How To Use Ghost Mannequin In Your Ecommerce Product Photography

Once, we thought online shopping was a hassle because we could not see what an outfit or gear would look like because we could not try it ourselves. But then the ghost mannequin photography effect stepped in and changed everything. With the ghost mannequin technique, it has become a lot easier to know how something looks when worn.

This has turned out to be a huge advantage for small to large businesses and even for manufacturers. High-quality and professional editing is now the essence of effective marketing and sales. So you need to make sure you edit the photos correctly or choose a professional service to do the work for you.

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Either way, the ghost mannequin image comes with many hassles and important things to know. And this article will guide you through everything there is to know regarding the ghost mannequin photo effects, service, and uses.


What Is A Ghost Mannequin Effect?

We all have seen mannequins in stores, right? They are like life-size dummies on display inside the stores or by the window. The dummies or mannequins are used to make the outfit or gear look more attractive and increase sales.

But unlike real mannequins, the ghost mannequin effect does not show any dummy. Instead, you see the outfit, gear, or other accessories as though they are worn by something invisible. This is why the ghost mannequin photography effect is also known as the invisible mannequin effect.

To create such an effect, clothing or accessory photos from various angles are taken on live models or mannequins. And then, using high-end photo editing tools, the dummies or models are removed, and another retouching is done. In the end, it looks like the product’s image is worn by something invisible, thus the name ghost mannequin.

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Essential Equipment For Ghost Mannequin Photography

Before anything, you will need the right gear and equipment for taking product photos and create high quality photographs in a studio setting. But what are they? And how will they be useful? Here is a list of the most essential and best equipment for ghost mannequin photography.


Of course, you will need a mannequin before anything for creating a ghost mannequin photography effect photo. But there are many types of mannequins available.

Some come in various detachable parts that help you create various finishing looks with the product worn by them. So choose the types that seem good enough for you. Mannequins also come in various sizes and shapes, making it easier to pick what you need.


Camera and lighting techniques, equipment, and placement all come into play here, depending on each particular product that you’re shooting. Nowadays, there are many high-end cameras that offer as good photos as those taken from digital or DSLR cameras. Yet, phone cameras have certain limitations. That is why it is best to go for high-quality digital or DSLR cameras that offer more versatility. you can read 17 Best Action Camera Flashlights in 2023.


After you have picked your camera, you need to focus (no pun intended) on the lens for such photography. The good thing about choosing a lens for such a project is that you don’t need to be very selective. As long as you get the right angle and essential details, you will be good to go. You can also go for any 35mm to 50mm lens, depending on what type of product photo you are shooting.


The stability of the camera is a major part of professional photography or when using any photos for professional purposes. So it is best if you get a durable and robust tripod with various adjustable heights. The tripod will help you set your camera at the right angle and save you the trouble of adjusting it often.


The lighting of the room or place you are shooting photos with the mannequins is also vital for capturing the right photo. If the place you are shooting photos in does not have good lighting, you will need some artificial lighting effects. However, having natural light always helps to bring out the best in any photo. also, read the color correction service.


Do you have a messy place, or do you not have the right surrounding? Well, you can always use an artificial but suitable background for the photos. Remember that a ghost mannequin photo does not usually come with a particular background. But setting up a white background will make the post-production job much easier. also, read background removal service.

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Preparation And Shooting For Ghost Mannequin Photos

If you have all the equipment you need, you have to prepare everything for photography. And once you do that, next you need to move everything for post-production editing. So let’s see what steps you need to go through to get everything done.

Mannequin Ready

Step 1: Get Your Mannequin Ready

If you have already picked your mannequin, you might still need to get it ready. Based on what type of product photo you are taking, you can remove other unnecessary parts of the mannequin so it would not be a distraction.

Mannequin photography

Step 2: Clothe The Mannequin photography

After that, put the product or outfit on the mannequin. Do it gently with sleeves first so that the mannequin will be at the right angle.

Mannequin Photography

Step 3: Use Pins, Clips, Or Pulling Materials To Style It

The product or outfit might not be the best fit for the mannequin. If that is the case, you can use some clips or pins to make it look more fit. If you are taking front shots, attach the clips to the back. And if taking back shots, do it in the front area.

Mannequin Photography

Step 4: Set Up Your Mannequin Photography Gears

Then take out all your photography gear and set them up. Make sure the mannequin is not on a reflective surface or behind one.

pant photography

Step 5: Take Photos From Different Angles

Take photos of the mannequin but make sure to explore from various angles. However, in the case of ghost mannequins, front, and back photos are more commonly used than other angles. And if you want a 3D photo, you have to take it from 6 different angles.

