How To Fix Red Eye In Photoshop

Let’s be honest! We all took photos of people or ourselves where the pupils of the eyes ended up looking red. Not only did it make the photos awkward, they often ended up damaging the entire photo, especially if it was taken for something important.

The red-eye effect can show up for various reasons, such as poor camera quality, lighting issues, or because of flash. Whatever the reason is, there was a time when we would feel disappointed because of such an issue and cancel the photo.

But not anymore! With the help of Photoshop, you can now remove red eyes in various ways. And if you are not a Photoshop junkie, you can leave it to Clipping Arts India to do the job for you. you can download adobe photoshop torrent version.

Nevertheless, this article will help you learn how to fix red eye in Photoshop. You will also learn why this problem occurs and how you can prevent it. So I urge you to read the full article to find more information.

Fix Red Eye

How To Fix Red Eye In Photoshop

Thanks to the versatility of Photoshop, it offers several ways to edit images to remove the annoying and distracting red-eye area effect. So I have discussed all possible methods in the next part of the how to fix red eye in photoshop removal article.

The best thing about learning more than one editing process is that you can pick one that seems easier or more convenient to you. Or, you can choose to work using any of these methods depending on what type of issue you are dealing with. So let’s see what these processes are. also read Adobe Lightroom vs Photoshop Express.

Red Eye Removal Tool

Method 1: Using The Red Eye Tool

Photoshop has many tools and features. So, you might not have noticed, but there is a Red Eye Tool in Photoshop that offers one of the easiest ways to remove red eye from any photo. It is a simple and quick process. All you have to do is select the tool and make some setting adjustments.

So let’s check out this step-by-step guide to know how you can use the Red Eye Tool to eliminate the red-eye problems in photos.

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Step 1: Launch Photoshop On Your Device

If you are a newbie and want to learn how to fix red eye in photoshop? you will need all the information that starts before editing the photo. So let’s start with launching the Photoshop application on your device. The Photoshop application has a blue icon with Ps. Find the icon on your device and double-click on it.

Then wait for a while as the application launches. Depending on your device and operating system, it can take a few to several seconds to launch the application.

Step 2: Select The Photo And Upload It

Next, you need to upload the photo with red eyes that need editing. Though you cannot open images directly on Photoshop, you can open the menu in 2 different ways. You can use the manual options by going to the File panel on the top menu bar. Then click Open from the drop-down menu.

Red Eye Image Open

Or, you can use the shortcut command and press CTRL+O (COMMAND+O on MAC). Either way, the option will take you to your device’s storage, and you can select the photo from there. Once you have selected the photo, click OK, and it will upload it on the Photoshop window or workspace in a second.

Step 3: Select The Red Eye Tool

Now, you need to select the Red Eye Tool from the Toolbar. However, if you haven’t used Photoshop before or don’t know what the tool looks like,

Red Eye Tool

it can become challenging to spot the tool. So you must know that the Red Eye Tool has an eye icon with the + sign on its top right side.

But if you cannot find it directly on the Toolbar, try another way. Select the Spot Healing Brush Tool from the Toolbar, and it will open a few more tool options. You can find the Red Eye Tool right there.also read How to Swap Faces in Photoshop Tools.

Step 4: Set Up The Tool

Once you select the Red Eye Tool, you will get a new menu or setting panel under the menu bar. There, set the Pupil Size to 50% and Darken Amount to 50% by moving the slider.

Remove Red Eye Tool

It will help you replace the red-eye effect with something close to the natural color. If needed, you can change the option settings later.

Step 5: Remove Red Eye

After selecting the tool, bring it over the subject’s eye and select the area around the red eye area. It is suggested to select an area bigger than the eye part. It helps the tool detect red eyes more easily and remove them.

Remove Red Eye Photoshop

Once you have fixed one eye, move to the other eye and do the same. Photoshop usually does an excellent job of removing red eyes and making the eyes look natural. However, if you are not satisfied with the automatic result, you can follow the next step. also read Smooth Edges in Photoshop.

