35 Best Real Estate Photo Retouching Service Providers

When people are looking for a home, they look for something that will give them an instant connection and look beautiful. That is why real estate agencies are the best hope for such people. And as the appearance of a property is the real deal for such a business, there is no alternative but to edit these images to make them eye-catching.

But the question is? Who provides these real estate photo retouching services?

Well, many photo editing companies work professionally to edit various types of images at different prices, including Clipping Arts India. We aim to provide clients with high-quality and realistic edited photos to help their real estate business grow.

Since we are discussing services regarding real estate photo editing today in this article, I will share how this service works, what you get from such service, and talk about 35 such service providers.

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When Do You Need A Real Estate Photo Editing Service?

Raw images are good enough if you are a skilled photographer. But even a professional photographer cannot remove dirt, smug, and stains lying here and there that may require fixing later. However, the last thing you want is to lose buyers.

That’s when you know you need to polish these photos and make them presentable. And if photo editing is not your cup of tea, you should hire real estate photo editing services for a better outcome. 

You might also need to hire such a service if you are a photographer, photo studio, advertising agency owner, etc. Because hiring a professional service minimizes your work burden and, at the same time, helps you sell properties comparatively smoothly.

What Does A Real Estate Photo Editing Service Offer?

In short, a real estate photo editing service gives you an enhanced version of what exists in property images. Let’s start with the color. 

Raw photos or photos taken by non-professionals do not always capture the original color. But you would want buyers to know the accurate color and shade and offer them more accuracy for reliability. So an editor makes those corrections to ensure the colors appear as they really are in an eye-catching way.

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If the property appears to have a dull background or if the gloomy eye or environment makes the property look grim, retouching helps eliminate the dullness and add more color and contrast, and even manipulates the sky to make it look more striking.

Moreover, real estate photo retouching services ensure there is no dirty wall, floor, carpet, or furniture ruining the photos. The editor will also help remove unnecessary objects, wires, and other things lying around oddly.

Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Photo Editing Services

You know when you need a real estate image editing service and what services you can get from them. But we are sure you are trying to calculate how this service benefits you, right? So let us explain.

One of the main benefits you will get from such a service is getting more polished and cleaner-looking images. Real estate photo retouching services help eliminate all kinds of unnecessary items or objects and make the photos appear classier.

If the camera does not justify the original color, vibe, or appearance of the property, the service can help you recover that. Moreover, many companies offer clipping path services within the real estate photo editing services to remove unnecessary or inappropriate backgrounds. 

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They will also help you replace the background with something more suitable to make the images more eye-catching. And it helps you gain more audience and trust and sell more to keep up with the marketplace.

And if you are a professional photographer who takes real estate images and edits them, hiring this service helps you take some workload off your shoulder. And that helps you make a quicker delivery, which is beneficial for your career.

35 Best Real Estate Photo Retouching Service Providers

Now that you have enough ideas about real estate photo editing services let’s move forward and find out who is offering these services. Remember that hundreds of companies provide photo editing services, but only a handful is reliable and professional and ensure the best results. So the following list is made with 35 such service providers.

1. Clipping Arts India

We offer several services in Clipping Arts India, including real estate photo editing, masking, retouching, and 3D image editing services. We offer a budget-friendly service with a 24-hour turnaround. And on bulk orders, we offer various ranges of discounts. Most importantly, you can ask for a full refund if you are not satisfied with our work.

2. Color Experts International 

Color Experts International is one of the top photo editing service providers. The company offers real estate image editing services in many categories, from basic to image manipulation. The starting price is $4.99 per image, but it can increase based on the editing complexion and which service category you choose. But you can get up to 50% discount on bulk orders.

3. Tradexcel Graphics

Whether family properties or commercial estates, Tradexcel Graphics is known for professional photo editing services. You can get edits in various categories, such as image enhancements, sky replacements, greenery effects, image stitching, etc. The company offers real estate photo editing services at a very low price, starting from $0.99 per image. You can also request a free quote to test their editing skill.

4. Click The Photo

Click The Photo offers two important real estate photo editing services, including the common ones. It helps you create virtual home staging and redo the floor plans. These edits are extremely helpful if anyone plans to remodel the property. Depending on the type of photo edit and enhancement one requires, Click The Photo offers its service at a budget-friendly range, starting from $2.50 per image.

5. Clipping Path House Graphics Media

CPH Graphics Media is a professional graphics design and photo editing company that edits all types of images. Most importantly, the company offers an affordable price range and makes a quick delivery. The CPH team edits around 100 images per day, making it suitable for medium orders. The starting price for real estate photo editing is $3 per image.

6. Fix The Photo 

Fix The Photo has been helping real estate business tycoons for over 17 years with their top-notch edited photos. That says plenty about the company’s experience in the field, which is why it has 100% client satisfaction. You can get daylight images looking like dusks, fix colors, greenery retouch, furniture add or replacements, etc. Fix The Photo’s real estate photo editing cost starts at $1.50 per image.

