18 Best Outsource Photo Editing Services For Photographers

As a photographer, you’re always expected to deliver picturesque shots at all times. But it’s not always possible to do so due to multiple reasons. For instance – technical difficulties, weather turbulence, unplanned interruptions, etc.

That’s why photographers often need to rely on post-production photo retouching services for perfect shots. In today’s article, we’ll go over the 18 best photo editing services for photographers in recent times. With the help of these professional services, you’ll never have to discard a good shot again just because the lighting isn’t good enough.

Additionally, we’ll also go over the advantages and disadvantages of professional photo editing services so you don’t feel scammed after outsourcing similar services. Photographers already waste lots of time and energy trying to find a good angle for their shots. Hence, if they outsource photo editing services, they can reduce the workload during the post-production period and focus on other tasks instead.

18 Best Photo Editing Services For Photographers

The online commercial marketplace runs on edits and transitions nowadays. The more creative the edits, the better! So, if you’re tired of spending hours on post-production edits as a photographer to make your shots more alluring, it’s time to put an end to the struggle.

Outsource photo editing services online from professional agencies like Clipping Arts India instead. Popular editing services like clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, etc. will immediately help you achieve the desired appearance.

Here’s a list of the 18 best photo editing services for photographers that you too can try to improve your shots!

Clipping Paths service

1. Clipping Path -Path Editing Service

Clipping path services are the single most pursued Photoshop services by veteran photographers. It’s a basic service and is needed in almost all sorts of advanced and complex touch-ups.

With clipping path services, you can –

1. Remove Unwanted Objects

If something unpleasant interrupts a good shot and figuratively ‘ruins it’, you can use clipping path services to clip the object and remove it altogether.

2. Prepare eCommerce Shots

Have you ever noticed the product shots in eCommerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.? 

You can’t find anything else in the shots except the product itself against a white background. And that’s because the products are always clipped from a different shot and placed separately on a white background for a dedicated showcase. 

3. Assist In Advanced Edits

Want to make collages, prepare web images for a certain product or put together a clone for a drop shadow effect? You’ll most definitely need clipping path services for these advanced-level edits, that’s for sure.

In short, clipping path services act as the functional unit of the entire photo editing world. 

So, it’s important to get top-notch clipping path services from a renowned agency such as Clipping Arts India. Unlike many other service providers, our editors manually prepare the clipping points so none of the important bits get left behind.

Background Removal Service

2. Background Removal – Image Editing Service

Background removal is essential to dispose of or replace problematic backgrounds with better ones. The demand for background removal is high among creative photographers.

At CAI, you can avail high-caliber background removal services to enjoy the following amenities –

Fulfilling eCommerce Requirements

Official eCommerce platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, etc. will make you follow a series of guidelines before uploading a product photo. For instance – you can’t upload pictures with multi-colored backgrounds or include other items than the sellable ones in the shots.

Our background removal services will help you to clip the original products over a neutral or white background. We can prepare transparent backgrounds as well. So, if you’re a product photographer, you’ll really benefit from the services.

Background Replacement

While preparing collages, image campaigns, etc. you’ll often need to merge many different shots together. Sometimes, photographers like the positioning of the object in one picture but the radiance of the background in a different picture.

Here, you can instruct the editors to replace the background on the desired shot so you can have the best of both worlds. Background removal services are also needed for model retouching, fantasy edits, landscape retouching, etc. 

Product Photo Editing service

3. Product Photo Editing – e-commerce Products Editing

The world would cease to exist without the presence of the eCommerce community in these times. Especially with Covid-19, everyone is now opting to buy everything online instead of visiting local grocery stores and markets.

So, the demand for product photographers has exceptionally gone up recently. Product photo editing services have proven super useful to these photographers and here’s why –

Bulk Servicing

Let’s say you’re capturing money shots for a certain product available in many different colors! It can sometimes be a huge waste of time and energy to shoot every single product.

But not if you outsource photo editing services from experienced providers like CAI. You can use product image editing services to change the colors, designs, etc., and use the same image for different products at once.

Quality Improvement

Product photo editing services are needed for all sorts of marketable items. Starting from showpieces to vegetables, everything can use post-production improvement.

You can make the veggies look fresher and greener, improve the appearance of clothes, remove dirty blemishes from different objects, adjust the brightness to bring the sellable item into focus, etc. to improve the quality of the pictures.

Photo Masking service

4. Photo Masking – Image Masking Service

Photo masking services are needed to retain the quality of a special part of the image while working on the rest of it. Photographers require photo masking services to fix the mistakes, replace background items, etc.