Step 6: Take Photos Of Products Without Mannequins

For the parts that are not visible because of the exposed mannequin parts, such as the neck area, you need to take photos of them without mannequins. After taking the product off the mannequins, make someone hold it or lay it flat to take those photos.

Step 7: Do Post-Production Editing

With everything done, the final step is to edit the photos to create the ghost mannequin effect. You can do it if you have the skill. If not, you can hire a professional photo editing service to edit the photos for you.

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Types Of Ghost Mannequin Photos For E-commerce Products

When you are taking photos for creating ghost mannequin effects, you need to keep in mind all types of ghost mannequin images used in an e-commerce business. Because e-commerce is huge and it is necessary to maintain the best photo effects to ensure one’s place ahead in the global business. 

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So let’s check out various types of ghost mannequin photos for various products.

Mannequin Service

Basic Invisible Mannequins

These Invisible mannequin images are the most basic and beginner part of any ghost mannequin photo. Such photos have the mannequin removed using various editing tools. But the product remains as realistic as it is without any alteration.


Neck Joint Ghost Mannequin

With the clothes worn by the mannequin, certain parts of it will be covered. Take the neck area, for example. So it is essential to take separate photos of the neck area that will be joined by the editor and make it look like there was nothing between them.

Ghost Mannequin

Sleeve Joint Ghost Mannequin

No sleeve, short sleeves, or full sleeves, you will still get the same vacant and missing areas after you remove the mannequin from such areas. That is why the photographer has to take photos of the sleeve to show the inner area or the part that remains behind the mannequin.

neck joint service

Bottom Joint Ghost Mannequin

Not all clothing items have the same rounded bottom. Some even have shorter fronts and longer backs. If that is the case, you will need the bottom joint ghost mannequin effect service. And like neck and sleeve joint photos, you need to take photos of how the dress or clothing item’s bottom part appears without the mannequin blocking the view.

360° View/3D Ghost Mannequin

Nowadays, 3D photos or photos with 360° view are quite popular in e-commerce businesses and other projects. For this, you have to take photos of the product from 6 different angles. And the editor will join them together and create an animated view that will help your audience explore the item from all angles.

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What Is Professional Ghost Mannequin Service?

First, let’s get to know what a professional photo editing service is. A photo editing service is a professional team that offers to edit photos for you. These services can be both offline or online based. Some can even be both.

A professional photo editing service company has highly qualified and experienced designers and photo editors. They edit many types of photos and also edit videos and make animation. And the ghost mannequin photo edit is one of the categories of their service.

If you want your mannequin image to be edited, you need to contact such a service provider and share your editing requirements. The service provider will get back to you with their costing and other information. If both parties agree, they will edit your photos and get back to you.

However, you should also know that not all photo editing service providers offer the ghost mannequin photo editing service. So you must ask or check if they have such a category. If the editing team is not experienced in such work, there is a big chance that you will get poorly edited photos.

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Why Is Ghost Mannequin Service Necessary For Ecommerce Product Photos?

So why go through all these troubles to remove the mannequins and then refine the images to look more attractive? If you are doing it for your e-commerce business, how can it help you?

Here is how!

Zero Distraction

One of the main purposes of ghost mannequin images is to have zero distractions to ensure all focus remains on the product. This is essential for e-commerce business. With the help of a professional photo editing service, you can ensure that they will help remove all unnecessary items from the photo.

Perfect Product Appearance

With no distractions in view, the product appears to be more attractive. And the ghost mannequin effect will show how the product might appear when worn by someone, which adds transparency. And it is another vital part of a successful ecommerce business.

Realistic View

Since the product images are taken on actual mannequins or models, there is the assurance of a realistic view. The viewers will see the product as they are and with more details that would have been missed in regular photos. This helps gain the audience’s trust.


When you have access to taking product photos on mannequins, there is no need to hire models, which is more expensive. And with the color change and color correction option, you can have the photos edited without having to change similar outfits and take more photos. Thus, it saves lots of your time and effort.

Increases Sale

A professional ghost mannequin photo editing service helps you maintain consistency, and transparency, show realistic photos and makes everything more accessible to others. As a result, it helps the business gain more audience and boosts sales. In the end, it helps the ecommerce company stay ahead in the competitive market. you can also take clipping path service.

