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27 Best Photo Masking Services Providers 2022

Ever wondered if professional photographers wanted to choose another career? Well, most of them don’t because their professional photography pays them well. And another part of their job that makes their career more popular is skilled editing.

Besides, in an era where photographs are part of almost every professional life, it is essential to ensure the images are well edited and masked. And that requires people of different professions and businesses to seek photo masking services.

While there are many photo editing and masking services around the world, you must choose the ones that offer the best service. In today’s article, I shared the 27 best photo masking service providers that are reliable, professional, and ensure high-end photo editing services.

What Is Photo Masking?

First, let’s understand what photo masking is so that it becomes easier to understand why it is important. Photo masking is one of the photo editing processes, and we all know that much. But what does it do, and how do you do it?

Generally, photo masking is the graphic software process to remove unnecessary and imperfect areas and objects from the image. Then you either replace the removed object or area with something better or keep it that way. It depends entirely on what makes the image better and more presentable.

One uses various available software, free and premium, to mask images. For example, most of us have heard of Adobe Photoshop. It has multiple tools to create a masking layer on the image you edit to modify the original.

While clipping path and background removal options eliminate the original layer to remove the unnecessaries, masking tools simply create a masking layer over the original, and you can retrieve it when necessary. That is why masking is called the non-destructive way to edit and modify an image.

Masking ensures the image gets changed without losing its originality. It is also beneficial for editing photos with complex subjects such as hair, fur, tree branches, leaves, etc.

So when you edit photos with masking tools and separate them from their original background, they still look like nothing has changed. It makes the photo subjects suitable for adding to other images or backgrounds. You can also apply the masking effect by adding multiple subjects to one image.

Types Of Photo Masking

Based on the editing required for masking images, the photo masking process has been divided into the following parts.

Layer Masking

Layer masking is widely used for editing most photos. It allows you to work on various areas of the photo or its subject and modify it. You can edit the image layer by layer using the layer masking effect.

Clipping Masking

Clipping masking helps create a better visual by combining multiple photo layers. You can control layer transparency and replace the image background with more ease.

Alpha Channel Masking

The alpha channel masking is a pixel-based image masking process that shows the subject’s shape in black and white instead of its color. This type of masking effect helps mask complex images with more flexibility.

Transparent Masking

Transparent masking is for transparent or see-through items, such as glasses, bottles, sunglasses, water jars, etc. These items require masking because it becomes easier to change their background or move them to another image.

Hair And Fur Masking

Photos with hair and fur are complex and require careful work when removing the background or making the image transparent. Masking helps edit these images without destroying the subject. The hair and fur areas are refined using various tools to keep them natural.

27 Best Photo Masking Services Providers

Since there are so many photo masking service providers around the world who accept worldwide clients, it is not unusual to get confused between reliable and fake ones. That is why I made a list of the 27 best photo masking service providers who offer precisely what you need and more.

1. Clipping Art India

Though founded not long ago, Clipping Art India has made a name and gained popularity. CAI is exceptionally good for photo masking, background removal, shadow effect, retouching, ghost mannequin, etc. And you can expect a quick and satisfying delivery from the team in 24 hours.

On top of that, you will find the best service at an affordable rate here. Based on the type of masking effect you require, the cost begins at $1.49 per photo. But you can get attractive discounts on bulk orders for any service.

2. Ephotovn

Ephotovn is another well-known photo editing service provider for its higher skill in retouching, background manipulation, masking, shadow effect, etc. Ephotovn is a Vietnam-based editing company with a gigantic team.

The agency has delivered over 5 million images and worked with more than 3,000 clients globally. People prefer this agency because you get a masking service for less than $1 per image.

3. Fix The Photo

Fix The Photo is one of the few photo editing agencies that offer the best photo restoration service. The agency has also been editing portraits, real estate photos, modeling photos, wedding, and newborn photos, etc., since 2003. Though Fix The Photo charges high for masking, which is $12 per photo, the agency has been reputed for providing top-notch service.

4. Fix Any Photo

Fix Any Photo is a professional photo editing and graphics designer team dedicated to changing any photo into something eye-catching and jaw-dropping. It is one of the best places to go for photo masking at a cheap price. The agency offers photo masking services starting from $0.25 per image, and the cost can go higher depending on the masking and retouching you require.

5. Path Edits

Previously known as Clipping Path India, Path Edits is a 24/7 online photo editing service agency with over 250 graphic designers. You can reach out to the team any time or day, as their service is available 365 days a year. The price for editing a single image starts from $1.19 and can go up to $8.99.

