17 Best T-Shirt Design Apps In 2023

With 2023 knocking at the door, the new year is about to see another change in fashion trends. The new year brings new ideas, and one of the first things it takes over in the fashion industry is t-shirts. And even if the brands are not the first ones to make a move, many of us prefer wearing customized t-shirts with our favorite designs.

Besides, if you own a shirt/t-shirt-making business, you must know what can help you design a shirt. But the good thing is, with online business escalating and getting more popular for making things accessible to customers, designing t-shirts has also become easier than ever. And now, you can use apps to design t-shirts and level up your business.

But as I said, the popularity of such designs and applications has been rising, making it challenging to know which t-shirt design maker apps can give you the best outcome. So I researched, spoke to trend followers and experts, and finally listed 17 apps. 

So let’s find out which are the best t-shirt design apps that will help you trend in 2023 and more.

Why Should You Use A T-Shirt Design Apps?

Designing anything, even something that seems as simple as a t-shirt can often be a challenge. There was a time when you had to spend days thinking of a design, spending hours drawing your ideas, and then more hours or days designing it using various software. 

On top of that, this type of professional software doesn’t come cheap. You actually have to spend money to use them. But that is not the case anymore.

Now there are many t-shirt maker software and apps that will allow you to design for free. These apps are easy to use and suitable for novices and pros alike. Moreover, many of these apps can give your design ideas as they often come with such features.

17 Best T-Shirt Design Apps

If you search on the internet for apps to design t-shirts, you will come across many. But we will not waste time browsing through all of them and getting too exhausted. So here are the 17 best apps for designing t-shirts of your choice or according to any client’s demand.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Of course, Adobe Photoshop will show up with its popular wave anywhere and make it to the top of the list. Known for its advanced features and versatility, Photoshop software or application has been known for offering pretty much everything you need to create a design.

Even though beginners find this application quite challenging, Photoshop can easily grow on anyone. And many professional designers choose this application even though it comes with a subscription cost.

But even something popular like Photoshop has its limitations. If you are creating a design for DTG (Direct To Garment) print, Photoshop should be on your top list. On the other hand, this application is not very suitable for designing things for screen printing as it does not do well with vector graphics.

Download :- Adobe Photoshop

2. Adobe Illustrator

If you are a starter or looking forward to creating some simple and casual designs, maybe it is best to skip Adobe Illustrator. That is because Illustrator is a professional and high-end application that requires more skill when it comes to creating designs.

You should choose to work with Illustrator for designs that require crucial precision, more visual detailing, a high-resolution output, etc. Besides, this application is best for a t-shirt maker if you are working with complex shapes.

Unlike Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator focuses more on vector images. It means you can design anything for screen printing. But you should also know that this software requires monthly and yearly subscription charges if you want to keep using it.

Download :- Adobe Illustrator


GIMP is an open-source application for photo editing and graphics design. If Photoshop and Illustrator seem too expensive to you, you can easily opt for GIMP and trust it for a very similar job. GIMP is known for working as an excellent and reliable alternative to both Photoshop and Illustrator for various reasons. 

If you know how Photoshop or Illustrator work, you can easily catch up with GIMP as it offers similar features. It also offers tutorials, support, and various add-ons like Photoshop. Most importantly, it is an affordable option.

Now, when it comes to using it as a t-shirt design app, GIMP is not up for the job. But with enough skill, you can certainly stitch up multiple image templates and use layer options to create a t-shirt design easily.

Download:- GIMP

4. Canva

When it comes to designing anything with more ease, Canva is one of the first things that come to one’s mind. Why wouldn’t it? Canva is one of the most efficient and easy-to-use apps for designing t-shirts.

And the best part? You can design t-shirts like a pro without having any prior experience. Because Canva has ready templates! You will find various categories to choose your t-shirt design template, then edit and customize it as you want. 

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However, there is a catch! You cannot use all its templates for free. Canva also has a premium version that requires a subscription for access. Only then you can get access to use most of its features and designs.

Download:- Canva

5. Design A Shirt

Finding a company that will provide you with a perfectly printed t-shirt is as challenging as finding a t-shirt maker app. So how about finding a place that offers you both?

