25 Best Free Drawing and Painting Software

Drawing applications are tools that assist you in creating fundamental visual components known as vector graphics. These apps have a range of brushes for creating graphics. Many of these apps may be used to generate realistic designs rapidly.

Our blog is packed with tutorials, reviews, and other great information about Free drawing software. From Photoshop to SketchBook Pro, we have the best free apps for your digital art needs.

1. WeDraw 

The WeDraw Android app was created by Artico Apps. As the title indicates, Artico Apps makes a range of apps that are connected to the arts.

Oh My Doll, an Android-based personalized avatar builder, is one example. They also produced Sequential Hairstyles and Draw Art Kawai, a beginner’s painting manual.

  • It is the output of a professional programmer. This, in my opinion, reduces the possibility of security, technical, or other difficulties with the apps.
  • WeDraw users are far more popular than the norm. By looking at the 4.3 out of 5-star rating it has received from 21,000 Android users on Google Play, you can see how true my assessment is.
  • The system has been downloaded and used by millions of people.
  • I also prefer WeDraw since it takes up a lot less space on your device than other similar applications (only 4.7MB).

Download:- WeDraw – How to Draw Anime

2. ibis Paint X 

Ibis Inc., a software company with its headquarters in Georgia, developed this Android application (USA).

Although the program is free, it contains advertisements. This program is excellent for newcomers and amateurs. Mediocre professionals or non-professional people in the arts might also utilize it. 

Ibis Paint X is among the top no-cost Free drawing applications for Android because:

  • I’ve already mentioned this program because it’s cost-free. Yes, they all get free access to the fundamental functionalities.
  • However, as I previously stated, some things are restricted behind a paywall. However, some of the more expensive items (such as premium brushes) may only be obtained by viewing brief advertisements.
  • The app takes up only 27MB of space on your smartphone.
  • Ibis Paint X has over 100 million downloads and a 4.5 out of 5-star rating in the Google Play Store. This demonstrates that I am not the only one who believes this product is worthwhile promotion.
  • The program also has a huge selection of drawing tools (including a wide range of color palettes, textured brushes, erasers, markers, and blur tools).
  • Another reason why you can concur with me that this app is among the best Android painting tools is the social circle.
  • It’s a wonderful idea to share your design and observe how other users react to it.

Download:- Ibis Paint X

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3. Drawchemy

Although it is referred to as a “public surrealist painting tool ” on its Google Play Store page, I can assure you that it is much more than that. This is because it has a set of tools that may be utilized for any drawing work. Here are some of the reasons why I believe Drawchemy is now one of the finest free sketching applications for Android smartphones:

  • Drawchemy is now both free and ad-free Best Drawing Software. It does not, however, ensure in-app purchases. So, for the time being, it should be absolutely free to use. At least four years have passed since this incident began.
  • Another reason I picked this app as one of the top free Android sketching tools is its efficient use of storage.
  • This application distinguishes out in this regard because it takes up only 1 MB of storage space.
  • Many individuals believe that Drawchemy is a good idea. Instead, as of this writing, it has scored 4.4 out of 5 stars from 414 users on Google Play.
  • Drawchemy’s quickness is another reason I believe it is one of the greatest drawing applications for Android.
  • It adjusts to any screen size on your Android device, no matter how little. So, if you want to utilize Drawchemy to swiftly make art, screen size is probably not an issue.
  • Drawchemy is appropriate for both pros and novices. This software is recommended for professional usage, particularly for experimental ideas and projects.
  • enables the use of multiple brush types in different colors, patterns, and sizes for freehand drawing.
  • Adding color to your artwork is as simple as doing so while painting on paper.
  •  To make your work more realistic, you may utilize gradients and other color effects.

Download:- Drawchemy, abstract drawing

4. Drawing Pad (offline) 

I rarely came across a Google Play Store application with a note of 5/5, with the exception of offline pad drawing. So I made the decision to thoroughly evaluate the program. It turns out that it is just new to the platform. The 5-star rating was earned by only five users and over 1000 downloads.

Based on my initial research, I think Sketching Pad Offline is one of the best free apps for drawing on Android devices, although it may be too early to judge the app’s adoption rate by users.

  • Kintsapp, the app’s inventor, has a great track record on the Google Play Store. You currently have 11 applications on the well-known platform. Experience and background are important to me. That’s a solid rationale for me to support it.
  • My experience with the program has revealed that it is quite simple and even enjoyable to use. I’m fascinated by the smoothness of his freehand motions.
  • You may modify the color of your stroke or canvas, and the application offers a wide range of options. Change the breadth of your strokes as well.

I can presently only think of one restriction: you can’t submit your own photographs for drawing use.