6. Clipping Path Center

Clipping Path Center is one of the best photo editing service providers you will come across. This photo editing service agency is known for its professional approach, highly-skilled editing, and organized work, from light to bulk orders.

From clipping path, background removal, and shadow effect to masking, ghost mannequin, or retouching, this team has been doing an excellent job. Photo masking costs $1.49, and you can get a special discount on bulk orders.

7. Clipping Path Experts

In 2022, you would expect top-notch work, high-quality photos, and money-worthy service. You can find them all on Clipping Path Experts. This company has more than 12 years of experience in this field and offers up to 32% discount on bulk orders. And depending on the type of masking required, the cost ranges from $1.35 to $9.85.

8. Global Photo Edit

If you are looking for a photo masking service that works more precisely on hair and fur, you can trust Global Photo Edit. The company has been providing services for over 10 years and has a team of over 50 designers. And the best part is the Global Photo Edit team offers free support for its clients. As for their masking service, the cost of the service depends on your order.

9. Color Expert International

More people have heard of Color Expert International, as the company has been in business for over three decades. CEI has a gigantic team with employees from around the globe, which allows it to deliver bulks of images daily. You can get your photos retouched from Color Expert International for $1.50 per image.

10. WeEdit.Photos

We Edit began its journey in 2003, and it was the time when online or outsourcing photo editing services were not so hyped. Yet, over time, the company established itself and has grown incredibly. Now, We Edit is one of the best clipping paths, masking, and retouching photo editing agencies. As for image masking, it will cost you $12 for one photo.

11.  Pixelz

Pixelz has helped establish over a thousand online and offline businesses and grown careers for many photographers over the last decade. The company was founded in 2011 in Denmark as an official photo editing service, but it was known as Remove the Background as it started as a background removal service only.

Now you can hire the company’s service for various photo editing jobs, including masking. And you have to pay $0.95 per photo and get up to 200 photos delivered per day.

12.  Clipping World

Clipping World offers worldwide services for removing photo backgrounds, clipping paths, photo manipulation, ghost mannequin, masking, etc. Each service category has more editing processes to ensure the final result never disappoints the clients. Photo masking cost starts from $1.0 to $1.5, and you can be sure of getting a quick delivery.

13. Adept Clipping Path

Adept Clipping Path has everything under its roof to ensure the best image masking service. You can reach out to their active team any time from any part of the world as they are available 24/7 and 365 days.

With years of experience under its belt, this online agency offers a flexible payment plan, including monthly payment options. And the cost for photo masking is also affordable, starting from $1.25.

14. Clipping Fly

Clipping Fly was founded fairly recently, in 2020. Yet this company has become successful within this short time of excellent teamwork.

The Clipping Fly team works 365 days a year in three shifts to ensure 24/7, non-stop service. They have experts to help break down your order to show you the cost. And requesting a quote is entirely free, and the pricing for masking begins at $0.50.

15.  Zenith Clipping

What I like about Zenith Clipping is that the company’s website page gives you an informative rundown on why you would need such a service. With more than 12 years in this business, it is not surprising to find such a professional approach.

Moreover, Zenith Clipping offers a very affordable service cost. The team offers image masking services in various categories, and the price range starts from $0,99.

16.  Image Edit Expert

Image Edit Expert is not among the most commonly heard photo editing service providers. But the editing agency started the business more than 10 years ago and has worked with thousands of clients since then.

With 400+ professional designers in the team, Image Edit Expert focuses on all sorts of photo editing, including photo masking. And the pricing for masking images is very low, from $0.70 to $2.00.

17. Clipping Path Lab

Whether you need layer masking, alpha masking, or transparent making, you can rely on Clipping Path Lab to ensure the best outcome. Clipping Path Lab has been offering its service since 2012 and provides 24/7 online service. Their image masking service starts from $0.69 per photo, and you can test their work quality via the free trial option.

18. Deepetch

Since 2007, Deepetch has worked with over 50,000 clients, like photographers, e-commerce site owners, businesses, sellers, and commercial agencies. And they have delivered more than 12 million photographs.

They have an extended range of masking services that includes various other things. And the price package is also attractive, and you can find the cost using their website converter.

19. Clip And Touch

With over 500+ designers specializing in photo editing and animation, Clip And Touch offer multiple works in their masking service. It includes hair and fur masking, edge refining, retouching, removal of background and objects, etc. You can check them out with the free trial option or order the masking service that costs $0.99-$7.99 per image.

