Ecommerce Product Photo Editing Basic to Advance

What is E-commerce Photo Editing? 

The e-commerce business has gained popularity over the last few years, specially in the pandemic situation. People who work in e-commerce use online marketing to show off their products with photos. Here comes the role of Ecommerce product photo editing. So, in order to get a job in the e-commerce market, you need to be able to edit photos. Photo editing can help you get better-quality photos that can help you in many ways. 

There’s also the fact that high-quality work makes your product photo look good. Overall, the process of E-commerce product photo editing is an important part of running an eCommerce business. Photographers may be able to help some businesses that don’t need the service right away. It’s sometimes possible for photographers to do basic editing that covers up what they need to do. 


How to edit photos in E-commerce Products?  

E-commerce websites largely depend on good images of products. That’s why E-commerce product editing is a must for online store websites. So, no matter what, you should never forget the E-commerce image editing especially photos of your products before uploading them on your website. Here in this section of the article we are going to discuss E-commerce picture editing and how to do it in E-commerce effectively.  

Apply some  Color Correction

People sometimes see changes in the background because of how light from your item is reflected back at them. So if you have a red purse, it might reflect red light onto your background, making the image a little pink. 

Tiny things, like gold buttons, would also have a pink tint because they are made of gold. Also, bright colors and shiny surfaces have a better chance of making your picture look bad. For better Ecommerce image editing it needs to be fixed. In this case, you can use color correction to bring the colors back to their natural look.

It’s possible to change the color of a picture with tools in a lot of different graphics programs, like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as free programs like GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). 

Then there are tools that can be used online for better e-commerce picture editing, like Clipping Magic, which can also remove the background and add drop shadows to your images. In some photo editing software, you may be able to use automatic color correction, or you may be able to make manual changes with sliders.


Don’t forget to remove the noisy background 

Color correction is a real deal in E-commerce product photo editing.  Color correction and background removal can be done with the same software, so it’s easy to do both at the same time! The Clipping Magic tool that was mentioned before has background removal as its main feature. Even if you use a different program to remove your background, look at the settings to make sure you get a realistic edge on your work.

The software you use might have a setting or process called anti-aliasing or feathering that you can look for. These two methods work a little bit differently, though. Anti-aliasing in Adobe software keeps the most detail near the edges because it changes the color transition around the edge of the object. Feathers smooth edges by blurring them a little. 

You’ll also want to crop your photos to keep them the same size and shape so they line up on your product pages. This is especially important if you have a lot of images of the same thing next to each other. If the sizes of the images aren’t the same, your page will look messy.


Play with Image Shadows

After you remove the background, you’ll want to add a shadow to the item, Otherwise, the eCommerce image editing will remain incomplete.  Products with shadows tend to sell more than products that look like they’re floating in space, that’s why it is important in e-commerce product photo editing. Image shadows make images look sophisticated, real, and catchy.  

Use the same software or online tools we’ve already talked about to add drop shadows. You have a few ways to do this. You can add a simple, grey shadow right below the item, or you can make it look like it’s reflected. Both of these things help to ground your product and give it a sense of real weight.

You can also use both techniques together to make both a shadow and a reflection. Keep it simple so that people don’t pay attention to it.


Use some Retouching Ecommerce Products

In some of your product photos, you might find a small flaw, like a piece of dust that you didn’t notice while you were taking them. You can use graphics software to get rid of these flaws.

For example, Adobe Photoshop has a lot of tools that can help you fix things in different ways. Clone stamp lets you choose a part of your picture and then “paint” on another part of your picture with the clone selection as a brush. In order to hide imperfections that are near the edges, this is a very good tool and really helpful in Ecommerce Product image editing

A tool called the patch tool is another good Photoshop tool. It works in a similar way to the clone stamp but instead lets you make a selection that can be mixed with another part of your picture. Because the patch tool blends, it’s better for smooth surfaces.


Optimize the size and ratio of the Image  

When you’ve done all the post-production work for your e-commerce product photo editing, it’s time to make your photos look good on your online store. In this case, you need to change the size and resolution of the image files you’ve been working with. They’re too big to use on your website.

When you are using graphics design software, “image size” means the dimension of an image. Resolution is how many pixels there are in each inch of space. A resolution of 72 pixels per inch is ideal for images that are going to be shown online. For an online store, you should keep your image’s longest dimension between 600 and 800 pixels tall or wide. This is how it usually works: Resolution settings and resizing settings are usually found in the same menu. You can change both at the same time!

It will look squashed or stretched when you change the size of an image. Make sure you don’t change its aspect ratio, which will make it look weird. When you change the size of an image, there’s usually a checkbox next to the controls that will make the image stay in its original shape. To change the height or width of an image, you’ll only have to change the height or width of the image.


5 best photo editing apps for E-commerce products

For an effective E-commerce product photo editing, you will surely have to have a great photo editing app or software. So I’m going to introduce you to the 5 best photo editing apps that will make your site glow and boost your sales. 


1. Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is probably the most well-known photo editor in the world. It is also very popular for e-commerce image editing. Even though it costs a lot and isn’t the most simple thing ever, there are some downsides to this:

Even though Photoshop Express doesn’t have as many great features as the original, it still has a lot of good things about it.

Light and color balance adjustments, framing options, word tools, text addition, transformation tools, and more are all here and work pretty well. They all work pretty quickly. Crop options for all major social media platforms are also available.