Download:- Drawing Pad (Offline)

5. Mediabang Paint 

To unite artists and their fans, MediBang Inc., a well-known Japanese business, created MediBang Paint.

Thus, the firm has produced a few other tools that are only dedicated to manga drawings.

  • They also manage an independent artistic social networking site. Crowds are thought to be virtually always correct. Because of this, it’s safe to claim that this software is now one of the most well-liked free sketching apps for Android users, with over 10 million downloads completed at the time of release on the Google Play Store authoring the present piece.
  • This app’s user rating is also above average. Based on the reported number of downloads, it presently has over 250,000 ratings and a 4.2 out of 5-star rating.
  • Only 28MB of storage space is required.
  • There are up to 1,000 brushes and tones available in the software.
  • It is also quite simple to use. You may, for example, draw brush strokes with your fingertips, exactly as you would on paper.

Download:- Mediabang Paint

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6. PaperColor 

PaperColor is one of the leading creative tools on Android. Here’s why I think so:

  • It is not only practically free, but it is also fully ad-free. Only in-app purchases, such as VIP membership, several brushes, and other products, earn revenue. Even with the most fundamental qualities, I was still capable of generating something amazing.
  • With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, this app is perhaps one of the most used drawing tools for Android users.
  • Users rank it substantially higher than average. In the Google Play Store, it has gotten 4.2 stars from over 170,000 reviews.
  • The application is really simple to use and has a very simple user interface. 

Download:- PaperColor 

7. Adobe Fresco 

Adobe Fresco is a simple vector drawing program. It enables you to make designs based on your ideas. Vector brushes are included with this software. You may modify the toolbar to only show the preferred brushes.


  • This drawing program has a built-in perspective matrix and diagram that may be used to construct any diagram.
  • You may include images from several sources in your work.
  • You may post your work on Behance (a digital marketing site) with this tool.
  • enables the newest visual elements, like Adobe Ink and Adonit Jot Touch.
  • This tool can be utilized to generate both 2D and 3D graphics.

Download:- Adobe Fresco

8. Adobe Photoshop 

Photoshop is an application for picture retouching and manipulation. It is accessible for Windows and macOS courtesy of Adobe.

 This application may be used to create, edit, and change artwork, pictures, and illustrations.

For illustrators, visual designers, photographers, web developers, and other members of the creative professions, Adobe Photoshop is a priceless tool.


  • You may link to the social networking platform Behance.
  • It has sophisticated sharpening filters.
  • It is made with the aid of generator technology.
  • Images that have been modified with Photoshop on a mobile device may be immediately saved to the cloud.
  • To print low-resolution photographs, use the smart upsampling tool.
  • A helpful shape-drawing tool.
  • Conditional actions can be used to automate time-consuming and repetitive processes.
  • Allows for one-click color modification.
  • A photo may be readily edited.

Download:- Adobe Photoshop

9. Sketshare

Sketshare is an Android application created by Sketshare Ltd, a firm located in the UAE. The software is simply a whiteboard community where teams may collaborate on ideas.

For the following reasons, this virtual canvas is high on my list of the best free drawing apps for Android: 

  • The Google Play Store lists the app as being immensely popular. It presently has a 4.7-star rating out of 5 based on 649 reviews and over 500,000 downloads.
  • It allows voice connection with team members.
  • This is separate from the response function.
  • It requires only 19 MB of storage space on your Android handset.

However, don’t anticipate much from this software because it only provides pens and colors to assist individuals to visualize ideas.

Download:- Sketshare

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10. Artrage 

Artrage is a drawing application that includes a number of realistic drawing tools. The program may be used to produce delicate watercolor strokes that mimic the texture of the canvas.


  • Make any necessary adjustments to the brush.
  • Provides oil paint brushes.
  • Each activity is recorded.
  • Artrage provides a drawing tutorial.
  • Both a phone and a tablet can be employed with it.
  • The application is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.

Download:- Artrage 

11. Sketchbook 2

Sketchbook 2 is an Android app that lets you sketch, paint, and doodle on a digital canvas. This is the second product of its kind from the creator, Raed Mughals.

Raed’s last comparable application (Sketchbook 1) was very highly received, but I’m not going to discuss it this time because I believe Sketchbook 2 is a big advance over Sketchbook 1.

The following are the best features:

  • It has a lot of cool features including fill tools, color mixing tools, brushes, layers, and so on. The functionality level is fantastic.
  • The program is widely used by users. As proof, it now has over 13,000 reviews and a Google Play Store rating of 4.2 out of 5.
  •  This is based on millions of downloads.
  • There are no glitches or delays in the middle of your work, unlike other drawing applications.
  • Many users agree with this.
  • It is straightforward and enjoyable to use.
  • Some people appear to regard it as a game.
  • Users have noted similarities to Adobe Photoshop.
  • Not to mention that I like this program’s storage efficiency.
  • It takes up only 5.9MB of storage space on your Android device.