Step 6: Adjust The Settings (Optional)

If you want to make the pupil appear slightly deeper, use the Burn Tool and set the Exposure setting of the tool to 50%.

How To Fix Red Rye

If you don’t know where the Burn Tool is, select the Dodge Tool from the Toolbar, and you will find the Burn Tool in its opened options. Then Zoom into the eye area of the tool to darken the pupil.

Color Sampler Tool

Method 2: Using Color Sampler Tool

Unlike the Red Eye Tool, the other methods are slightly different and may seem like some extra work. And one of them is the method of removing red eyes using the Color Sampler Tool. Using this process offers better control over how you remove the red-eye effect and fix the flaws.

So here is a step-by-step guide to help you learn how you can remove red eyes using Photoshop Color Sampler Tool.

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Step 1: Open The Image

Every process begins with selecting and uploading the photo on Photoshop workspace. So start with launching the Photoshop application first. Then go to the File panel and click it. Once the drop-down menu opens, select Open to go to your device storage.

Eyedropper Tool

You can also do it by pressing CTRL+O (COMMAND+O on MAC). Select your photo by browsing on your device storage and click the image when you find it. After that, select OK, and Photoshop will upload the photo to its workspace.

Color Sampler Tool

Step 2: Select The Eyedropper Tool

After the image opens, go to the Toolbar on the left side of the screen and select the Eyedropper Tool. As the name suggests, the tool looks like an eyedropper, making it easier to find it. 

Color Replacement Tool

Step 3: Select The Color Sampler Tool

Selecting the Eyedropper icon will open the option for selecting a few tools. You only need to select the Color Sampler Tool from there.

Red Eye Tool

Step 4: Select The Replacement Color

You need to select a color that you want to replace the red eye color with. So with the Eyedropper Tool selected, click on the color on the subject’s eye that appears to be closest to its natural color. If you cannot find such a color in the photo, you can choose one from the color palette on your right. you can take Best Color Correction Service.

Step 5: Select The Brush And Color Replacement Tool

After selecting the color you want to fix red-eye with, go back to the Toolbar again. Then select the Brush Tool, and it will expand the menu. From there, select the Color Replacement Tool.

Remove Red Eye Photoshop

Step 6: Paint Over The Red Eye

Zoom into the photo if you haven’t already. Then carefully paint over the red eye area to replace it with your selected color. Work on both eyes gradually in the same way. If you end up painting more than the necessary areas, use the eraser tool to fix the errors.

Step 7: Apply Gaussian Blur (Optional)

If you think the changes are looking too sharp, you can apply the Gaussian blur effect to soften the edges. To do that, go to the Filters panel from the top menu bar and select Blur from the drop-down menu.

Red Eye Blur

This will open another drop-down menu, and you need to select Gaussian Blur from there. Adjust the Radius pixels as required to soften the area you painted over.

Method 3: Remove Red Eye Using Curve Adjustment

There is another way to remove red eye from photos and change it to the closest to the natural eye color. For this, you can use the curve adjustment tool. With this feature, you can adjust the photo’s Hue and Saturation level, which usually helps change the color of selected objects in a photo.

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The following step-by-step guide will help you fix red eye issues in photos using the curve adjustment option in Photoshop.

Step 1: Select The Image

Start with launching the Photoshop application on your device. Then go to the top menu bar and select the File panel. Once it opens the drop-down menu, select Open to open your device storage. You can select the photo from there and click OK to upload the photo on Photoshop workspace.

Open Red Image

Or. if you want to use the shortcut command to open the device storage, press CTRL+O (COMMAND+O on MAC). Then select the photo and click OK.

Step 2: Use The Object Selection Tool

One of the best ways to make the red eye removal task easier is to select the red eye area first. For that, the Object Selection Tool works perfectly. So select the Object Selection Tool from the Toolbar on the left. also read How to Use Background Eraser Tool in Photoshop.

Quick selection Tool

You can switch to any of your preferred selection tools as well, as long as it allows you to work with more ease. Then use the tool to select around the red eye. Press the Shift key to keep the area selected as you move to the other eye and make selections.