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How To Find The Right Ghost Mannequin Service

Now that you know about photo editing companies, how do you know which one will provide you with the best ghost mannequin photos? Well, that is quite tough to say, as all companies work differently. Nevertheless, here are a few things you should consider before hiring any professional photo editing service.

Experience And Reputation

If you are using a ghost mannequin image for professional or important purposes, it is best to hire an experienced team. So do check the company’s details to know how long they have been in the field. In most cases, people prefer to hire a reputed service company as they are more reliable in this regard.

Team Size

Does the company have a big team? Yes, it is important to know this. The bigger team they have, the more efficiently they will work. It means your project will be handled with more care to provide you with the best result.

Quick Response And Turnaround

Another important aspect of a professional photo editing team is that they will be quick to respond. Whether it is a query or getting back to you with the final result, most companies offer to do it in 12-24 hours. So you need to see how quickly they respond.

Client Reviews

If you want to know how a service company is, you should check what others are saying about it. You can either find out by internet research or check the company’s feedback section on the website.

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Who Needs The Ghost Mannequin Service?

The ghost mannequin photos are not just for e-commerce business owners only. This type of product photo has become so popular and effective in grabbing attention that many business owners, manufacturers, and retailers use it. Here is more on who usually requires such photo editing services.

E-commerce Business Site Owners

Before anything, e-commerce site owners remain to be among the top service receivers when it comes to ghost mannequins and 3D images. Since the buyers or customers cannot see the product physically, having ghost mannequin photos enable them to see a realistic version of the product.

Product Manufacturers

Even manufacturers require ghost mannequin editing services for their business. Many of them have buyers across the world or business partners far away. Creating the ghost mannequin effect with products helps them present their product image in the most realistic way to offer a better look and ideas.

Online Sellers And Retailers

Nowadays, online sellers and other retailers are taking their business a step ahead using the ghost mannequin photo editing service. It allows them to display their product image on various social media platforms for marketing and on their websites (if there are any) as well.


Many photographers are also excellent when it comes to editing photos professionally. But when the number of projects is very high and things get hectic, they often hire a photo editing service to take some workload off their shoulders. So if you are a photographer but need help with ghost mannequin photo edits, you can also hire such a service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tool used for a ghost mannequin effect depends on which editing software you use. If you use Adobe Photoshop, you can create a ghost mannequin effect using the Pen Tool, Selection Tool, Object Removal Tool, etc.

You can create a ghost mannequin effect in the following way.

  • Open the photos with a mannequin or model in Photoshop.
  • Select around the item with a selection tool.
  • Invert the selection and remove the rest of the part.
  • Use masking and make corrections wherever necessary.

Yes, just like dummies, it is also natural and common to take photos of items on real models. Then using the same ghost mannequin editing process, you can remove the model and keep the product part.

There are many professional photo editing services that offer high-end ghost mannequin image editing services. You need to know what type of editing your photos requires and see if the services offer what you need. 

To choose the best editing service provider, you must look into the company’s sample images. You can also take advantage of their free trial option to see if the editing quality seems satisfying. And the best service provider should be able to make a faster delivery, offer privacy and data security, and also offer attractive discounts.

To make sure you get high-quality ghost mannequin photos, it is best to have a photography setup. With the right background, equipment, and light setup, put the clothes on the mannequin first. Then use tape or clips to make the outfit look fit enough and take photos from several angles.

The cost for a ghost mannequin service varies depending on the company, order amount, and editing complexity. Nevertheless, most photo editing service providers do an excellent job at a very affordable rate. You can request a quote with your order details to find out about the cost and payment method.

The most essential part of creating a ghost mannequin effect is to have mannequins and products. Then you will need a high-resolution camera, tripod, lighting, a good background, etc. For post-production editing, you will need editing software that has all the necessary tools for creating the ghost mannequin effect.

The ghost mannequin photos help viewers with a life-like photo of any product with all details. These photos help create catalogs for product sales and advertisements and to attract more audiences. Besides, the ability to change color on similar product images through editing and not having to hire live models also help reduce unnecessary costs.


For a perfect clothing photo, there is no better alternative than using the ghost mannequin photography effect. Not just for e-commerce product images, but these types of photos have proven to be highly effective for all kinds of businesses and marketing.

Not only do they allow the users to get a better idea of how the product will look, but they also increase reliability. Besides, it is a more advanced way to approach a huge number of audience. And to ensure you get the best ghost mannequin product image, you can always count on a professional photo editing service.

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