Download:- Sketchbook 2

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12. Ivy Draw 

This is a free vector format design and drawing app for Android.

One of the best free vector art apps for Android smartphones, in my view, is this one.

Here are my reasons for recommending it:

  • To generate complicated vector images, Ivy Draw has a plethora of tools, symbols, pathways, a bezier curve editor, and other capabilities.
  • Many users have noticed similarities between the Ivy Draw Android app and Inkscape.
  • However, because of its wide feature set, it is difficult to grasp and utilize.
  • Shoebill Software, the company that created Ivy Draw, typically reacts rapidly to customer complaints.
  • This assists with the app’s quite high learning curve.
  • I appreciate how little storage space the program requires on your Android handset (only 4.4MB).
  • Although the app’s user interface is not particularly appealing, it is responsive to all Android screen sizes, no matter how little.
  • The program has a feature that protects you from making mistakes: when you alter a drawing, you must tap it again to activate the modification.
  • SVG files may be transferred into Ivy Draw’s free plan.
  • To export SVG files, however, you must purchase the pro edition for $6.
  • Another reason I recommend this application is that vector graphic designers adore it. On Google Play, it received 4.1 out of 5 stars from over 1,000 people.
  • This number is determined on downloads which sum more than 100,000.

Download:- Ivy Draw: Vector Drawing

13. Picsart Color 

An Android application for painting, drawing and sketching is called Picsart Color.

It was created by PicsArt Inc along with other art-related Android programs including Pixel Art Sandbox Coloring Book and Picsart Photo Editor.

  • It’s fantastic since it’s free.
  • It is, however, commercialized by advertising and in-app purchases.
  • provides a decent user interface that is simple to understand and utilize
  • A decent RGB color palette and a selection of brushes are among its strengths.
  • It does not, however, handle hexadecimal codes.
  • Picsart Color features a one-of-a-kind function that allows you to choose colors from photographs on your smartphone.
  • I really enjoy how efficient the software is with storage.
  • It requires only 17MB of storage space on your Android handset. 
  • This program is appreciated by many people, including myself. Instead, it is currently one of the most popular Android sketching apps, with over 210,000 users rating it 4.2 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.
  • It’s also had over 10 million downloads.

Download:- Picsart Color – Painting, Drawing & Sketch

14. Learn Drawing 

Learn Drawing is an Android app that, as the name indicates, gives extensive sketching tutorials. It is sometimes referred to be a drawing program for absolute novices.


  • It holds your hand like a mannequin and shows you how to draw like an expert.
  • It provides a straightforward user experience that you didn’t have to deal with boredom or put you to sleep.
  • It doesn’t take up much room on your Android smartphone (only 28MB).
  • Finally, Learn to Draw is well-liked by consumers. It presently has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from 25,000 users on Google Play. This figure is based on over a million downloads.

Download:- Learn Drawing

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15. Paint Art 

This program was produced by Noku.teku Software, a Japanese software business. Noku.teku, according to the research, has created another program called NoteMade, which is a database-like digital notepad.

  • It has a terrific variety of tools and functions, including as brushes, rulers, pencils, and more.
  • Rather than giving several brush sizes, the program allows you to choose the size of each brush.
  • This makes your job easier and the user interface less crowded.
  • This program has won the admiration of many people, including myself.
  • Instead, after over a million downloads, 7,000 users have given it a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Google Play.
  • This program is great since it just takes up 3.6MB of space on your Android smartphone.

Download:- Paint Art / Drawing tools

16. Drawing & Painting lessons 

Drawing and Painting Lessons is an app that offers advanced instruction in the aforementioned subjects, as the name suggests.

  • There is a large library of courses on a wide range of creative mediums, such as charcoal, ink, watercolor, and more.
  • It also includes free subtopics like as anatomy, sculpting, shading, cartoons, graffiti, and many others.
  • There are several deals available at various pricing ranges.
  • This application appeals to me because it uses only 5.4MB of storage.
  • Then I understand that other people also enjoy this program.
  • Instead, it scored 4.3 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store from over 1000 users.
  • It has also received over 500,000 downloads on Android.

Download:- Drawing & Painting Lessons

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17. Colorcinch 

Colorcinch is an artificial intelligence-powered picture editing and effects software. This sketch application allows you to quickly draw, modify, and transform photographs into bespoke artwork. It also assists you in saving and organizing your online activity.


  • Online project archiving and organizing.
  • Filters and cartomizer effects may be customized.
  • Provides a plethora of choices for customizing and beautifying your artwork.
  • You can access your artwork and resume editing from any location on the planet.