7. Ephotovn

Ephotovn believes in superior output and ensures the best outcome no matter how challenging the project is. The company has worked with over 3000 clients and delivered over 5 million edited images. Ephotovn offers various real estate photos editing, such as walls, furniture, building repainting, color, background change, clipping masks, image enhancements, etc. The starting price for editing each image is $2.

8. Image Edit Expert

If you are looking for high-quality images for your real estate business or photography profession, you can check out Image Edit Expert. Just like the name, this company has a skilled image editing expert team that offers real estate photo enhancement, photo blending, perspective correction, etc., services. The editing cost per image is pretty budget-friendly as well.

9. Phixer

Phixer is run by a team of skilled and professional graphic designers and image editors. The company has been working for over 12 years. They offer quality assurance for your real estate images and will do anything from virtual staging and object removal to lawn replacement. You can try their free trial option to check if their service looks promising.

10. Fast Clipping Path

Fast Clipping Path does have the quality to make superfast delivery with around 700 photos per day. From basic color correction to live people attachment, the service from this company can benefit you in various ways, especially with its affordable price. The starting cost for the service is $0.99.

11. WeEdit.Photos

When WeEdit.Photos was founded back in 2018, the company’s goal was to provide people with authentic edited photos and help to grow, and low-recognized companies shine. And within the last few years, they have managed to reach their goal. And now, with their real estate photo editing services, WeEdit.Photos offers various color corrections, virtual room decor, photo manipulations, etc.

12. PhotoUp

PhotoUp has one of the most professional photo editing teams you will get to know. This company helps create a virtual floor plan and staging in the most realistic way. Their payment plans are also affordable, and you can always reach out to them for expert opinions and overviews.

13. BoxBrownie

Though BoxBrownie offers a few different photo editing services, the company mainly works to edit and transform real estate photos. From color and image enhancement to virtual staging and renders, the company offers various categories of editing services. The price seems good enough, starting at $1.60, but it can go as much as $280 based on the service type.

14. Esoft

For around 2 decades, Esoft has been helping real estate agencies or property photo-related teams. They are reliable for making fast delivery and provide high-quality work. So whether you need a real estate photo edit or create a virtual real estate tour, you can trust Esoft to make it happen. 

15. Graphic Expert India

Graphic Expert India is highly recommended for real estate photo editing, enhancement, and retouching at an affordable cost. The service will ensure eye-catching images and help increase sales. On top of that, the company offers a 50% discount on the first or bulk orders with more than 850 images at a time.

16. Clipping Path Center Inc.

Clipping Path Center is one of the top and most popular image editing service providers. So naturally, it makes them one of the best real estate photo retouching service providers on the market. The company offers to charge per hour and image, allowing you to pick whichever package seems suitable. For hourly work, you have to pay $13/hour, and you can also choose to pay per image, starting from $0.39.

17. Foto Valley

The real estate business is challenging, and it is more challenging to increase sales without offering the clients a more authentic view of what is waiting for them. So you can choose the real estate photo retouching services from Foto Valley to enhance image quality and color, change backgrounds, create a 360-degree view, etc.

18. Clipping Path India

Clipping Path India is yet another offshore clipping path and image editing service provider. The company delivers over 800 photos a day with a promising and fast turnaround time. The cost for real estate photo editing per image is $4.99, which is pretty high. But if you want to know if they are worth the cost, you can avail of their free trial service.

19. Clipping Path Zone

Real estate images require careful and precise editing to ensure they appear natural and accurate. And Clipping Path Zone ensures assistance to achieve that kind of accuracy. Whether it is just color blending or creating a twilight effect, you can hire Clipping Path Zone’s service to get that done.

20. Adept Clipping Path

Adept Clipping Path is a reliable image editing service provider that offers more color accuracy and details and removes all kinds of distractions very professionally. You can hire the company’s service for greenery effect, sky replacement, furniture attachment or removal, background change or removal, etc. The cost of real estate image editing is affordable, and you can also get a free trial for testing the image quality.

21. Clipping Path House

Clipping Path House has a highly skilled team, offers to deliver over 100 photos a day, and assures faster delivery. The company has a real estate service to edit any kind of real estate images without a second thought. On top of that, you can request a quote or place your order in three quick steps. The starting price to edit an image is $3.

22. Clipping Path 360

Clipping Path 360 has 24/7 active customer service, makes on-time delivery, responds quickly, and offers a free trial to allow you to test their skill. The company is one of the best real estate photo retouching service providers for their dedication to the clients and ensuring satisfying service. The cost for the service varies depending on the service category and editing complexity.

23. Clipping Path United

Clipping Path United provides real estate photo editing services in 6 different categories: Basic Retouching, Advanced Retouching, Highend Retouching, and Real Estate Interior and Exterior enhancement. The company always gets back to queries and deliveries pretty fast. And the price to edit each image is also affordable.

