15 Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera in 2023

No matter how pro you are with all your camera setup and photography, you cannot always hold the camera in your hands. When working on the photography setup, moving something, riding your vehicle, or doing anything else, you will need a secure place to have your camera, but it should be at your arm’s reach. That is why some people choose to use camera straps and slingers.

While a strap lets you hang the camera around your neck, it can often be uncomfortable and not secure when you bend for something. That is why slingers are more convenient, easy to use, and something more reliable. But how do you know which is the best 3 point slinger for a camera in the market?

Perhaps you should stop looking here and there now because you are at the right place. Here you will find some of the best 3 point slingers with other necessary information regarding them. So let’s move ahead!

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Here have the 15 best 3 point slingers for the camera in 2023

1. BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe Camera Sling

If you carry around 2 cameras regularly, you will find the BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe Camera Sling is pretty handy. Though it has a single shoulder strap, the slinger has the feature to allows you to secure 2 DSLR, SLR, or Mirrorless cameras. 

Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera

It has a crossbody adjustable strap, suitable for right-hand users. As the sling is made of nylon webbing, it will be durable and can handle a good amount of weight. 

Another perk of this dual-strap 3 point slinger for camera is that you can remove one of them if you don’t need it. However, the only issue with this dual-strap slinger is that when you lift one of the cameras, the other might slip off slightly due to the imbalance of weight.

2. BlackRapid Sport X Coyote Camera Sling

Made with nylon webbing, this BlackRapid Sport X Coyote Camera Sling is strong and durable. On top of that, you can use it to carry your SLR, DSLR, or Mirrorless camera effortlessly. 

3 Point Slinger

The underarm stabilizer strap will ensure the entire slinger and camera stay secure. And the crossbody design will keep it out of your way as you work on other things. Besides, the spring-loaded bumper lock is reliable for securing your camera perfectly.

The shoulder area is padded and offers comfort for working longer hours. Moreover, the strap is adjustable, making it more suitable for people of different heights.

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3. BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness

If you really like the multiple camera-holding slingers from BlackRapid but are worried about balance, this one is a must-buy for you. Unlike the previous 2 slingers from this brand, the BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness offers more comfort and no muscle pain even after carrying the cameras for long hours.

3 Point Slinger for Camera

The harness ensures more comfort due to the high-quality straps and the way it supports your back. You can attach two cameras on both sides or keep one if you want. 

The best part of it is that you can attach the webbing to add a 3rd camera or binoculars if you want. And all these come at a very affordable price.

4. Waka Rapid Camera Neck Strap

Waka is well-known and really popular for offering the best 3 point slinger for the camera. The slinger offers excellent balance for keeping the stipe around the sounder and attaching the camera securely. The buckles are made of anti-slipping material, and the quick plate is held by a stainless steel screw.

Best 3 Point Slinger

Its neoprene pad ensures better weight distribution and makes sure the slinger is easily balanced. Moreover, you can adjust the strap quickly. Besides, this feature helps you keep the camera closer to your hand in case you need to keep it secure or grab it for an instant shot.

The front part of the strap comes with a long zipper pocket which allows you to store various accessories. And the best part is that it all comes at such a low cost.

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5. PiuQ Professional Quick Release Camera Strap

PiuQ offers one of the best and lowest-cost camera slingers in the market. Other than the low-cost benefit, many users prefer this slinger because of wearing comfort. The shoulder pad is very comfortable and breathable.

Best 3 Point Slinger

The screw-in plate helps you fasten the camera even if you have it on your tripod. And the strap is adjustable. And the attachment and locking system is compatible with a wider range of cameras and models.

However, the biggest drawback of this slinger is the adjustment feature. The adjuster is on the back strap of the slinger, meaning you will have to take it off to adjust the length. Doing it by reaching your back is pretty impossible.

6. Ocim Camera Sling Strap

If you are looking for the best 3 point slinger for camera that will also offer more safety, you can check the Ocim Camera Slinger. It has a breathable and comfortable shoulder-padded area which also offers a versatile look. And the sturdy strap ensures you can use heavy cameras without damaging anything.

double camera strap

And instead of just an attachment system, the Ocim camera slinger comes with two. There is an extra safety strap that connects to both the camera and the slinger strap, offering double safety.

Moreover, this slinger has universal compatibility. That means you can use it with almost all types of models of camera. The only difficulty some users face is figuring out how the slinger works and how to adjust it.

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7. Altura Camera Neck Strap

The Altura camera slinger is yet another affordable and durable 3 pointer slinger for camera. The entire strap is made with an ergonomic design. And the shoulder area contains padded material, which also has a storage compartment.

