our entire editing team is pro when it comes to handling the Photoshop tool. So when a task is assigned, they know what to do just by looking at the requirements. And if you are interested to know how our team enhances your jewelry image, here is more:

  • For earrings, we duplicate the pieces for more consistency.
  • To create a beautiful gradient shine, we apply the smudge tool.
  • To remove scratches, dust, and smudges, we apply the healing brush tool to eliminate them.
  • To fix parts of the image, we use the clone stamps tool for more precision.
  • To change the subject color, we use and adjust the hue and saturation tools.
  • To darken some particular areas, we apply the burn tool.
  • To enhance the overall image, we adjust the brightness and contrast.
  • To brighten some specific areas with more precision, we apply the dodge tool.

If you want to see how these tools and their application transform the images, feel free to send us photos for a free trial. You can send two photos of your choice for retouching, and we will get back to you soon.

Why Choose Our Jewelry Retouching Services

Customers get influenced by what they see before they confirm the purchase. That is why hiring the most suitable jewelry photo editing and retouching service is essential. Is Clipping Arts India the right choice for you? You can find that out from the following.

  • A professional team with years of experience in jewelry photo editing.
  • We ensure the best quality image and provide multiple revisions until the clients are satisfied.
  • A 24/7 online service to ensure quick response and 24 hours turnaround time.
  • If you are unsure of what works best for your photos, you can get help from our expert team free of charge.
  • We offer a free trial where you can send us 2 photographs for editing to test our skills.

Try Our Jewelry Retouching Services

Remember that all jewelry pieces are different and have separate beauty. Even if you do not add enhancement, they will still be magnificent. However, the jewelry photo editing and retouching services ensure it captures the accuracy and charm of the pieces in more detail and turns heads.

Clipping Arts India has been working for client satisfaction and offering a professional service from the beginning. We are always careful about maintaining quality over quantity. So if you are looking for a professional editing service at an affordable price, feel free to reach out.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

A Jewelry Photo Retouching service is basically the process of editing and enhancing a photo and its subject using various tools and software. A professional or team of professional and experienced people edit jewelry images using software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for this. They use various tools from this software to improve image quality and make them more attractive.

You can retouch your jewelry photo using various free or paid tools and software. And while there is free software to download and install, getting premium versions gives you access to upgraded tools and a better outcome. You can also hire a professional jewelry photo retouching service to get the best result.

The cost of a jewelry photo retouching service depends on what type of jewelry photo you want to edit, what type of editing you require if there are additional works, and how many photos you want us to edit. In Clipping Arts India, the price of editing each photo begins at $0.99 and goes up based on editing complexity.

To make metal shiny in Photoshop, start by selecting the Filter option from the menu bar on top. Then select Noise and then Add Noise option to add around 10% noise to the image subject. Then select Gaussian Distribution and adjust it before applying the Monochromatic effects. Make sure to change the Layer’s blending mode and opacity to add shine to the metal.