24.  Click The Photo

Click The Photo began its journey as a photo editing service provider in 2012, with its headquarters in the UK. Ever since then, the company has been offering photo editing services of all categories, including Real Estates photos. By hiring the company’s service, you can give the images a vibrant, realistic, and stunning finish and retouch them. Click The Photo’s real estate photo retouching service costs start from $2.50.

25. Photo And Video Edits

Photo And Video Edits is the best one-stop solution for real estate business owners, agents, photographers, etc. Under one roof, you can avail of various image editing services to enhance both the interior and exterior. The company offers an impressive turnaround time, with their shortest turnaround time being less than an hour. You can choose different pricing plans and price conversions from the company’s website.

26. Paper Boat Creative

Well-edited real estate images are the lead deal breakers for real estate businesses. That is why Paper Boat Creative ensures all its clients’ photos are handled by experienced and skilled graphic designers and editors. Its real estate images are the handiest for both sellers and agents and are known for being 100% effective for quick sales. You can hire Paper Boat Creative for interior cleanup, color and light corrections, lawn replacement, etc.

27. Clipping Fly

Clipping Fly offers top-notch real estate image editing services at an affordable price range. This service can be beneficial whether the property is for sale or rent. Clipping Fly preaches to deliver around 5000 images per day. So you can expect a quick delivery without worrying about getting low-quality results, but make sure to check their skill with the free trial option.

28. Picsera

If you are a photographer or a real estate business owner, you will need to hire a dedicated and professional graphic designer and photo editing team. And Picsera offers precisely what you need to stay on top of the competitive marketplace. Picsera team can turn any RAW image into eye-catching, more vibrant, and suitable to attract buyers and tenants. The cost per image varies depending on the editing complexity and type of editing you require.

29. Clipixie

Clipixie offers to turn terrible images into terrific and with their high-end real estate photo editing service. The agency has a giant team with over 200 employees just to edit images and ensure the best results and quickest delivery. From sky manipulation and color change to photo stitching to 3D image creation, Clipixie designers do pretty much everything.

30. Image Retouching Lab

Image Retouching Lab covers everything there is related to photo editing, from clipping path, image masking, and noise reduction to photo manipulations and other graphic design work. While it is still a growing company, Image Retouching Lab does its best to meet all client requirements and hardly disappoints.

31. Image Edits

Virtual renovation and staging, object or background removal, day to dusk effect, etc., whatever you need, Image Edits can do that for you to make your real estate images stunning and help draw buyers and tenants. The price range for editing each photo varies from $1.50 to $45 based on editing or design level.

32. Pixel Photo Editing

Raw photos are never perfect, no matter how much you try, because they always end up with unwanted objects, shadows, extra backgrounds, etc. Pixel Photo Editing ensures none of your real estate images have such flaws or appear unattractive. The designers of the agency will help you with greenery attachment, object removal, sky attachment or manipulation, etc., all at an affordable cost.

33.  Fixi Pixi

Fixi Pixi has more than 7 years in providing professional photo editing services. The company offers various editing plans within budget, ensures data security, and best quality work with a quick turnaround time. So you can trust the agency with renting and selling any property.

34. Zenith Clipping

Zenith Clipping offers an attractive real estate photo editing service for photographers, businessmen, commercial companies, magazines, advertising agencies, etc. You can get greenery effects, sky replacement, 360-degree photos, and many more from this company for $1 per image.

35. UK Clipping Path

UK Clipping path is the last one on our list, and it is yet another excellent real estate photo retouching service provider. The company offers reliable service with images that look natural, authentic, and suitable for attracting customers or clients. The company has been working closely with many businesses and agencies and has 100% customer satisfaction.

Clipping Arts India For Real Estate Photo Retouching Service

Clipping Arts India is still a growing company, only learning to walk with more ease. Yet, we have worked with more national and international clients than we can count.

For your real estate images, you can trust our dedicated team to provide you with high-quality images edited with all professional and upgraded tools and equipment, all within an affordable price range.

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We offer real estate photo editing services in various categories. So if you need, our expert team can guide you and help you understand which ones would work best. Moreover, CAI ensures 100% data safety and security, meaning your information and content are safe with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online many photo editing companies work professionally to edit various types of images at different prices, including Clipping Arts India. We aim to provide clients with high-quality and realistic edited photos to help their real estate business grow.

In short, a real estate photo editing service gives you an enhanced version of what exists in property images. Let’s start with the color. 

Clipping Arts India offers real estate photo editing services in various categories. So if you need, our expert team can guide you and help you understand which ones would work best. Moreover, CAI ensures 100% data safety and security, meaning your information and content are safe with us.


Real estate images play the most crucial part in the business. However, the problem with editing real estate images is that they require proper skill and an excellent visual of the editor. And that’s when real estate photo retouching services become helpful and life-saving. So if you need to hire such a service, you can choose any of the above-mentioned service providers.

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