20.  Clipping Photo Experts

Clipping Photo Experts have been working nationally and globally for a long time now. Along with a free trial option, this photo editing agency offers several benefits for its clients. They deliver over 1100 photos daily for masking service, and the price for masking each photo starts from $0.29.

21. UK Clipping Path

UK Clipping Path is one of the reputed clipping path and image editing service agencies. The company began its journey in 2010 with small projects and now works globally with hundreds of regular clients.

UK Clipping Path offers image masking services in multiple categories. You get a free trial option before placing any order, and the photo masking service costs $0.79 per image.

22.  Creative Clipping Path

From basic photo editing to high-quality photo manipulation, you can find all kinds of services in Creative Clipping Path. The company has an in-house design team who excels in graphic design and creative photo editing. Their photo masking service offers various masking editing.

And the price depends on the type of masking you require. The hair masking service costs $3.50 per photo. On the other hand, transparent masking costs $2.00 for each image.

23. Paper Boat Creative

If you want to get your photo edited by an editing agency that has worked with well-known brands, Paper Boat Creative is a grant choice.

This team has worked with brands like Fit Pro and Shoes of Prey for various photo editing and animations and has been in the marketplace for 7 years. You can request a quote from the team to know the editing pricing details.

24. Tradexcel Graphics

Tradexcel Graphics is an excellent choice if you want to hire a photo masking service for e-commerce products, real estate, car photos, etc. But the company also provides background removal, shadow effect, mirror effect, ghost mannequin, and image masking services for other photos.

With three simple steps, you can get their image masking service at $0.75-$6.50. But before you can take advantage of their free trial where you can send up to 5 photographs.

25. Photo Retouching Up

Photo Retouching Up does pretty much everything from background removal, color correction, and image making to old photo restoration.

The company’s founder worked with various high-end organizations before establishing this company, which says a lot about their professionalism. And the pricing for photo masking is affordable, which starts from $1.59 per image. You can also get an attractive discount if you place bulk orders.

26.  Clipping Path Asia

Founded in 2011, Clipping Path Asia is unlike most other online photo editing services that offer 365 days of service all year. Clipping Path is available 6 days a week, yet the company successfully expanded its work globally.

The company offers a free trial, and they deliver in 48 hours. Photo masking cost starts from $1.20, and you can get a 20% discount on your first order.

27.  Silo Path

Silo Path has been working as a photo editing service provider since 2017. The company ensures hand-drawn edits instead of automated options, making their work more realistic and attractive. While the team excels in all kinds of masking, they have separate skills for hair and fur masking. And you can get this photo masking service from Silo Path at $0.65-$5.00.

Why Is Photo Masking Important?

Maybe you can go on without using any photo masking service and use that photograph where needed. But do you think they will have the same effect on the targeted audience as professionally masked images?

Of course not. There is a big fat chance that they will run away in the opposite direction as soon as they see these photos. And that is why it is essential to hire a photo masking service and ensure no one turns away or forgets the photos any time soon. So here is more reason why you will need the service.

Eliminates Flaws

Raw images are not always perfect. So you need to work on them until they appear like one. Let’s talk about a portrait photo, for instance. The subject may have dull skin, eye bags, wrinkles, and poor color grading. But applying the photo masking tools to adjust and remove the flaws changes the entire appearance.

Enhances Image

Masking is often about removing what makes the image dull and unattractive and replacing it with something better. Not only does it enhance the image subject, but it also helps improve the overall image quality. Editors use various tools and editing processes to ensure the image quality does not get damaged along the editing processes.

A Way To Modify The Image

If you do not like the raw image, editing it with a masking effect can change various things about it. Photo masking service modifies the subject, the objects around it, the background, and other related parts. Thus, you get a full image modification and an even better result.

Removes/Adds Objects

One of the most interesting and beneficial parts of image masking is that it allows you to add and remove objects as needed. You can remove various objects from the image to ensure it does not have anything unnecessary. On the other hand, you can add objects that haven’t been there before.

Suitable For Editing Complex Images

Images with complex subjects are challenging to work on. But applying the masking layer makes detecting and fixing difficult areas easier. So if you are looking for precisely edited images, you will need the image masking service.

Makes Photo Reusable

Taking a photo and using it just once will cost you more money if you plan to do the same for everything you offer your customers. With the masking effect, the image gets a transparent and removable background. It means you can use these images more than once and change the background or colors based on how you need them later.