That’s right! Design A Shirt is a two-in-one solution for you. This website allows you to custom design your t-shirts easily, even if you don’t have any experience. You can choose size, color, style, and everything in one place either by using existing templates or adding a design or photo from your album.

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Once you have confirmed everything, Design A Shirt will deliver your product within 10 days. You can design not just t-shirts but shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and polos for people of any age and have them made at an affordable cost. And if you are not sure how to handle the design, the experts there can help you for a minimum cost.

Visit:- Design A Shirt

6. InkScape

Are you looking for a t-shirt design maker app that will not cost a dime? Then you can definitely check out InkScape. It is another open-source design-making application like GIMP and is completely free.

You can access all its tools and features without any cost or in-app purchases. And one of the best things about using this application is that it has a vector-based design feature, making it almost as good as Adobe Illustrator.

Though the app does not offer any tutorial to help you learn how to design t-shirts, you can do some research and learn it pretty easily. You can customize the design’s size using the scale tool, and everything you create here is suitable for screen printing.

Download:- InkScape

7. Design’N’Buy

If you own a store and need to create bulk designs, you can trust Design’N’Buy to help you with that. You can use this application even with your smartphone device and get everything done without any complexity.

The application interface is entirely user-friendly and made to customize t-shirts without any issues. You can either use their pre-loaded texts, fonts, cliparts, etc., or upload your own design, images, texts, and more from your storage device or even your Instagram account.

And once you are done with designing the t-shirt, you can get a 2D or 3D preview to check out the final result before you confirm your design. You can also download your design and share it on social media platforms.

Download:- Design’N’Buy

8. FatPaint

FatPaint is a graphic design software with a vector tool. It also happens to be one of the best graphic design applications with worldwide popularity. The website has thousands of templates for texts, images, artwork, and other designs you can choose to design a shirt.

And one of the best things about it is its community-created templates and designs. It means you will hardly find these designs or concepts anywhere else. On top of that, everything you get comes without any hidden cost, meaning it is entirely free. 

But on the downside, the website runs ads frequently, making it challenging to concentrate and work without interruptions.

Download:- FatPaint Software

9. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is not a free t-shirt design app. In fact, it comes with a high subscription charge or package cost. But then, why am I still recommending it to you?

Well, if you own a t-shirt business and need a high-end t-shirt maker app to design various t-items, this is one of the best apps you will come across. And even if you do not own a business or want to design a shirt just for you, you can use its free trial option by signing up.

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Other than the most efficient features and designs, CorelDRAW will offer tutorials and technical support. Though the user interfaces or handling the app will seem challenging at first, the tutorials can help you learn and navigate your way through the systems and features.

Download:- CorelDRAW Software

10. Krita

Are you looking for an app or software that will allow you to print illustrations, comics or artwork on t-shirts? If you are looking for these particular designs, then you can check out Krita.

It is an open-source painting program and is completely FREE. There is no trial or paid version, so you use it as it is. 

Since the application helps create digital art, you can certainly create some eye-catching designs made for your t-shirts. And if you are not much into design and artwork, you can just use the ready templates the website offers.

Download:- Krita Software

11. GraffixPro Studio

 GraffixPro Studio is an excellent t-shirt design maker app for small business owners. You can generate the design or logo using various names and numbers, choose color from any element of the design, get access to over 40 font styles, etc.

On top of that, this t-shirt maker app will help you prevent using any offensive words or trademarks. With everything ready for use, you can design your shirts without many issues. 

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However, none of it comes for free, as GraffixPro Studio is not a completely free app. It has payment plans, and you can check them out to see which one fits your usage criteria. But I must also add that there are better apps to design t-shirts that charge less for subscriptions.

Download:- GraffixPro Studio

12. PlaceIt

PlaceIt works a little differently than most other t-shirt design maker apps. Though it is not a free app or free tool, you can still access many of its features, such as design templates, mockups, logos, etc.

But the problem is you cannot download your design for free even if you have access to the tools without any cost. You must pay a small charge, as low as $2.95, to download the design.  