Download:- Colorcinch – Photo Editor

18. Adobe Photoshop Sketch 

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a sketching program that lets you use tools like a pen, pencils, watercolors, markers, and so on to make drawings. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS.


  • connectivity to Behance is permitted.
  • To make drawing simpler, the diagram and layouts are combined.
  • It offers a virtual library where you can conveniently access your artwork.
  • Assist in the creation of a sketch collage.
  • Drawing gear from Fifty-Three and Adobe Ink is supported.
  • Sketches may be submitted to Adobe Illustrator for printing in high resolution.

Download:- Adobe Photoshop Sketch 

19. GIMP 

A free and open-source digital painting program is GIMP. GNU Image Manipulation Program is the official name of GIMP. It is used for a wide range of specialized tasks, including picture editing and retouching, free-form drawing, image conversion, and many more.

Access to this program is permitted under GPLv3+ licenses on Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. 


  • Color management is so effective in this software
  • This visual arts tool’s user interface may be modified.
  • You may use it to enhance digital photos that were taken with a camera.
  • It can do simple visualizations.
  • Many hardware devices, such as the MIDI controller and USB, are supported.
  • One of the highest-rated art programs for swiftly modifying photos.
  • Exporting files to JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and more formats is possible.
  • You may see an infinite number of photographs at once.
  • GIMP supports all alpha channels.

Download:- GIMP

20. Pencil Sketch 

Pencil Sketch is a basic photo editor for producing sketches. This software allows you to either shoot a photo with your camera or select one from your photo storage.

It is one of the top online sketching tools for creating drawings with smooth curves and edges.


  • You can reshape a photo with only one tap.
  • There are several picture effects, filters, and frames to choose from.
  • This free drawing software includes stickers.
  • The application may be used to convert pictures into doodle-style cartoon graphics.
  • Make changes to the color temperature, saturation, exposure, and contrast.
  • A blurred image can be sharpened.
  • You can draw and type.

Download:- Pencil Sketch

21. PENUP 

PENUP is a painting program that lets you doodle. You may add color to the images. You may use this tool to look for drawings by great painters and pieces of art.

  • It’s one of the greatest free drawing applications for sketching on the move.
  • Learning new things allows you to push yourself farther.
  • Allows the usage of live artwork.
  • Your artwork will be available to be seen by the public.
  • It invites feedback on the designs.

Download:- PENUP – Share your drawings

22. SketchBook

SketchBook is a program for creating drawings. Both iOS and Android devices may use this application.


  • Paper drawings may be transformed into digital format.
  • This free sketching tool allows you to create realistic pencil strokes.
  • A sketch drawing is provided.
  • Lines are simple to draw.
  • This program’s user interface is straightforward.

Download:- SketchBook

23. Inspire Pro

Inspire Pro is a painting software for the iPad. Colors and brush strokes may be combined with this application. For viewing the collection, it is among the best free sketching applications.

In the software, you may input the title of your artwork.


  • It features a large selection of brushes.
  • You might be able to view a video of the artwork you made.
  • It automatically catches your strokes as you paint.
  • Support for Apple Pencil drawing
  • The colored brush’s size and opacity may be adjusted.
  • Adjustable stroke depth is available.

Download:- Inspire Pro

24. Procreate 

You can sketch and paint on your iPad with the software Procreate. It is one of the greatest free art apps, featuring a variety of brushes, charcoal, ink, and other materials.


  • You may paint or draw with whatever color you desire.
  • It features drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Drag colors onto the canvas to fill it.
  • There are multi-touch gestures available.
  • Soft curves necessitate slim lines.
  • Font customisation is available, including kerning (the space between two characters), baseline, and other characteristics.
  • Color balance tools are included

Download:- Procreate 

Free Drawing

25. Magic Slate 

Magic Slate is a drawing and color application tool that uses brush strokes. This application provides a number of benefits, including inner glow, relief, outward glow, and others. It makes it simple to undo and redo modifications.


  • Magic Slate may be used to draw and write in many colors.
  • You have the choice to take your artwork down.
  • The drawing may be stored on the smartphone.
  • It accommodates a variety of brushes of various sizes.
  • You may share your drawing with friends and family with this app.
  • The application contains an eraser for making adjustments.
  • Provides a vibrant palette from which to select your artwork.
  • Paint.
  • It assists youngsters with drawing and writing numbers and the alphabet.

Download:- Magic Slate

Final Words 

We’ve gone a long way since then. The list above contains the greatest free sketching applications for Android smartphones that I could locate.

Every item on the list has some connection to drawing in some form. As a result, you are free to pick what you require at the time.

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