Attracts Target Audience

Do you have a target audience? Because if you have, everything I mentioned so far will come in handy. Targeted audiences need something eye-catching, professionally retouched, and compatible with their requirements. Hiring a professional photo masking service helps you present the photos with all these qualities to attract your audience.

Increases Reputation

Having a larger audience grows your business reputation. Image masking boosts sales if you are an online seller or e-commerce site owner. And if you are a professional photographer, providing your clients with high-quality edited and masked images secures your profession successfully.

How To Choose The Best Photo Masking Service?

All the companies I mentioned above are known for offering excellent photo editing and masking services. But you still need to be aware of the facts that make such a company the best.

And if you know how to choose a photo masking service company, you can decide the rest for yourself. So here are some qualities you should look for in a photo masking service-providing company.


You will not want a team of inexperienced people to handle your important photographs. If you hire less experienced people for the job, there is a slim chance that you will be satisfied with the result. That is why it is essential to check the company’s details and see how long they have been working in the field.


A professional and highly-skilled photo editing company has its reputation among people who often hire them. Some companies can be pretty new yet have a reputation for editing images well. So along with experience, you should also consider the company’s public reputation.

Response Time

Did you get a quick and satisfying response to your inquiry? Consider how it was because a photo masking or editing company’s professionalism shows in how they respond to queries. Delayed and vague answers are a sign of unprofessionalism and make them unreliable.

Client Feedback

You can learn much about a service-providing company and its work quality from its previous clients. But how do you find their previous clients? Look for the customer feedback area of the website, and you will see people sharing their experiences. If you see more positive feedback, it means the company is reliable and professional.

Check Portfolio Samples

If you want to learn more about an editing company’s work quality, you can always check out the samples they provide in the portfolio section. You can find photos edited for various categories. Check the images that show the masking effect and see if they seem satisfying enough to you.

Quality Assurance

Anyone can assure you of providing the best quality work, but not everyone successfully does that. While it is challenging to be sure of their service quality, you can always get service for a few photo image masking to see how it turns out. Most photo-masking service providers offer free trials to help you test their editing quality.


A photo editing service agency that should ensure 100% security for your personal and photograph-related data. None of your information should be shared with anyone, at least not without your permission. So make sure to go through security and other policies before sealing the deal.


Generally, photo masking service is not highly expensive. But while many companies offer a cheap rate for each photo, some can cost a bit more. If your target is quality over quantity, it is best to consider your budget but go for a service provider that fulfills the above criteria.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can quickly figure out which photo masking service will ensure you the best service. However, if you are still confused, you can choose Clipping Art India because we offer a one-stop solution for anyone who needs a photo editing service. And photo masking is one of our fields of expertise.

Clipping Art India was founded by a team of experienced and hard-working graphics designers and photo editors. Our team has grown a lot since its founding, and now we have more skilled employees working with dedication 24/7.

CAI ensures high-end photo masking service and endless revision until our clients are satisfied with the result. If the client is still not satisfied, we offer a full refund. Moreover, you do not have to worry about data loss or security breaches because we ensure 100% security for our client’s data or personal information.

So if you think Clipping Art India is your choice for photo masking service, you can reach out to us through our 24/7 customer service. Before that, you can avail yourself of our free trial option to test our skills. You can send us two photos of your choice, and we will edit them as you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photo masking service is required by anyone who wants their images to be improved or modified. Photographers, e-commerce site owners, manufacturers, online shops, or brand owners need the service to present their business products in an eye-catching way.

In most cases, photo masking is highly beneficial for product photographs. In such photos, removing portions of the image, modifying the subject, adding or removing objects, etc., might become necessary. The photo masking effect helps do these tasks and ensures realistic results.

Most online business owners use photo masking to enhance their photos and improve their quality. Thus, such photos help gain an audience and increase product sales.

Since masking photographs make the marketplace more competitive, business owners look for top-notch editing companies, making the service more demandable.

Adobe Photoshop is, without a doubt, the best photo editing and masking software. It is used globally and popular among most users. And other than Adobe Photoshop, you can rely on software such as Adobe Lightroom, Luminar, PhotoDirector, etc.

Final Words

So you can see that hiring a photo masking service is essential for making any service stay up to the competitive marketplace and attract a larger audience.

And if you need the service, you can pick from the 27 best photo masking service providers I have mentioned. But make sure to check if the company you want to hire matches your requirements and budget.

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