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Other than this, PlaceIt lets you explore everything more easily and gain more access by paying an affordable subscription charge. The monthly cost is $14.59, and the yearly subscription charge is $89.69. And if you want, you can cancel your subscription anytime, but PlaceIt requires 1-month of commitment if one has downloaded templates.

Visit:- PLaceIt Website

13. Rush Order Tee

Rush Order Tee is one of the leading t-shirt maker apps that has been helping many people, organizations, and businesses wear their customized tees. You can choose any design from its vast library with over 50,000 design templates.

And if you have something else in mind, you can upload your image or text to create your own unique design. One of the reasons why many users choose this app for designing their t-shirts is because Rush Order Tee has in-house design experts.

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If there is a mistake in your design or something needs to be fixed, they will correct you before you print it out. You can also get expert assistance through LIVE chats.

Visit:- Rush Order Tee Website

14. InkXE

InkXE is one of the most user-friendly apps to design a shirt. Its user interface is not so complicated, which makes it more efficient for new designers to work on. In fact, it is suitable for both newbies and professional graphic designers.

Though the app has over 10,000 cliparts that you can use for free, it still allows you to upload and use your own images or designs. And not just that! You can modify the color, size, and styles if needed.

And if you are worried about the printing efficiency, I suggest tossing it out of your mind. Because t-shirts designed in InkXe are compatible with all kinds of printing, whether it is DTG, heat printing, or screen printing.

Download:- InkXE Software

15. Snaptee

It is not always possible to work on your desktop or carry your laptop everywhere. So when it comes to designing t-shirts with more ease, you will need a t-shirt design app that is more portable, a.k.a. your smartphone. And that’s when Snaptee steps in.

This app is designed especially for Android and iOS for users and is very user-friendly. You can use a variety of designs that users chose and voted for. Then you can style it with your t-shirt design and modify various things.

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The only drawback of this app is its interface. It can take some time to several minutes to adjust based on your device. And you can pay for the features with your Apple Pay to Google Pay.

Download:- Snaptee Software

16. Super T-Shirt Designer

Super T-Shirt Designer is yet another mobile app for creating t-shirt designs. In fact, it is one of the best apps to design t-shirts very easily. You can use design templates that already exist or upload your chosen design from your device or cloud storage.

You can even save your design drafts. And you can even purchase cloud storage to save your drafts and get updates for new templates by paying a subscription fee.

But there is a drawback to this app. Super T-Shirt Design is not for Androids. It works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and MAC.

Download:- Super T-Shirt Design App

17. Printful

Unlike many other t-shirt design apps, such as PrintIt, Printful will not cost you money to download your design. From t-shirts to hoodies, you can design pretty much everything with this app.

Moreover, this app does not limit your designing ability to the front and back of your shirt. You can also design the sleeves with designs and texts, if necessary.

Once you are happy with your design, you can either download it or let Printful print it for you. Because Printful can also help with the marketing and selling of the t-shirts for you.

Visit:- Printful Website

Trendy T-Shirt Design Ideas For 2023

Now that you know what software or apps you can use, you can move your focus to what designs you will use that will not seem old-fashioned in 2023. People like exploring more and more to stand out and appear different from others. And keeping all that in mind, here are some t-shirt design ideas that will give you a head start for the upcoming year.

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  • Abstract T-Shirt Design

Abstract designs are one of the things that never go out of style. Everyone loves to wear a cool t-shirt. And this type of tee always comes out cool with its distinctive design pattern and the deeper messages that they often convey. Abstract designs t-shirts can contain significant pictures, patterns, quotes, etc.

  • Deep-Thought Quotes And Designs

Sometimes, we cannot say everything that we want to say out loud. So we choose alternatives that will speak for us louder without using any sound. That is why t-shirts with deeper, thoughtful, and inspiring quotes are always trendy. With so many relatable quotes out there on the internet, all you need is a t-shirt maker app to create your design.

  • Trending Movie/Series Poster

Have you watched the TV series Stranger Things recently? Well, let’s say you are not the only one looking for a t-shirt with the Hellfire Club with a skull printed on it. TV series, movie posters, and character t-shirts have always been popular. Take Harry Potter house t-shirts, for example. If you plan to sell out t-shirts, you can start from there.

