A Complete Guide To Car Photography

A complete guide to Car photography, like a car’s specifications, is one of the vital things that help with its sale. Because buyers like to know how stunning the car will look in real life when browsing photos online. And a professional photographer must know how to keep the car in the spotlight with the perfect photography and bring out the car’s beauty based on its type and personality.

The immense popularity of car photos makes car dealers focus on hiring the best and the most professional car photographers. But if you haven’t done professional photography in the car before, it can be challenging to understand how to begin, what gadgets you should have, how to do the prep work, and so on. 

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But hey! Why worry about that when you have come to the right spot? As you have already understood, this article offers a complete guide to help you take high-end car pictures, along with various photograph car ideas. So I hope you read it until the end so that you can ensure to take car photos like a pro.

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A Complete Guide How To Do Car Photography?

A big part of a car or any vehicle photography depends on its photographer. However, not all photographers have the same perspective. Nevertheless, as a car photographer, you must focus on the following things for car photography tips.

car photo shoots right gears

Using The Right Gear

First of all, you will need all the necessary gear and tools for car photography tips. You might already have one or multiple digital or DSLR cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, etc. But you may also require to research some more regarding cameras that experts recommend for shooting car photos. I will discuss more on the best cameras and lenses for this type of photography in the latter parts of the article.

Car Shoot Setting Up A Scenario

Setting Up A Scenario

As I said around the beginning, every car has a personality. And you must create a scenario depending on that. For example, a Porsche will not look good photographed on a race track, and a mud truck will not look appropriate on a highway street. You must help viewers connect the car with the scenario they are in.

Car Photographing multiple view

Having Multiple Viewpoints

Taking front, back, and side shots are so old school. To make sure your big difference photography stands out and helps your client sell more cars, you must experiment with different angles and views. Drone shots and other top-view shots are also popular. Try other unusual angles to give the viewers new viewpoints.

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Showing Proper Details

Look through your camera lenses and pay attention to various details. Details that most people would ignore or miss. Showing something in detail that most people don’t pay attention to can be effective in getting the audience’s interest.

car photography ideas

What Are The Types Of Car Photography?

Not all photography car is the same. And dealers don’t sell cars with just one purpose. Depending on their clients, the type of photography also varies, and some of them are more challenging than others. So as a photographer, you must know about the types of photography of cars you are likely to do.

Car Event Photography

Car Event Photography

Car events are HUGE! These events are for displaying cars, making more and more car lovers, collectors and enthusiasts gather. And as a photographer, it is a test of your photography skill. 

Because such events always have a big crowd and it becomes nearly impossible to take shots of the cars only without getting the crowd or parts of the crowd in the photos. But that’s not impossible either. If you wait with patience and know when to click, you might get a better shot than others, even at a car photograph night project. you can Event Photography Photo Enhancement Service.

If it is an outdoor event during the day, you will get plenty of natural light. However, if it is an indoor or night-time event, you will have to adjust your camera’s light setting and use the accurate White Balance mode.

Commercial Car Photography

Commercial Car Photography

Commercial photographs are basically photos that car manufacturers and dealers get taken for selling the cars directly to their customers. Sometimes, car owners also get their car photographs taken by professionals for personal and commercial purposes.

This type of car photography requires a more professional approach, the perfect setup, the right background or environment setup, etc. And they can take place both indoors and outdoors, depending on the seller’s choice and photography requirements.

As a commercial car photographer, you must pay extra attention to the tiniest details. The photography has to be flawless, eye-catching, and increase viewers’ interest in the car.

Race Track Car Photography

Race Track Car Photography

If you love racing cars, you will find yourself more drawn to race track car photography. Doing such photography is extremely difficult, especially if you are a starter because the cars will always be moving at high speed. But if you take such difficulties as a challenge, that will make the whole thing more interesting for you.

The only way to click car pictures during a race is by waiting for the right moment and practicing a lot. You will need more clicking and timing accuracy here than you think.

You must also know when to use a fast or slow shutter speed. For example, if you are taking photos of racing cars on asphalt, you should not use a fast shutter. On the other hand, taking race photos taking place in a mud race will require a faster shutter speed.