With photo masking, you can carefully clip the outline of an object and keep it under a masked layer. Afterward, you can do all sorts of edits like brightness adjustment, color correction, image retouching, etc. around the object.

Everything but the masked object will embrace the changes. Hence, photo masking services are essential to safeguard the quality of a specific part so it doesn’t get edited accidentally.

Wedding Photo Editing

5. Wedding Photo Editing 

Everyone wants to look their absolute best during a wedding. Especially the bride and groom (and the bridesmaids too!).

Outsourcing wedding photo editing services is just as important as hiring experienced wedding photographers. Important occasions like these demand only the best of the best and Clipping Art India can offer exactly that.

The wedding image editing services from Clipping Arts India will help you remove the small imperfections like a crooked or a broccoli-infested smile. That way, you’ll look elegant and utmost classy in the pictures captured by the photographers.

Image Retouching

6. Image Retouching 

If you want to outsource photo editing services, you should immediately go for an image retouching package directly. These packages include all the basic services like – clipping path, background removal, color correction, etc. at once.

So, you won’t have to skim through the thousands of details all by yourself. The professional editors will take care of everything directly instead.

At CAI, you can simply drop the instructions alongside the processable images and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Image Restoration

7. Image Restoration 

With images, you can trap so many memorable moments. And it’s not always possible to recreate these moments again.

Again, photographers can sometimes lose great shots due to problematic films in the camera. Photographers can use image restoration services in such cases to –

Restore Money Shots

With advanced Photoshop elements, experienced editors from CAI can remove the damaged bits from images. Plus, they can digitally recreate the rest of the image from scratch.

And you don’t have to worry about the pictures not looking natural enough. We manually fix all the imperfections later on just to keep that from accidentally happening.

Restore Old Images

Found a clip of your very first shots from decades ago? Photographers know the significance of their first clicks.

So, instead of trying to restore the images yourself, they should outsource photo editing services like image restoration services immediately. The editors can easily restore the integrity of the images and preserve the memories.

Jewelry Photo Editing

8. Jewelry Photo Editing 

Jewelry photo editing services are exclusively for jewelry photographers. Photographing jewelry is a lot more difficult than normal photography since you have to capture the tiniest details of the expensive tinkers in the camera.

If you outsource photo editing services, then you can solve the following jewelry-graphy issues:


The details in some spots can get fuzzy due to motion blur while capturing jewelry shots. If it keeps happening, you should outsource picture editing services instead.

With advanced image masking, editors can clear up the fuzzy spots so you can detect the design specifications better.

Reducing Glare

Reflective jewelry pieces like gold or silver ornaments can produce lots of glare and ruin the good shots.

If photographers can’t find a way around the glare while capturing, post-production edits will help to remove the glare. You can then preserve just enough sparkle to make the ornaments pop but not so much so that the shots are blinding.

Colour Scheme Adjustment

9. Color Scheme Adjustment 

Some couples like having a theme for their weddings. For instance – they can have a mediaeval-themed wedding or an autumn/fall-themed wedding. So, it’s only fair that they should get to experience the theme via the captured shots.

Color scheme adjustments can change or reverse the color tones throughout the images to establish the desired theme. You can improve the quality of dull shots this way as well.

Drop Shadow Effect

10. Drop Shadow Effect

With professional photo editing services, photographers can enable the drop shadow effect on their captured shots. Significantly enough, effects like these can elevate the standards of normal shots immediately.

The drop shadow effect services are especially famous amongst product photographers. You can fix the shadows of different objects and even digitally create shadows to fix lighting and angle-related issues.

Color Correction

11. Color Correction

Having issues with color tones in the background? Photographers love playing with color tones to express their feelings and emotions via the images.

With color correction services from CAI, you’ll no longer have to worry about the scheme discrepancies in an image. Starting from bad lighting issues to object brightening to transitioning the tone entirely – we can take care of it all.

Portrait Retouching

12. Portrait Retouching

Photographers who deal with templates, CVs, testimonials, etc. should outsource image editing services so the official images don’t look as horrendous.

Portrait retouching services can remove the pimples, fix blemishes and inconsistencies, and even add in a few dimples and freckles to make the subject look prettier than before. Advanced portrait retouching can also help to fix the shape of the face and remove bruises or birthmarks from images.

Photo Enhancement

13. Photo Enhancement

Photo enhancement services can save you lots of trouble if you forget to fix the contrast settings before a shoot. Nowadays, it’s no longer an issue if the images come out dull.