This makes it easier than ever to post your pictures to the web.

2. Adobe Lightroom

A lot of powerful editing tools are hidden in its depths, and it keeps getting better with each new update. When you’re working with professional and thorough editing tools like Lightroom, the features that aren’t as well-known or well-known shine. This isn’t any different with Lightroom.

Many of them aren’t even photography tools at all. They’re more about making your life easier and making it easier to get things done. Using a setting transfer and a Quick Develop panel are two of our favorite things because they let you apply image adjustments and preset applications with just one click, instead of having to do several. Then, you get more done in less time. What’s not to like?

3. Pixlr

A photo editing app called Pixlr can be used quickly and on the go by influencers and businesses that sell things on the web. Also like Express, it gives a lot of flexibility and depth for a mobile app without being too complicated for people who are completely new to editing.

Pixlr has all the tools you need to make a great ad, social media post, or other things of that kind. The app has a lot of effects, adjustments, filters, general retouching, and text additions. Most of the time, they work well, but there are a few things that don’t work.

Its quick fixes and adjustments, as well as the way it looks, are very good. A few taps and you’re ready to post. Simple and fast.

4. Crello

If you want to make business content, Crello isn’t just another photo editing app. It’s a full business content creation tool that has a lot to offer.

The app is unique in a crowded field, in part because it is a SaaS software that can be used with all kinds of hardware. Crello has a lot of good reviews because it has a lot of different templates and can make things move. The first of these is very good. For pretty much any event, there’s a template that looks very professional and well-done while giving you a lot of options for branding. They’re easy to figure out, creative, and fun.

5. Canva

Canva is both a photo editing app and a full graphic design tool, and this is shown in the whole app. This app is great for people who run an eCommerce business and don’t want to spend their time learning how to use editing software.

If you want to change the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your photos, you can do that in the photo adjustment tab. You can also change blur, x-process, and more. Pexels, Pixabay, YouTube, and even GIPHY are all there for you to use when you need to add content to your videos.

How to edit photos for an online store with professionals

To edit photos for your e-commerce business or online store, you have to keep high-standard photos of products on your website. To maintain the quality you have to edit your product photos in a skilled way. 

To maintain professional e-commerce product photo editing you have to do it in a professional way. That’s why it is better to edit product photos with skilled professionals. There are so many efficient and professional editing service providers out there Clipping Arts India is one of the most prominent amongst them. Direct Contact Linkedin or Facebook.

What Services are offered by Clipping Arts India?

Clipping Path Services: This service shows off your products in the best way possible, and it also helps your e-commerce site get more traffic. 

A clipping path is a way to remove the background from images or add a white background to them. It’s possible to make a shape with the clipping path. You can also close the vector path and cut out part of an image with the Pen tool. Use this to remove the background from a picture. If you want to cut out part of an image or change only a small part of an image, you can also use the cutting path. 

For commercial Photoshop, these images are very important to have around. Online stores are getting bigger all the time. As a result, they need more cutting path services. A single click can change the look of your picture and bring more people to your e-commerce site.


Background Removal Services: A bad background can ruin even the best picture. As a side note, if you are using product photos for your eCommerce store, you may not need to put a background behind them at all. To use the background for different things, it will be different. But, when you take a picture, there will be a background. So, what’s the solution? “Background Removal Services” is the solution to this problem. Background removal is cutting out images from a picture to make it look better to people who see it. There could be a lot of reasons for that. A bad background can make it hard for the viewer to see the main thing. This means that the main goal of the image will not be met. Background removal services can help you get rid of things like this from the background.


Color Correction: The Color Correction Service is one of the most important and sought-after services for any online business, and it makes photographers’ images look better. Color correction service is a great way to change the colors in an image and make it look different. You can also change the color of the new color. You can use it to move the picture of your choice in the best way. Take the help of a color service if you want to see the item of your choice in different colors. Using the image color correction service, you can make a picture that is clear and interesting for yourself. There is only one way to make your rough photos look better and make them look like cotton. The color correction could be your savior in this situation. In order to sell your product, you need to show interesting pictures. It lets you make more accurate images that will help you sell more things.


Image Retouching: An image retouching service is a great way to make an image look better. People can’t even think of doing business or advertising without this service now. Making an image more appealing and improving the quality of the image is what an image retouching service can do for you! Remove unwanted spots from your photos to speed up your photos and business. You have a lot of customers who are interested in the pictures of your product.


Photo Masking Services: Photo Masking Services is a service that helps you remove the background from a picture in the best way possible. However, it is hard to figure out what photo masking is from this concept. If the picture is clearer, it’s not very hard to remove the background. 

There are small things in the picture, like hair and fur, that make it hard to remove the background. So, to get rid of all of these backgrounds, you need to use the photo masking service. This way, your image will not lose its attractiveness and beauty.


Photo Enhancement Services: Photo Enhancement Service is a service that can make any picture that isn’t very good look better. The problem is that no matter how good your cameras are and no matter how much money you spend on them, you’ll still see that they don’t give you high-quality photos. 



if you want to need any E-commerce Products Photo Editing services So I definitely suggest you try Clipping Arts India Editing Service.

Anyway, Even a professional photographer can’t take the picture you want with his new, high-tech camera. This happens sometimes because of bad weather or something else that is out of the ordinary. To solve these problems, the Photo Enhancement Service plays a big part in making a picture look better.


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