Car Shoot Photography

How To Shoot Car Photography?

Knowing how to set up a scene and shoot photo photos is different from actually doing it. While the method is pretty much the same as I mentioned earlier, here are some more details you must know.

Select A Location

Choose a location that will go with the type of cars you are shooting. If it is a public place, make sure the area is not very crowded because that would add distraction to the photos. You can choose to shoot photos on popular streets, tourist spots, sea or bay areas, or in studios.

Choose The Right Background

Sometimes, choosing a location is not enough if it does not have the right background. Based on the type of your car and color, you must select a background that will make the car color stand out and appear more vibrant. you can also take the best background removal service.

Position The Car

After you have selected the background, position your car for photography. You can keep it in a way so that the background will not look overwhelming, and the car will fill the photo frame perfectly. 

Setup Your Camera And Tripod

Now, position your tripod first, depending on your preferred angle. Then set your camera on it. Before taking any shots, check if the view you are getting looks perfect. The car must fill most of the frame areas, and the details should be visible.

Take Exterior Shots 

Start by taking exterior photos first. Cover all sides with the door closed and then again with the doors open. If you are taking car images at night, you can turn the head and back lights on to illuminate the photos more and do car headlight photography. However, make sure they are not creating any glare or reflecting the light back to the camera.

Take Interior Shots

Once you are done taking the exterior photos, move to the interior. From the seats to the dashboard, make sure to cover all the areas as aesthetically as possible. Make sure to take individual photos of each car’s interior feature to offer better views.

Do Post-Production Editing

You may take excellent photographs with your camera, and the raw images may look perfect. But sometimes, it is necessary to do some retouching using various photo editing software to make the photos look more eye-catching by correcting the tiniest flaws and adding more accuracy. also read Best Outsource Photo Editing Services For Photographers

Photograph Cars At Night

How To Photograph Cars At Night?

While daytime photos are attractive enough, night photos have beauty in them. In fact, night photos often attract people to cars because they help focus on the car more rather than any other surrounding elements. So if you plan to take car photos at night, here is what you can do.

Have A Camera With A Fast Sensor

Since night-time photos are a little challenging to capture, you must have a camera with a fast-reacting sensor. I would suggest going with a micro 4/3 camera or DSLR, as they come with manual features and removable lenses, making it easier to choose the right settings.

Use A Strong Tripod

While you do some of your pre-shot prep work, you will need to have your camera set accurately in the same position for a long time. That is why it is best to invest in a durable and robust tripod. Such a tripod can handle camera weight and frequent handling well without any issues.

Stay Away From Reflective Elements

Another challenge of night-time photography is getting glares and reflections. Your car will reflect unnecessary things and lighting, making the post-production work even harder. Besides, they can ruin the entire shot. So it is necessary to make sure there are no reflective objects around or anything that can produce a glare.

Experiment With Your Shots

Take the car photos in full manual mode, and then make sure to set the aperture to its sharpest setting when taking the full-view shot. Set the ISO level to 100, which will help you take noise-free photos. You have to experiment with the settings to get the right shot at your desired angle.

Car Photography Lighting

What Size Of Lighting Do You Need For Car Photography?

When it comes to car photography, setting up the light is probably the most challenging thing to do. Even the most experienced car photographers have to do the math right to ensure nothing appears too much or too less in the final result.

If you are taking car photos indoors or in a studio, the size of the light depends on how you want the light on your photo subject, how big or small the vehicle is and how bright you want the photos to be. So depending on all that, the number always changes. also read How To Resize An Image In Photoshop.

That is why it is best to use multiple lights of the same size and brightness level and set them up in a similar pattern. You can use 7-8 feet high light for illuminating the subject or have several striped lights set up together. you can also take the best color correction service at a cheaper rate.

Car Photography Spots

How To Find Car Photography Spots In Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is one of the most popular destinations for both photographers and those who want to get their photos taken. Since this state is known for having hill areas, waterfalls, beautiful landscapes, and cityscapes, it is only natural to wonder if the areas in Massachusetts are suitable for car photography. But what are the best locations?