You can use outsource photo editing services from well-established agencies like Clipping Arts India to receive high-caliber photo enhancement services. The premium packages include – cleaning up the raw pixels, adjusting contrast and brightness, changing color tones, etc.

Face Retouching

14. Face Retouching

Face and body retouching services are a must for model photographers and videographers. The show-biz world is cruel and demands you to be a perfectionist on all fronts.

That’s why photographers always pursue image editing services online to fix the makeup and posture of models. Agencies can provide glamorous makeovers digitally, and fix imperfections like body scars, crooked teeth, bald spots, etc.

photo manipulation service

15. Image Manipulation

Nowadays, the audience appreciates creative edits and transitions more than anything else. Since photographers can’t always find such otherworldly happenings in nature itself, they outsource photo editing services instead.

Image manipulation can include virtually anything. Imagination is the sky in this case. The photographer just has to provide the base material i.e. the original subject-background positioning for the editable image. Afterward, editors with the help of UI/UX knowledge will help your desired shots come to life!

advance image masking

16. Advanced Masking

Advanced masking is one of the expensive services and is usually needed for fantasy shots and complex transitions. Before you outsource photo editing services, you should find out in advance if you need advanced masking services too.

Because it’s harder to separate the objects after many edits! So, if you’re working with furry items or models with curly hairs or flower wreaths, i.e. subjects with complex and tangled edges, you should sign up for advanced masking. Advanced masking is needed for pet photography as well.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

17. Ghost Mannequin Effect

Whenever product or apparel photographers outsource Image editing services, they always go for ghost mannequin services. Because with the ghost mannequin effect, the images won’t look as flat and unappealing.

Instead, you can showcase the product from different angles and digitally remove the mannequins or models later. A win-win situation for both photographers and customers!

Real Estate Photo Editing

18. Real Estate Photo Editing

Lastly, real estate photo editing is of great help to landscape and nature photographers. It’s not always possible to take great shots of entire buildings due to sunlight & other issues.

With real estate photo editing services, editors can remove the side buildings, highroad constructions, etc. from images. They can also enhance the color tones of different floors and fix discoloration issues so potential customers would want to check out the establishments personally!

Why Should You Outsource Photo Editing Services?

Many often say that photographers shouldn’t outsource photo editing services and instead focus on taking better shots. Well, that’s just a really sad misconception.

While photographers should definitely keep on improving their photography skills, they should outsource image editing services from renowned places as well. And here’s why –

To Save Time & Energy

As a photographer, you shouldn’t have to spend hours on post-production edits. You should be roaming the world, attending different cultural and historical fests to live in and capture the moments as they pass by.

By leaving the time-consuming technical edits to professional workers, photographers can focus on other jobs. Plus, it saves their precious energy as well which they can later use for critical and creative thinking. 

To Improve The Shots

Something or the other can always go wrong during shots. Maybe someone’s looking at the camera weirdly, or the background lighting is just fifty shades of wrong.

If photographers outsource photo editing services like background removal, color correction, etc. – they can fix the little issues and improve the shots.

To Receive Advanced Edits

Very few photographers own sufficient Photoshop-related knowledge to implement advanced edits on images. It can take them hours to simply correct the color schemes.

Experienced retouchers, however, with access to powerful Photoshop tools and customized elements can take care of basic edits like these in a jiffy. Photographers can outsource photo editing services from third-party providers like these to receive advanced and flawless edits in record time.

Outsourcing Digital Photo Editing Services: Precautions

Pay heed to the following precautions if you don’t want to lose your precious shots to scammy service providers!

  • look for online reviews and ratings before ordering
  • use the free trials thoroughly
  • go through the gallery for proof of past work
  • cross-check the gallery shots in google for stock images
  • don’t order in bulk right away
  • don’t pay a large amount right away
  • keep proof of all the transactions
  • always keep a chain of conversation open
  • keep a copy of the original images to yourself
  • ask for revisions if you dislike the edits

Frequently Asked Questions

As a photographer, you’re always expected to deliver picturesque shots at all times. But it’s not always possible to do so due to multiple reasons. For instance – technical difficulties, weather turbulence, unplanned interruptions, etc.

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Final Verdict

With that, the overview of the 18 best photo editing services for photographers comes to an end. Do let us know if any of the services helped you to get better shots! 

And if you’re looking to try a few of these services, drop by Clipping Arts India to enjoy free trials and more. Whether you’re a fresher or a veteran, you should always outsource photo editing services from professional service providers. 

With us, you’ll always receive the best deals and discounts. Especially if you’re putting in an order for bulk projects. We’ll make sure to complete your orders in time and you can contact us 24/7 to request post-production revisions.

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