3 point cam

The zipper pocket on the shoulder area gives you easy access if you need to store or take out any accessory. There are even 2 tiny pockets inside the zipper pocket to store SD cards. The outer area has a texture that offers a strong grip and prevents the strap from slipping. 

The perk of using this camera slinger is that you can attach the plate to both the camera and the tripod. It means you don’t have to take off the plate when using the camera. The strap has two slider clips: one to adjust the length and another to lock the camera to it.

8. Altura Rapid Fire Professional Camera Strap

Here is one more affordable option from Altura, and it also offers excellent and more professional performance. This pro camera slinger is very comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic design and padded shoulder strap. It also has a non-slip rubber design to prevent it from slipping and to help get a better grip.

3-point sling

And unlike some camera slingers that can be worn only on one side, this Altura camera slinger can be worn on both the left and right sides. You also get a storage compartment on the shoulder pad area for packing small accessories with you.

As for security, the mounting plate is made with reinforced material which makes it sturdy and reliable for carrying bigger cameras. Its rubber bottom layer ensures the camera does not get any scratches when you attach it to the slinger.

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9. USA GEAR Camera Sling Shoulder Strap

Tired of the same boring simple slinger design? Then maybe you should check out a slinger brand that offers various cool designs that make the slinger more eye-catching. And in that case, this USA Gear camera slinger is a must-have.

3 point slinger for camera

First of all, it is safe to carry your camera with lenses for a long time without worrying about the camera coming undone. While you have your camera attached to the slinger, you can also attach it to the safety latch for better protection. 

The padded shoulder area has a pocket to store SD cards, batteries, and other accessories. And the padded part comes black, also in polka dots, floral, and southwest patterns. 

 10. USA GEAR TrueSHOT Camera Strap

Here is a lightweight 3 point slinger for camera from USA Gear that you should check out. While our previous options came as a sideway slinger with an underarm strap to secure the camera, this one is a little different.

3 point slinger

The entire strap is made of durable material and has reinforced stitching to ensure the weight of the camera does not cause any problems. There are two small pockets on each end of the strap for extra storage.

And if you are looking for a more colorful strap design, you will find more than just 4 options like the previous model. It also comes at a budget-friendly price, and the company offers a 3-year warranty.

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 11. Foto &Tech Camera Strap 

Foto&Tech might not be a commonly recognized brand for camera slingers. But the company claims that this 3 point slinger for camera has a 300kg weight-bearing capacity.

3 point slinger for camera

You can easily adjust it around your left arm and adjust the strap length however necessary. And while the slinger offers a secure attachment feature to the camera, it comes with an extra connector to keep the camera more secure to the strap.

With the quick-release clipping system, you can easily remove the camera and keep on shooting. Moreover, the shoulder pad is wide and made with breathable material, which offers comfort. 

 12. Cotton Carrier Skout G2 Sling Style Harness

If you want more balance and comfort in your slinger for longer hours of shoot, journey, or hiking and also want to keep it safer, you will need the Cotton Carrier Skout G2 Sling Style Harness. This camera slinger lets you keep your camera at chest height level.

3 point slinger for camera

The strap and shoulder pad is ergonomically made to ensure more comfort. And the strap goes under both arms, which ensures better back support and weight distribution. 

However, having the camera on your front rather than side can be distracting and also may get in your way when you do certain things. Besides, it comes at a higher price.

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13. Coolwill Professional Camera Shoulder Strap

This camera sling with shoulder strap has a simple but versatile design and is made with sturdy material. That is why, despite being lightweight, it can carry a 15kg weight attached to it. 

best 3 point slinger for camera

What you will like more about the Coolwill shoulder strap is its design. It is padded, comfortable, and breathable. The strap has an adjustable feature and you can put it on and off instantly using the snap buckle.

The slinger is safe for various camera models. And the extra latch that connects the camera to the strap offers added security.

14. OP/TECH USA Pro Strap 

This is yet another simple, lightweight, yet comfortable 3 point slinger for camera. The padded shoulder/neck strap area is made of neoprene, which is known for offering comfort to the wearer. And you can adjust it on your left and right shoulder regardless of your height and gender.

3 point slinger for camera

There are several color options to choose from. And with this design, you can wear the strap around your neck and keep the camera at the front of your chest.

You can also wear it on your shoulder if you want to keep the camera sideways to avoid distraction. However, without the underarm strap, it can be challenging to manage the camera and slinger if you wear it over your shoulder. 

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 15. TARION Camera Shoulder Neck Strap

If you like to use vintage-looking accessories, you will like this Tarion Camera Shoulder Neck Strap. The khaki color of the strap is pretty versatile for all kinds of users. And as the name suggests, this strap is wearable on both the neck and shoulder based on the user’s comfort and convenience.