If you are looking for a sea or bay area, you can be shooting cars at Back Bay, Memorial Drive at Cambridge, or Weymouth Beach. The road near the Scituate lighthouse works great if you want a shot by keeping the Lighthouse in the frame. 

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Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University has the most mesmerizing place if you want something more colorful. North Point Park on top of Charles River is also a nice place if you want to take photos of your cars parked. And the street of Boston’s Old State House is definitely a must-try location, especially for night-time car photography.

Car Photography Camera

What Is The Best Camera For Car Photography?

Looking for the best photography camera in a car? Here are some of the most recommended cameras for car photography.

Canon EOS R6 

Canon offers some of the best cameras in the global market. However, the Canon EOS R6 model has its own fan base for its ability to take excellent car photos. If you are taking photos of cars in motion, this camera will help you capture 20 frames per second.

The camera is only 20MP, but it still offers a favorable ISO level. The camera’s build quality is solid, and if you have used mirrorless cameras before, you will have this one figured out in no time.

Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 is yet another superior camera by Canon. Though it has a superb 45 MP camera, its expensive price range often turns photographs away from it. With a full-frame CMOS sensor, this camera can take high-quality car photos even if the car is moving fast.

The camera has a 100-51200 ISO range, but you can expand it to 102400. You can capture 12 frames per second, which is a bit lower than the EOS R6 model.

Nikon Z6 II

Nikon is also a globally popular camera brand, and almost all its cameras do a high-end job of capturing various types of photos. Due to its powerful AF system and its ability to capture 14 frames per second, Nikon Z6 II stands to be one of the most recommended cameras for photography in the car.

Its 24.5MP camera offers high-resolution photos and captures images with a better details view. However, the LCD camera the camera has cannot be fully rotated, making shooting styles more complex.

Sony A7 iii

Sony always offers high-quality cameras at a comparatively low price than other high-end cameras. And the Sony A7 iii model offers the same high-end performance as the other top-notch brands’ cameras. 

It has an advanced 24.2MP camera and captures up to 10 frames per second with its moderate shutter speed. While Sony offers better-performing cameras, this one still remains to be one of the top recommended ones for car photography.

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What Lens To Use For Car Photography? 

When shooting cars photo, you need to be picky with choosing the lens. I will recommend a few lenses for such projects. But before that, you must know what type of lenses work best for car photography.

Photography Camera Lens

When you are photographing a still car, your best option would be to use a 35mm f/1.4 lens. This lens helps you take wide-angle photos and doesn’t require you to stand too far to get a better shot.

If the car is in motion but not too far from you, you can use 24-70mm f/2.8 lenses. Since these lenses have a zoom feature, you can make adjustments easily. This type of lens is often known as the all-rounder, as it offers both close and wide shots.

If you are shooting great car photos from too far away and need to Zoom in, you can use a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. But you must use a faster shutter speed because it helps prevent motion blur.

Car Photography Lens

What Is The Best Lens Photography In The Car?

In the previous section, I mentioned three types of lenses that work best for car photography. But as many brands offer such lenses, which ones would you trust? Well, here are the lists of some of the most recommended brands and their lenses that offer the best lens photography for cars.

For 35mm f/1.4 Lens

  • Canon 35mm f/1.4 Prime Lens 
  • Nikon 35mm f/1.4 Prime Lens
  • Sony Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 Prime Lens

For 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens

  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens
  • Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens
  • Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens
  • Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens

For 70-200mm f/2.8 Lens

  • Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 Lens
  •  Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 Lens
  • Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G-Master Lens
Photograph A Car For Sale

How To Photograph A Car For Sale?

You already know how you can take car photos as a professional. But how about taking photos of the car for reselling? Since reselling cars often doesn’t involve hiring a professional photographer, one can still make sure to capture attractive photos in the following way. you can take Images Retouching services at Clipping Arts India.