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Step 3: Add A Curve Adjustment Layer

Next, you need to add a curve adjustment layer. For that, go to the top menu bar and select Layers. When the drop-down menu opens, go down around the middle and select New Adjustment Layer

red eye adjustment layer

It will open an expanded drop-down menu. You just need to select Curves from there. You can also open this layer from the Adjustment panel if you have it opened already. Then select the Properties panel.

Remove Red Eye Guide

You can make your curve adjustment from there by dragging and moving the curved line. Make sure to keep an eye on the photo to see the changes in the selected red pupils.

Step 4: Adjust Hue/Saturation (Optional)

Adjusting the curve setting should remove red eye already. But if you are not satisfied with how it appears, you can adjust the Hue/Saturation setting to make a different type of change.

Remove Red Eye Photoshop

You need to go back to your previous layer setting by pressing CTRL+Shift+R (COMMAND+Shift+R on MAC).
This will restore your previously selected version.

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Next,  go to the Layers panel from the top menu bar, select New Adjustment Layer, and then select Hue/Saturation from the expanded drop-down menu.

How To Prevent Red Eyes When Taking Photos?

This creepy or vampire-ish red eye in photos is not very uncommon. But is there a way to avoid having this issue in photos so that you wouldn’t have to go through the editing hassle? Yes, there are and here are some helpful tips regarding it.

  • Since most of the time, the red eye problem occurs from looking directly at the camera, you or the subject can avoid looking directly at the lens.
  • Improve the room’s light setting because red-eye problems occur mostly when you take photos at a low-light setup.
  • If your camera has an anti-red eye setting, turn it on before taking photos.
  • If possible, or if the room has a good light setting, you can take photos with the flash turned off to avoid red eye.

Red Eye Removal Service By Clipping Arts India

Some of us are not born with the patience to edit photos. And some of us just don’t have the time. But whether you are not into Photoshop or don’t have the time to edit images to fix red eye problems in photos, you can still find a way to solve the problem.

There are many photo editing service providers that work professionally with people, businesses and organizations. And Clipping Arts India is one such service provider, and you can get the red eye removal service from us.

Here at Clipping Arts India, we offer pretty much everything from basic photo editing and retouching to high-end photo manipulation and 3D images. And if you need the Photoshop red eye removal service, you can get it fixed at a very affordable cost. We also offer additional retouching if necessary to make the photos look more flawless and natural.

The best part of hiring the CAI team to edit your photos is that we have some of the best photo editors and designers who can edit a huge number of photos at a time. It helps us meet strict deadlines, and we still manage to receive 100% satisfaction from our clients.

Just request a quote with your project details, and we will get back to you with the cost. And in case you are not happy with the results, we offer a full refund. So feel free to reach out anytime because our 24/7 customer service will be there to answer your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

To change color of the subject’s eye, you can do the following-

  • Use the Pen Tool or any Selection Tool to select the subject’s pupil.
  • Then go to the Hue/Saturation setting.
  • Move the Hue/Saturation sliders until the pupil color changes into the one you are looking for.
  • Finally, save your photo.

The red eye is referred to in photos when the pupil of the subject’s eye looks red in photos. You can correct red-eye by using the Red Eye Tool in Photoshop. Just select the eye area by dragging and holding the pointer and releasing it to fix the issue.

The cost of red eye removal service depends on the type of company you choose, editing complexity and whether you want additional retouching, etc. If you want Clipping Arts India to fix red eye issues from your photos, you can contact us to know the pricing.


Red eye problems can happen in photos for many reasons. But, most of the time, it happens because of the reflection of the light. And depending on the person’s position and height, some may get the red eye effect, and some may not.

Nevertheless, knowing how to fix red eye in Photoshop is always handy. And now that you know 3 different ways to remove red eye, you can now choose whichever method seems convenient to you. And if you don’t have the time or willpower to do the edits, you can rely on Clipping Arts India to do it for you at an affordable cost.

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