3 point slinger for camera

The strap is made of cotton yarn and high-quality PU leather. It has metal enabling the camera to attach from either side, which helps with better weight distribution. On top of that, you can adjust the belts pretty easily.

However, this 3 point slinger is more suitable for less heavy cameras. And some users found the strap length shorter than what they needed.

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How To Choose A 3 Point Slinger for Camera

Since there are hundreds of 3 point slingers in the market, it is impossible to go through all of them. Not to mention it can be very time-consuming work. So even if you do not check the list of the best picks here, you can still find your suitable camera slinger. How?

Here is the list of things that you should look into and consider when buying a 3-point slinger.

Camera Type

When you get a 3 point slinger, the first and most vital thing you need to consider is your camera. The type of camera you own, its size, weight, etc., will be a big factor when it comes to setting the camera with the slinger and your usage comfort.


Camera slingers are made of various materials. From leather to heavy-duty plastic, the slingers contain multiple materials for their various features. While leather is an excellent choice as the material, you must ensure the leather is of high quality and durable.

Attachment Feature

Usually, there are two types of connector or attachment features to use the strap. One that connects your camera to the slinger, and it is more like a clip. And another that secures the slinger around your shoulder. Both of these connectors have to be something strong enough to hold and bear the weight and movement of the camera.


Your height and the slinger’s strap should be compatible. If not, you will not be able to use the camera or keep it with you comfortably. So make sure it has an adjustment system that allows the user to increase and decrease the strap’s length. Moreover, its adjustability helps photographers position the camera in a way it becomes more convenient for them to use it when taking sudden shots.


Talking about adjustability and comfort, there are a few other things you should check to ensure your comfort. If you pick a good-quality material, it will offer better comfort even if you have the slinger on for crucial hours. So check for padded shoulder straps, and feel free to take a trial to see if it feels comfortable enough.

Safety And Security

The safety and security level of the camera comes with how the camera is connected to the strap. I saw some slingers with a screw-like attachment feature, which is unsafe to use, especially if your camera is heavy. On the other hand, anchor-like features are safer and more secure.


Since you are investing in a good-quality camera slinger, it is better to choose one that would offer you some added features. Storage compartments or pockets, whatever you call them, can help you keep extra accessories. Some slingers even offer features to hang more than one camera on it.


Since you will be carrying an already heavy camera to your slinger, it is wiser to choose a slinger that is not very heavy. However, it is also important to make sure the slinger is strong enough to hold the camera despite being lightweight.


As a photographer, you might have to work under various weather conditions. That is why, if possible, look for slingers with weatherproof material or cover.

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Benefits Of Using A 3 Point Slinger for a Camera

If you are wondering whether it would be worth getting a 3 point slinger for the camera, here are some of the benefits you need to be aware of.

Quick Action

With the camera hung sideways or at your front body, you can easily lift it up when taking sudden shots. Moreover, the camera position with the slinger attached is handy for taking ground shots easily.

Hand-Free Carry

3 point slingers ensure you don’t have to carry your camera or adjust its position all the time. This gives you plenty of freedom to do other things. You can set up your studio, photoshoot area, drive, eat, or do anything else while your camera is still with you.

Keeps The Camera Safe

Another important thing about 3 point slingers is safety. With the way you attach it around your shoulder and the camera, it is unlikely that the camera or the strap will come loose. Even if you bend to do something, the slinger will not slip off. Thus, it keeps your camera with you, making it safe and secure.

Offers More Comfort

Having the slinger positioned around your body lets you adjust it easily. On top of that, the padded shoulder area ensures more comfort even if you have the slinger on for hours and have a heavy camera on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 3 point slinger camera cost?

The cost for a 3 point slinger depends on the slinger’s material, quality, brand reputation, and how many added features it has. Nevertheless, a standard-quality 3 point slinger can cost around $20-$40. And if you prefer a high-quality and reputed brand camera slinger, it can cost around $100.

Why do I need a 3 point slinger?

A 3 point slinger is essential for carrying a camera more comfortably for long hours of shooting. It is also necessary to have the camera safe and secured and keep it close to you.

 Can I use a 3 point slinger for any camera?

A 3 point slinger is suitable for any DSLR, mirrorless or heavy camera. Make sure to check the product description to see if it will fit your camera.


When you are a photographer or videographer, having a high-quality 3 point slinger for camera is a blessing and advantage. It not only takes the weight of the camera off your hand when you don’t need it, but it also helps you grab the camera instantly if required.

So if you are looking for a budget-friendly, versatile, durable, and reliable slinger for your camera, you can check out the list I provided. Remember that the best slinger is the one that makes you feel comfortable when you work with it. So feel free to check out several options before making the ultimate decision.

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