Clean/Wash Your Car

The first thing you need to do to ensure you take eye-catching photos of your car is to make sure it is clean inside out. Take it to the car wash or wash it yourself if you need to. Clean the seats and interior areas and ensure no crumbs are left on the car floor. NO ONE likes to check out a vehicle that appears messy and dirty.

Choose The Right Time Of The Day

Don’t pick rainy or too cloudy days for taking your car photos. Sunny or partially cloudy days give you better light and give the images a more comfy vibe.

Watch Out For Unnecessary Objects And Shadows

Whether you take photos outside your home or garage or in a park, make sure no unnecessary items or objects are lying around. You should also watch out for such objects in the background. And make sure there are no dark shadows falling on your car. you can take an Unnecessary shadow removal service.

Experiment With Different Angles And Lens Views

If you are not a professional photographer, finding the right view or angle will be a challenge. So you will need a lot of practice to get the right shots. Take several photos from the same angle using various lenses. You can pick the one that looks better and fills the frame well.

Click Your Photos With Honesty

Be honest with your car photos. Many people often hide dents and scratches to prevent people from seeing them. If you are selling a used car, the best thing you can do to ensure its sale is, to be honest with the buyers.

Photography Helps Car Industry

How Photography Helps The Car Industry?

Photography Car has always been one of the most important factors in selling cars. Not only do the photos make cars look beautiful, but they also make selling cars easier, locally and globally. But how does it do that?

Better Presentation And View

When you let a professional photographer take photos of your car, you get a well-presented photo with the right elements. And professional photographers know how to use the right background, making the images more attractive.

Color Accuracy

It is natural for cameras not to catch the real color for various reasons. But as professional photography teams always use post-production editing, it helps show the buyers real color in the photos.

Zero Distraction

Professional car photographers make sure everyone’s focus stays on the car only. With zero distractions to worry about, sellers and manufacturers can be more confident about selling the cars.

Understands The Audience

Professional car photographers have more knowledge and skill in this field and know what the audience wants. That is why they take photos in a way it attracts viewers and buyers into testing and buying the car.

Helps Stay Ahead In The Competition

Professional car photography offers manufacturers and retailers precisely what they need to grab their audience’s attention. So when you hire a professional photographer or team to take your car pictures, you know it will be a part of the car industry and help the business stand tall amidst the tough competition.

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How Much To Charge For Car Photography?

How much a photographer charges for shooting car photos depend on a few things. And one of the first things that matter or influences the cost is the photographer’s experience level.

Most photographers charge for photography based on hours. A starter photographer usually charges slightly low, ranging from $50 to $200 per hour. And a professional photographer can charge $200 to $500 per hour. If you hire a highly skilled photographer or a photography team, the cost can increase to $1,000 per hour.

The cost range increases and decreases depending on a few factors other than the photographer’s skill. It also depends on the state or location, how many cars one has to shoot, how many pictures they shoot, the duration of shooting, if there is any post-production editing involved, etc. 

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Professional Tips For Photography Car Photos

If you are not yet a pro Photographer in car photos, you could use the following tips to be one.

Recognize The Car’s Best Angle

As I kept saying from the very beginning, every car has its own personality. And just like that, all cars have their best angle, such as humans. So look around through your lens and see which angle makes the car look more beautiful and attractive.

Always Pick A Contrast Background

Never pick a background that goes head-to-head with your car color. A similar colored background will not help when it comes to highlighting the car. That is why it is wiser to choose a color-contrast background, or even foreground, to make the car stand out.

Think Out Of The Box

With so many car brands existing globally, there are millions of car images out there. While it is very challenging to take unique photos, you can still experiment some more and think out of the box. Come up with creative, different, yet effective ideas to make the photos look different from the rest.

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Car photography is way different from model, nature, or estate photography. It is more like everything combined because there are so many elements in the photos. So if you are a starter, it can be tricky and challenging around the beginning.

But now that you have the complete guideline on such photography with professionals’ recommended cameras and lenses listed, they will help you take better car photos than you did before. However, if taking photos of your car for reselling seem like a tough nut to crack, you can always take help from a professional car photographer or such services.

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