  • Movie/Series Quote

Just like the posters, movie or TV show quotes are also trendy. Take any such popular quote, style it with a t-shirt design maker, and you have your next best-selling merch. And even if it is not for business purposes, you can still stand out with something that is already trending on TV.

  • Anime/Manga T-Shirt

If you are a hardcore anime or manga fan, can there be no better way to show off your obsession than displaying it on t-shirts? Now that you know many apps to design a shirt, you can pick your favorite anime or manga series banner, character, and symbol and turn it into a t-shirt. Some of the most widely known and popular designs that you can pick are Death Note, Naruto, Your Name, etc.

  • Coffee Addiction

One of the best ways to achieve your morning vibe is coffee. To many people, it is the most important “meal” of the day. So if you love coffee or are addicted to it, why not go for a coffee-inspired t-shirt? You can pick various designs on coffee themes or choose a funny or humorous quote regarding it. Trust me, they always work.

  • Gamers Vibe

If you look up online, you will find at least hundreds of ideas just for gaming t-shirt design. Gamers love to show off their game-nerd self through t-shirts anywhere at any time. And if you are one of them, you can use one too. With your t-shirt design app, you can create and customize your favorite gaming t-shirt anytime.

  • Gothic/Horror Design

Back to manga fans, you can always pick one of Junji Ito’s book characters, and it will still be the scariest yet best t-shirt design. Other than any particular book or character design, you can pick skeletons, skulls, dark or mythical creatures, and characters from folk tales to add a gothic vibe to your t-shirt.

  • Floral Designs

There are countless floral designs available online. Pick any, and it will still be something that most people haven’t seen before. This makes your t-shirt design unique and will make heads turn. Besides, flower print t-shirts are no longer a feminine thing. One can be a male and still flaunt a floral design t-shirt.

  • Bookish Design

Eat, Sleep, Read Books, and Repeat! One of the best things about knowing about apps to design t-shirts is that you can customize your bookish t-shirt just the way you want. It could be anything from a bookish artwork, your favorite book cover, a fandom symbol, a quote, and more.

  • Cartoon/Animation Character

Some people think cartoon and anime/manga character designs are the same. But they are not. We all have grown up watching various cartoons and animation films from Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, etc. Anything from Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse to Frozen’s Elsa, everything is trendy.

  • Animal Inspired Design

Do you have a pet? You can use your pet’s picture or drawing to print on your t-shirt. You can also choose different animals, such as cats, dogs, hamsters, butterflies, lions, tigers, or even a gorilla image (King Kong), and use the t-shirt design maker to create a design.

  • Landscape Or Artwork

Landscape designs and artwork have become more trendy for 2023. And no, they are not just for beach wear. You can wear t-shirts with landscape images and artwork anywhere in 2023. No one will judge. Besides, landscapes are often interpreted with deeper meaning by many. So choose wisely.

  • 70s Or 90s Memory

Things from the past that make you nostalgic are always worth it. The 70s, 80s, or 90s retro texts, images, and song lyrics can easily take you or anyone for a trip down the memory line. With the whole world still trying to get over the 2020’s pandemic, trying out something vintage will definitely stand out in 2023.

  • Go Bold Or Go Home

Express your bolder side with words. Inspiring, motivating texts and quotes are as popular as everything else. Nowadays, choosing something bold and straightforward with an I-Don’t-Care vibe is quite trendy, especially with generation Z. Even millennials, who have dealt with enough crap already, are ready to pick something like this that speaks volumes.

  • Funny Quotes/Images

When you have apps to design t-shirts, it should be a crime not to design something funny, at least for yourself. It adds humor to your work, such as silly jokes, puns, quotes, or funny images. It can be something that already exists on the internet or something that you have designed with the t-shirt design maker.

  • Creepypasta

Are you a crime podcast or creepypasta fan? Then you can let your inner demon choose something unearthly and use a t-shirt design app to create something creepier. Trust me! Nothing sticks out more than something that looks creepy on someone’s cloth. On a different note, it can certainly help you keep “normal” people at bay.


So here! Now you know about the best apps to design t-shirts in 2023. But which one should you go with? 

Well, since all these apps have advantages and drawbacks in their own way, I will leave that decision to you.

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